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Dear Older Me...

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atomickilljoy, WAHT R U DOIN. AJ, NO. AJ, STAHP. Sorry about that.

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Heyo, Claire.

First off- did you get into a band? If you did, I fucking expect to see a tattoo on your neck. YOU PROMISED ME.

Second- how long have you and Heather been together, now? I know you love her too much to end it with her, so that's just why I'm asking. You two have plans, motherfucker. LA? New Jersey? Yeah. Maybe Japan? London? Ugh, making myself all soppy here.

Third- did Isaac or David ever admit to liking you? JEEZUS IT'S A LOGICAL QUESTION, OLDER ME. For fuck's sake.

Fourth- What color did you dye your hair? It looks fucking fabulous.


Did you ever get over that... stage? The stage where you felt like shit and whenever you did something wrong, you... yeah? No? Right. That's a good answer, too.

Promise me that I won't give up. Just tell me that I won't give up. I need you to tell me that, older me. I need to know. Do I die, or do I live?

I guess that's all for now, older me. Kindly tell 13-year-old me to go back to fucking bed. No, I don't care if your stomach hurts. No, I don't care if you heard baby noises and fs 4:30 and you're the only one awake. GO. BACK. TO. BED.


PS: Tell Heather you love her. You do. I do. I love her more than anything else in the world. Tell her that.
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