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I'm unleashing my crappy writing on this site. Be warned.

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Hello again, everyone.
So, remember how I said that I'd onlybe posting my friend's fanfics on here? Well, I lied. I've decided to post one of my stories on here. The fic in question is based off of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Well, semi-based, anyway. I'll be changing some of the plot, but I'll be keeping some of it the same as well. Gerard will be Mikael and Frank will be Lisbeth, but I need some OCs as well, which is where you guys come in.
If you aren't familiar with the book or movie, basically, a journalist (Gerard) is hired a wealthy CEO to write a chronicle of said CEO's dysfunctional family, and more importantly, solve the murder of his beloved niece. Frank eventually shows up and he and Gee discover a bunch of really violent-ass shit. There's some Frerard in there as well. Also, that was the worst summary ever. Oh well.

The parts you can audition for are;
The CEO's murdered niece
The niece's cousin, who Gerard has an affair with
The niece's other cousin (You won't appear in the story until the end, but it's still a pretty important part.)
The CEO's lawyer (Slightly more important than it sounds.)
Creepy sadistic rapist dude
Some other members of the CEO's family

Form is below-

Age (30 and up, pretty please. If you're auditioning for the murdered niece, 16-18.):
Appearance is split for detail-
Hair colour and style:
Eye colour:
Clothes (It's set waaaay up in northern Canada, so keep in mind that it isn't too warm there, unless you're auditioning for the other cousin or the rapist.):
Anything else involving appearance:
Personality (Not sure how much of this I'll use, but I want it just to be safe.):
If you're auditioning for any character other than the niece or the rapist, what is your opinion on the murder, and how do you feel about Gerard and Frank snooping into your family? (Once again, I may not use it, but I want it just in case.)
Anything else about the character:

That's it! I'm looking forward to seeing what characters you guys can come up with, and the results will be up before the end of the week. :)
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