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I quit.

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[NOTE 02/10/12: UPDATE HERE:]

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I'm sorry guys, I'm leaving. I've had it with this site and it's negativity. I work so bloody hard through so much to update my stories, and I log on and they're ALL rated down. Every single fucking one.

I've just had the worst day at school, and with the incredible amount of stress I'm having to deal with illness/anxiety wise too, this is seriously just the last straw. I can't take it. I know this is probably a stupid thing to do, but honestly, most of the rating downs I could deal with, but Trying to Escape the Inevitable? No. Not that. I put my heart and soul into that story, and it's kept me alive through the past year. When someone rates that down, it makes me feel utterly worthless.

That's why I have to quit. At the moment, I just can't take any other added stress. I'm already on the verge of becoming terminally ill due to overwork and stress, so I can't put up with this.

I know it's been happening to other people too, and y'know what? It's a form of cyber bullying. I come to FicWad to escape all that, not be subjected to it.

To all of you who have supported my work, I'm not stopping writing, simply posting on FicWad. I'll post on LJ, Mibba and Wattpad, and I'll also have an email list. I'll put up details later, but leave a review if you want to be on my mail list.

I apologise from the bottom of my heart to all the amazing readers I have. I hope you understand that I'm not leaving you, simply FicWad. I'll update details on this later, but my laptop battery is about to die.

Sorry for spamming, and quite possibly overreacting, but I've reached my limit here. I can't take this. It's making something I care about and love doing more than anything else something horrible, and I never want to view my stories that way.

I will continue my ongoing stuff, but I'm not sure whether it will be on here or not- but any new stuff will be elsewhere. I'll add details later. Sorry.

Lucy xo
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