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Chapter 10

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"DOWN ON YOUR FUCKING KNEES!" Kyle screams at me. I drop, letting my hands catch me. My head bows, my body shakes. Waves of anger roll off my fiance.

I should've known that my husband's enemy rescuing me was just a dream. It's doubtful that he even looks like that, and that my brother is apart of his gang. Kyle isn't dead, and I'm back to being the one who is tortured.

"Do you know what you did wrong?" His angry voice breaks my thoughts. Hair flies into my face as I shake my head back and forth. "You were being a whore. Running off with my enemy while I was gone. And you have to be punished, Brad." Wait, did I really spend time with Adam? A trembling hand pulls a strip of my bangs into my eyesight. Blond.

Then, out of nowhere, a kick comes flying into my stomach. A harsh gasp escape my throat. Again and again the kicks come flying from the blond man above me. He's never loved me, I realize that now. This is abuse, not punishment, he doesn't do this because he loves me.

"BRAD!! WAKE UP!!!" A different, more concerned voice pierces my consciousness. My eyes slowly open, seeing Adam's worried face above mine. "You were having a nightmare. You kept screaming and crying out for me. I don't want you having bad dreams." His beautiful eyes are so full of love that I want to cry. He reaches onto the night-table, grabbing a loose penny, holding it out to me, "Penny for your thoughts?"

I take the penny from his hand and mumble, "I dreamt that I was back with Kyle. He called me a whore and beat me for being with you behind his back...... It made realize something, though.... He never loved me, no matter how much I loved him. But, oh god, the pain...... It was so much worse than it was before." Tears slip down my face as I finish, and Adam looks at me, so much pity in his eyes. Warm, strong arms wrap around me.

"Oh, you poor baby. I'm so sorry that he did that to you, Brad. He tricked you into loving him. You didn't deserve that. And I'm so honored that you were crying out for me to come help you." A kiss is pressed to my forehead and then he continues to coo at me, "As long as I'm here, you shouldn't be having nightmares." His loving voice lulls me off to sleep again.

When I next wake up, I can hear Adam in the shower. I decide not to walk in on him and end up sitting on the bed waiting for him. When he walks back out, he stops in the doorway between the bedroom and the bathroom, a towel loosely tied around his waist. His hair is still wet, and scars are clearly visible on his body. The cuts from the first day I met him are healing. But there are newer ones, that weren't obvious yesterday and the day before, and I don't know why.

"Brad, can you please bring me a pair of jeans and a shirt. Preferably nice ones. I have something planned for us today." I get up and pull a button-up black shirt from the closet. I spend a minute thinking about what pants he should wear, then grab a pair of black, slim cut dress pants. Walking over to the almost completely naked man, I hand over the outfit. A small smile graces his lips, "Thank you, sweetie." Okay, when did he start calling me sweetie? Because I really like it.

"Same rule for me, something relatively fancy?" I ask, grabbing a towel from the wardrobe, and walking past him into the steamy bathroom.

"I'll pick for you." He says, and I shut the door, turning the shower on so that it's almost scalding hot, the way I've always taken my showers.

When I walk out, towel around my waist, Adam's dressed and has my clothes set out on the bed. I quickly get dressed, wondering what he's up to.

Guess I'll have to find out.
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