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Not For Sale

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One shot that was inspired by walking my dog.

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One day, Frank was driving around with Jamia. They stopped at a red light, when he spotted a young girl, walking her dog. What got his attention was the dog.

"Ohmygod Jamia, get the checkbook!" Frank exclaimed

"Frank, what are you doing?" Jamia asked, getting the checkbook out.

Frank ignored her as he quickly parked the car and got out, being followed by Jamia, who was holding the checkbook. He quickly walked over to the girl with the dog.

"Hi! My name is Frank!" He said

"Um...hi?" The girl said, wondering why a random guy would greet her.

"You have a great dog! What's it's name? Gender? Age?" Frank asked quickly

"It's name is Phoebe, she's a girl, and she's 1 year old." She said

"That's great! So, how much?" Frank asked. Jamia, who was holding the checkbook, facepalmed.

"Excuse me?" The girl asked

"How much for the dog?" Frank asked

"You want to buy my dog?" The girl asked.

"Of course! It's cute, fluffy, and I want it." Frank said, being dead serious.

"I'm sorry. She's not for sale." The girl said, ready to walk away.

"WHAT?!" Frank exclaimed

"She isn't for sale." The girl repeated.

"No, seriously. How much do you want for it? " Frank asked

"Nothing. She's not for sale."

"I'm not joking! How much?"

"She's not up for sale!"

Frank looked the girl straight in the eye. Others would be delighted to sell their dog for a large amount of money. Was this girl bluffing?

"So, how does 1,000 dollars sound?" Frank said, taking the checkbook from Jamia, who was visibly embarrassed.

"Awesome! Free money!" The girl said

Frank laughed.

"No. Money in exchange for dog!" Frank said

"No. Money in exchange for nothing" the girl said

"No. Money in exchange for that cute dog." Frank said

"Ok, ok ok ok. Here's what we'll do" the girl started. "I'll give you the dog " she said, handing him the small dog. Frank grinned.

"You give me the check" she said, taking the check from Frank. "And you give me the dog back" she said, taking the dog from Frank

"Deal!" Frank said, grinning.

"Awesome!" Said the girl, walking away with the check and dog.

"Wait...what just happened?"
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