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To Me when I'm 16

by LaurentheHuman 7 reviews

For 16 year old Lauren. Inspired by atomickilljoy.

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Dear Lauren,

Hey there hot stuff. Now, if you're not sixteen yet, don't read this! You might think think I will never know, but I will. I'll come from past and kick your little ass. Comprende? Okay.

Hey there sixteen year old Lauren. How ya doin? I hope you're well. I hope you're happy. I hear sixteen's the sweetest time of your life. The grown ups say it's the "golden years." I hope that's not true. It sounds like it all goes downhill from there. They make it sound like nothing better happens after then. You won't be like that Lauren. You have to be better than that. You will not stop living after sixteen.

Oh, I'm so scared Lauren. I'm just so terrified to grow up. Everything seems to get harder as you grow up. I'm also scared because I don't know where I'm going with my life. Do you know yet? Do we have a direction? I'm just so fucking scared that I'll amount to nothing. I'm scared I'll become just another brick in wall. You won't let me be that, right? I need to do something with my life. I want you to be something big. Be something amazing for me. For you. For the world. We all need it.

Are you the same? I hope you've changed at least a little. Change is good. I hope you're still the same in some aspects though.

Do you still love My Chem? You know I love them. They're my idols. You owe a lot to them. They made me who I am. I am you so bam. You still a diligent fangirl? Do you still have celebrity crushes? Are you still into Patrick Stump? OHMYGOD, DID FALL OUT BOY START TOURING AGAIN? Please go to one of their concerts, just please. Remember how proud you were of getting your best friends into them? Remember all the dreams Payten had about Mikey Way?

Yeah, Payten. What about her? God, I hope you're still best friends with her. You need her. At my age, I'd be so lost without her. Without her, I'd still be that lonely weird kid who sits in the corner making stupid jokes. I still am, but at least with her, I'm not alone. Did you and her ever make that short film? Did you and her go to the same high schools? What about Chandi? And Caylee?

How about ficwad? You must still linger around there if you're reading this. Remember all the kids around there you loved so much? Did you ever find out atomickilljoy's real name? How did Nobody's Perfect So Stop Trying end? Did you and Mirazal ever go to Vegas, have pink lemonade, crumpets, and watch Doctor Who? Okay, so that one's a little far fetched. You make any new friends? Write a whole story yet? Did you quit completely? I hope you didn't.

Oh god, I feel like I'm about to start crying. I'm know this might only make sense to you. You know if I overthink this, I won't put it up. I just want you to know I love you so much. I hope you're proud of me. I try so hard. I know you'll do so many things that everyone, including me, will be proud of you for. I love you.

Write back when you read this,
13 year old Lauren

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