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I will save you.

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Sorry for the short chapters. It is a short story after all...

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As we entered the welcoming warmth of my quarters, we both ripped off our hoodies in unison and gave a sigh of relief. I fixed us both a cup of Macchiato, regardless of his choice of drink, and carried them over to Frank, who was huddled in a duvet. When I settled the burning hot cups down I noticed a worrying look cross his pale face. I raised an eyebrow to his peculiar behaviour, which only resulted in him promptly bursting into tears. Frank started waving his arms frantically whilst babbling something along the lines of, ‘never returning home’ and ‘my parents will forget me forever’. I tried to comfort him but Frank shuffled away from me and sniffled in a small voice, “leave me alone’. So I did.
I awoke the next morning to find Frank under my arm, snuggling into my ribs. It was then that I made a promise to myself. I will fix you, even if my heart breaks in the process. I will get you home, and make sure that you are happy. This will prove to myself I am not a monster, that I can create things beautiful, even if it has to be destroyed first. I left him sleeping on the sofa while I headed out on my mission.
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