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One Moment

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A one shot inspired by my hopes and dreams and MCR and FOB concert videos.

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One moment.

One simple moment.

All of the hopes and dreams could come true with just one fucking moment. I want to feel all of the stuff a person can feel in just a moment. One moment in their lives makes them feel something.


The list goes on and on.

When you feel that one moment, and all of the emotions that come with, it could change your life. Some hate it. Some love it. Some haven't even felt it and want it.

I want it.

With every muscle in my body.

I want it.

The energy. The joy. The power. Even for just one moment.

I want it.

I want to be that person who inspires everyone else. The person that gives everyone else something we all need in this fucked up world: hope. To just know that by doing something so amazing and inspiring people by doing so. I want to know that I'm the reason someone gets up in the morning to face the world, with everything so fucked up. I want to know that, no, I can't change the world. I can't fixed how fucked up it is, but I can give someone the hope to go out and face it. The strength to carry on.

Sure, there are the consequences. The sell out comments. The criticism. The names, the lack of privacy. Sure, it'll be tough. Isn't it always? But to know that I inspired SOMEONE out there to go on, to live, to survive. It'll all be worth it. The moment we make that sound. That glorious, beautiful sound. The sound that speaks up for everyone. The sound that inspires someone to carry on. It'll all be worth it. To know that someone out there is listening to our message. Thinking "Yeah, I hear your message. Loud and clear". That'll be the best. All of the traveling, concert after concert, missing sleep. It won't seem that bad,knowing that I am the reason someone goes on.

To know that someone will be inspired by you, somewhere, somehow.

To know someone will go on because of you.

To know that someone is hearing your message,loud and clear.

To know someone will get up the next day and face this fucked up world because of you.

To know that someone will go on to do great things because of you.

To know that it's all possible with one


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