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Gun Shots and Grass Stains

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Prussia has always noticed Liechtenstein. What he didn't know is that he was slowly falling in love with the weak little girl he would risk getting shot to see.

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I stood in the shadows, waiting. France was on the other side of Swit' thing, enjoying 'the view' and his wine.

The view I wanted was Swit shooting that pasta bastard Italy. West wonders why I hate him.

Duh! He tossed all my potatoes mand filled MY cabinets with boxes of nasty pasta. Dick.

The only reason I don't shoot him is cause West won't let me. I bet if her threw out West's wurst, he'd hang him from a huge cliff by has throat. "Mr. Prussia?"

I looked up into scared green eyes. "Hey Lily. I told you to call me Gilbert, remember?" I smiled at her slightly.

"R-right?" She said shyly. In the silence that followed, I settled in the grass, my arms out behind me. "Gilbert?" Lily sat next to me

"Hm?" I looked at her, most of my focus still.on the border.

"Why are you in my yard?" She asked, playing with the hem of her dress. "If bruder sees you, he'll shoot you."

"I know." I took the sleeping Gilbird out of my hair carefully and set him on her shoulder. "I came to see if he could actually shoot Italy this time." I fell back, my arms under my head. "Now I just wait." I closed my eyes.

"So cute." She breathed. My eyes flew open. She was moving Gilbird to her hair.

"He eats ribbion." I warned her. "And Pierre thinks he is too."

"Pierre?" She asked, covering her bow with her hand.

"France's bird?" I shook my head.

"Is Pierre a girl bird?" She asked softly, scooting closer.

"Nope." I sighed.

"Oh." She said. I doubted she understood that France's bird was trying to rape my poor Gilbird.

Distant gun shots rang out, making me sit up. "Please, please, please!" I whispered under my breath. Italy's scream made new smile.

I held in.a cry of pure joy as a half naked Italy ran through the yard, Swit behind him. All I could hear from stupid ass Italy was 'GERMANY!!' "Dumbass." I muttered.

"Oh my." Lily breathed as I flopped onto my back again.

"Looks like I didn't get what I wanted." I sighed. "Oh well. I'm gonna go mess with France." I stood up and held out my hand.
Gilbird jumped into my palm. I put him on my shoulder and turned to walk away. "Gilbert?"

"Hm?" I turned back a bit. She was looking at the ground.

"W-will you stay with me?" My eyebrows shot up. "Bruder will be give for a while. I don't want to be alone."

"So you're asking ME to protect you?" I asked, still a bit confused. She nodded. "Okay then." I say back next to her.

She scooted closer to me, leaning on me. "Lily?" I looked down at her.

So small...... She looked back, her eyes bright yet calm.

Without thinking, I took her face in my hands and leaned forward, kissing her. In the background, I heard fading gun shots and Fance's rape laugh.

New one for someone special. Not a oneshot!

Hugs and GP,
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