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Dear Future Me

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Just something for myself.

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Dear Future Hailey,

Hey, yea, It's me. Your twelve year old self. Do you remember writing this? If you do, you remember how awkward it is.

Did we ever get to meet our heroes? Did Shadow Society succeed? Are we and Hanna still friends? Do we still write? Do we play drums open or cross handed?

As you can see, I'm curious about my future, but I won't know anything about it until I live it.

Do you remember that time we tripped over a clump of grass and fell on a rock in 2nd grade? If you don't, you'll find the scar on your hip. We were chasing after a boy we liked and jumped a bench just to trip on a clump of grass. We were such a klutz.

Do you remember constantly moving around because of Dad's work? We hated the fact that he was in the Navy. The constant moving made it so we had to leave friends behind. Maybe that's why we started to prefer friends made over the internet. You don't have to leave them behind when you move.

Do you remember the first time we listened to Three Days Grace when we were 12. We were so shocked to find our that the same people who wrote the soft and sweet "Never Too Late" also wrote one of our favorite songs, "Riot."

Do you remember hearing "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" for the first time? Our first thought was, this describes me.

Are "The Only Hope For Me Is You" and "The High Road" still Hanna and your songs? I hope so. They describe our relationship so well.

Did we ever get into drugs? I really hope not. I don't want to have worried my family and friends like that.

Did we ever attempt suicide? Yet again, I hope not, but I still think about it.

Every memory of our childhood, are almost all of them still gone? I can barely remember friends from Locust Grove. I can't remember half of the things I did. I can only remember a few select things. Like the grass incident, and Arielle locking herself in the bathroom (TWICE!)

Oh, and whoever you're with, be it man or woman, they'd better love you for you. I'd hate to change for somebody unless it's for the better. If Mom's still alive, tell her you love her, each and every day. Same with Ian and Devon. I couldn't give a fuck about Dad.

Anyways, I hope my future's good. I hope it's not as shitty as the present. Yea. I won't see you soon, but I'll know you later.

-Hailey, the twelve year old one.
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