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I'm not through with you.

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Heyyoo!!! The results are here- hold your hats ya’ll!!
Greasy Black, Ugly White

atomickilljoy-Jennifer Flores
-She will have a major appearance as a local town person in a different state; it’s a huge part, but not until more of the later chapters. Your paring will also be with Patrick Stump too.

Missfunghoul57- Reese Day
-You will have a minor appearance in chapter six as the local store owner. Your very good friends with the socs but then you meet Frank after a tragic event and you go greaser!

Frofist- Andrei Lupescu
-you have a ‘characterization’ part in chapter six. That means you are just described, but you have more of a story plot part in chapter seven and will be featured in other too as a loyal grease.

Chloewayiero- Helena Shefford
-You will be a big character in the later chapters as a greaser but you don’t live in NJ- You have also meet Paul Newman- and Frank is jealous of that!

StandUpAndScream- Jude Granger
-You play a minor part as a visitor to NJ. Your friends who are part of a different greaser gang, they rumble with Gerard’s. Not really a rumble- more of a peace treaty with them.

Shayla_boo- Shayla Beck-Becker
-You are also in Jude’s Greaser gang. (By the way, a few MCR wives are in that gang too. That’s like the female grease’s.)
---But I have a question for you and ‘StandUpAndScream’, feel free to say no; but can I pair you both together?


Atomickilljoy- Jennifer Flores
-You and Bob are good ‘friends’ and Frank come to try and kill you…Remember, everyone dies. But you’ll be in a lot of chapters.
Also, your tattoos are fucking BADASS!!!!!!!

Bella_Jinxx- Alex and Ryan Dawn
-you are a minor character in a flashback. Ya’ll are incestuous with each other and Gerard massacres ya’ll. You die happily in each others arms.
But you do not go down with out a long fight!

Cookie_monster- Hozzie Nicole Bareham
-Used to be friends with Gerard, but he turned evil and tried to kill you. But you live and come back and fight with Frank…Gerard eventually kills you.

Fatherfuckingmeese- Mia Cassem
-You will be appearing as a flash back and…Frank kills you in a fun way!

A’ight ya’ll. These are the results- not happy with them? Sue me. Auditions for Thursday are closed, but Greasy Black, Ugly White, they are still open. So if you haven’t auditioned yet and still want to, go right ahead. But, YOU CANNOT BE A GREASER ANYMORE.

Thanks for auditioning, and reading, you are the best!
Also I will be having an emailing list soon. All of my stories will be there like faster than I update. GBUW will be on it and you’ll get the chapters right away- not every week. I update every week. I have like ten stories written so far and in the process, but haven’t uploaded. Again, Thanks for reading!
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