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Help me pretty please?

by LaurentheHuman 4 reviews

I'm looking for a certain story. Can you help? UPDATE: Mikeys_Glasses is the most kick ass person right now. Link inside if you wanna read it too.

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UPDATE: Mikeys_Glasses is the most kick ass person right now. It's the Lunatic's Prize for those who want to read it.

I will be forever be in debt fairest maiden. :D
Also, thanks to everyone who helped! You guys rock.

Hello my pretties,

Once upon a time, long ago, I read a story that I liked, but now I can't remember it. So could you help me find it?

It goes a little something like this:
Frank and Ray are at school and they write their biggest fears on little pieces of paper. Later that day their fears start coming to life.

Gerard's a ghost(?) and is the one making it all happen. He has like this crazy obsession with Frankie and says it'll only stop if Frank loves him or something. I remember Frank pushed him off a building.

I also remember Ray was scared of drowning, so him and Frank were locked in a room that was filling with water. And I remember there was a character named Max and his biggest fear was his dad. Then his dad came and did some crazy shit and killed him. Then Max's boyfriend tried to kill himself because his biggest fear was losing Max. At the end Mikey, who is also a ghost demon thing, made it rain (not money, like actual water rain) and brought Max back to life.

Sooo if this makes any sense to anyone or rings a bell, lemme know please? I'd love to find this and read it again. Thank youse.

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