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12- Date Night

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"Baby, I'm dead too."

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“Wake up.” Brendon’s voice floated to me through what felt like a million blankets. Once I opened my eyes I realized the blanket was off of me completely and I was freezing.

“Share the warmth.” I whispered sleepily, curling up to keep warm.

Brendon’s deep laugh reached my ears and I smiled against my pillow. The warm blanket was returned to me and I pulled it to my body, feeling the bed sink under Brendon’s weight as he laid down beside me again. “Why’d you even have to get up?” I whined.

Brendon laughed again, “You’re in an interesting mood.”

“I’m still half asleep.” I admitted, “What time is it?”

“The sun went down about forty five minutes ago.” Brendon answered, yawning.

Well, that was pretty exact without giving an actual time. Evidently we’re going by sun time.

I yawned right after Brendon, “Don’t do that.” I scolded.

“What?” Brendon asked, sounding absolutely puzzled. I had to admit to myself that it was a little cute. He was cute when he was confused.

“Don’t yawn- or make a noise like you yawned, because then I’m going to yawn and I won’t stop. It’s contagious.” I yawned again, as if to prove a point. At least my body was with me, despite how utterly exhausted it was.

“I won’t make a sound.” Brendon responded, sounding thoroughly amused.

“That’s a little dramatic, I think.” I answered, peeking up at him. “You’re wide awake, aren’t you?”

“I am.” Brendon smiled as he looked at me, eyes crinkled in obvious amusement.

“Damn.” I struggled to sit up, knowing that sleep wasn’t going to happen now. “Did you hear from that Jack guy?”

“That Jack guy left about fifteen minutes ago.” Brendon ran his fingers through his hair.

“And?” He had to come bearing good news because honestly, what kind of a race just set out to kill some girl that accidently killed one of their kind… causing a ridiculous war. It was ridiculous. There really was no other word to describe it. Ridiculous.

“He wants to make the first strike.” Brendon sounded uneasy.

“Before they make a decision? What? No.” That was insane. “Please tell me you didn’t agree Brendon.”

“I didn’t.” Brendon muttered, “Ryan didn’t either. Jack left.”

“Thank god.” I closed my eyes to send a small prayer. I hadn’t been religious before but before this there had been a lot of things I didn’t believe in. Everything was different now. I knew things that made everything different for me.

“God had nothing to do with this.” Brendon whispered.

“Why do you sound so upset?”

“Jack left- not just here, but he left the city.” Brendon said, “He can be dangerous when he doesn’t get his way. He’s like a child throwing a tantrum- a very powerful child.”

“Are you afraid he’ll strike against them on his own?”

“He wouldn’t be alone. He’d be leading a lot of senseless vampires in to a dangerous situation and they would all be dead by the end.” Brendon went silent as the words worked through the room.

“Well, maybe… maybe they won’t die-“ I didn’t want to think of anyone going against a group of those things though. They seemed incredibly powerful. They emanated power.

“Jack doesn’t teach self-restraint nor thought out attack plans.” Brendon whispered, his words a reflection of his pain. “He teaches brute strength because he thinks that is enough. That is not enough Madeline.”

“I’m sorry.” I felt guilty. This happened because I dragged Brendon outside. This happened because of me, because I took this job- it was all me, no matter which way the story was spun.

Brendon closed his eyes and once again I saw a different man. He cared about the lives that would be lost.

I closed my eyes as well, feeling as if I were joining Brendon in a silent prayer for the lives Jack might just be leading in to the fire.

My prayers were really all I had to offer.


The house was quiet all day.

Now as we all sat in front of the dinner table it was still quiet. The smell of chicken was overpowering, but in a good way.

Ryan was the only one eating.

“Madeline, please eat.” Brendon was quick to make a command.

“I could ask the same of you.” I still wasn’t going to do a damn thing he told me to do. I’d lost control of my feelings but that didn’t mean I would be his doll.

Ryan chuckled, “Some things never change.”

Brendon rolled his eyes but without further argument he began eating. He did so slowly but at least he was eating, and so I ate as well- showing that I could compromise quite well. I just wouldn’t be ordered around.

“Do one of you…” I glanced at Brendon, attempting to make it- as well as the question- seem casual. “… want to watch a movie with me tonight?”

“What movie?” Ryan asked, though he seemed thoroughly fascinated with his food and he was quite hungry. He’d already refilled his plate twice now, and he seemed to be edging towards a third helping.

“Uh, well I saw one upstairs… The collector?” Brendon glanced up in confusion. Why would he be confused? “It looked interesting enough. I wanted something- interesting.” I really wasn’t helping myself with words today. I was kind of tongue tied after my night with Brendon. Nothing really truly intimate had happened but it felt intimate. Hell, I guess it was intimate. He had told me that he loved me. That in itself was fairly intimate, right?

“That’s a horror movie.” Brendon pointed out, as his expression became blank.

“Yeah, I noticed that. It didn’t really sound all too romantic.” I winced, “Well- I mean, in terms of normal romances…” Well, I should have just stopped while I was ahead.

“Please tell me that you were not going to compare that movie to our romance.” Brendon pleaded, once again glancing at me. This time his expression wasn’t blank. It was horrified.

“Well-“ I don’t think I used to be so tongue tied. I honestly think that happened when Brendon took control and turned my entire life upside down, not that I was admitting that he had any control. I mean, I still wouldn’t really listen to him. “I- I haven’t actually watched it yet but- uh, there is captivity, I think. I mean, some guy takes a family hostage… it’s not really the same but-“ Yeah, should have stopped while I was ahead. Damn.

Brendon’s eyes had darkened.

Ryan was staring in open amusement. “Madeline, it’s about a guy who tort-“

Brendon cut him off as he stood up, “Nah, let’s go watch it. Maybe I can get some goddamn romance tips because you’re kind of ridiculous- and if you think our life together is anything like that movie I’m a little behind on my whole being torturous thing.”

I shook my head, “Uh no. I don’t think torture is really called for. I’m a little squeamish when it comes to my own blood.” Just a little…

Ryan was laughing now.

We skipped the popcorn, which as we began to watch the movie ended up being a very good thing. I’d done some damage but this movie was revolting.

I was extremely grateful that I’d procured a blanket before sitting down on the couch upstairs. Brendon was sitting at the opposite end of the couch. He was sitting completely still. It was something I would never be able to pull off. I was struggling not to move so much, as I sank underneath the blanket.

“So, uh why is he doing this?” I finally asked, confused. It just seemed to be randomly violent. Oh, and there was a box.

“He collects people.” Brendon answered, unmoved by the shows of violence.

“He… collects people?” Yeah, because that wasn’t really weird or anything.

“Yep.” Brendon yawned then glanced over, “Oh, is the movie bothering you?”

“Nah- I… it’s great.” I lied.

“It’s great?” Brendon obviously didn’t believe me. That made two of us.

“No. It’s horrible and screwed up, and I didn’t even know that there was a level of wrong that was this high.” Honesty felt kind of good.

“I’m guessing you changed your mind then?” Brendon paused the movie.

“About?” My brain must’ve fallen asleep as a defense mechanism against the horror that was this movie because I didn’t understand what he was asking- or more what he was referring to.

“You don’t think our romance is this horror filled, do you?” Then I realized that what I had said had gotten to Brendon earlier. That’s why he was acting so cold. It wasn’t really fair though, because I hadn’t actually said anything. He just assumed, which just brings along that old saying… That Brendon wouldn’t appreciate being told at the moment, so I should just not even think about it.

“No!” Could he really be that stupid? “We aren’t anything like this. This is disgusting, and terrible, and bloody, and… wait, did he actually cut out her tongue earlier? I didn’t quite catch that.”

Brendon laughed, “It was just a threat. In that scene he didn’t do anything but hold her tongue in place.” I breathed out in relief, as if the scene had physically affected me. “And we are a ‘we’ now?”


“Uh, well you love me…” Where was I going with that?

“I do.” Brendon answered, as if it had been a question. “And you came to sleep with me last night, and I know it wasn’t just because you wanted to cry in front of me.”

“Well, an audience does sometimes help…” I bit my lip as I tried to think over how I was feeling. Really, I wasn’t getting far. All I was doing now was fighting Brendon’s advances. What would be wrong with giving in a little? After all I did really want to kiss him, and though I didn’t like that… I wanted to explore those feelings, as mixed as they were.

“Am I ever going to be free again Brendon?” That was the more pressing question- and despite anything I could ever feel for Brendon it wouldn’t change that he was holding me here against my will. I wanted to go home.

“Maybe in certain places-“ Brendon looked away but I caught the look of pity on his face. I didn’t want to be pitied; I just wanted the freedom that I had before meeting him. “But never really Maddy.” Maddy? The nickname made my breath catch in my throat. “I set your step father up for the crime of killing you and now everyone believes that you’re dead. It would be kind of hard to explain a dead girl walking around… alive.”

“But-“ I tried desperately to think of alternatives.

“But what?” Brendon looked at me again and there was a flash of anger in his eyes. “Should I just tell everyone it was a joke? I don’t think anyone would find the humor. Your father would think himself insane for believing he killed you. It would cause more harm than good, believe me.”

“How can I believe you, after everything you’ve taken from me?” I looked away as angry tears filled my eyes. “You say that you love me but you don’t act like you do.”

“I do.” Brendon’s tone took on an edge filled with urgency, “I do love you, though you’re much too stupid to understand my love.” That hurt, just a little… no, it hurt a lot actually. “I do the best for you but you’re too selfish to see it. You were born in to a time filled with entitlement and so this seems like a prison but it’s not. I’m protecting you. You think that you were sent to kill me but you’re wrong.”

“What?” My eyes immediately snapped to Brendon’s face as I searched for signs of dishonesty, “What are you talking about?”

“They expected me to kill you Madeline.” Brendon whispered, “And they believe that I have, so you’re safe- with me you’re safe, but out in the world you’re not and by extension your entire family is not. I did what was best, for all of you.”

“Why?” I could barely choke the word out, “Why would anyone want me dead?”

“I’m sure you could come up with multiple reasons.” The words were harsh but Brendon’s tone was not. “As for who actually sent out the order I am not sure- I just know that no one in their right mind would send someone so human after me with the belief that I would die.”

“So, you’re really going to pretend that you keep me here out of love?”

“Well I certainly don’t keep you here for your stellar cooking or cleaning skills, and you don’t put out. So is love really that unbelievable of a reason? I mean at this point it’s the only one. You’re a lot of trouble kid.” There was something disturbing about Brendon calling me ‘kid’- mostly because to him I was a kid. I didn’t even want to know the age difference between us.

I felt like maybe I should be insulted but instead… I laughed, loudly. It felt good. “I don’t… put out?” I continued laughing over Brendon’s choice of words.

Brendon chuckled, “Well, you don’t!”

Ryan casually walked in, shooting us each strange looks. “Didn’t expect the laughter. It’s been about two hours- I figured by now you guys would be launching attacks against each other.”

“We aren’t that bad.” He made us sound like kids!

Ryan laughed, “Yeah, you’re much worse.”

Brendon stole some of the blanket I was using, forcing me to scoot closer to him. Ryan sat in my former place, forcing me a little closer to Brendon as I sat in between them. “You didn’t make it very far in to the movie.” Ryan commented.

“It sucked. Why didn’t you tell me it was so horrible?” I was exhausted, despite having slept fine the night before.

Ryan shrugged, “I didn’t think you’d need to be told. Then again I didn’t think you’d compare your relationship with Brendon to that of a torture flick either. You’re pretty unpredictable.”

“My relationship with him?”

“Yeah?” Ryan glanced at us and just shook his head, laughing. “Oh, you haven’t committed yet.”

“Committed?” What the hell? “We haven’t even gone on a date!”

“Did you want to?” Brendon joined the conversation.

“Well, let’s see… do I want to go on a date with the guy that’s holding me here against my will?” I voiced the question, throwing as much sarcasm in to it as I could.

“That is the question.” Brendon replied, “And I explained the situation to you. I won’t do it again.”

“Yeah, I want to.” I whispered, kind of hoping no one would hear me. It was a shot to my pride to be asking a guy out when he was denying me freedom, and when he happened to be something that I never used to believe in. Vampires… Werewolves… The mental ward came next, I was sure of it.

“I swear, you’re just never even going to give me a cha- and what?” Brendon stopped, complete confusion taking over his previous expression.

Ryan watched, as if it were a movie. He even grabbed the remote and pretended to turn the volume up.

“I want to go on a date with you.” I blushed.

“Oh, okay.” Brendon still sounded confused.

“I need some popcorn.” Ryan muttered, but he was just background noise. I was mainly focused on Brendon.

“Okay?” I wasn’t sure what that meant.

“Okay, I’ll take you on a date then.” Brendon answered.

“You will?” I was going on a date with him?

“I will.” Brendon nodded, “Uh, tonight? You want to go tonight?”

“Are we going out?” That was a surprise. “And do we have time before the sun comes up?”

“I can get us back in time.” Brendon answered, “And yeah, I was thinking we could… go out to a restaurant.”

“What about the fact that I’m dead?” That was weird to say.

“Baby, I’m dead too.” Brendon placed my fingers against his wrist to signify his lack of a pulse. He won in the category of weirdest thing to say. “Plus, it’s just a small restaurant that caters to… the dead.”

“The dead?” My mouth fell open a little. “So, I’ll be around other vampires? Uh, I kind of have a terrible feeling that if we go I’ll be on the menu- and that’s not really the type of restaurant that I like to go to.”

Ryan chuckled.

Brendon joined in on the laughter. “No, I won’t let anyone eat you- well drink you.” Yeah that distinction made things so much better. “They serve human food.”

“Oh, goody.” I forced a smile on my face but I couldn’t have been more nervous if I tried. I had the feeling that I was facing open waters in the ocean, with slit wrists and hungry sharks circling me.

“Be ready in twenty minutes.” Brendon flashed a smile and disappeared.

“Feel free to leave the room at a normal pace!” I called after him, rolling my eyes.

Ryan laughed again, and I turned just in time to hit him but after that he was gone from the room too.

I had a feeling that our twenty minutes really weren’t the same at all.

Damn vampires.


(I promise here soon that Madeline will stop sounding like a broken record and actually make character progress. Things are actually set to pick up here really soon, this is mainly just character bonding- despite the fact that Brendon is pretty bonded already. Thank you so much for reviews. You guys are all really nice and leave me super excited to continue on with the story!)
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