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Chapter 12

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"OHMYGOD!! OH MY GOD!!! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!" Hanna gushes, looking at the ring on my finger. It feels so weird, I've known Adam for less time than I knew Kyle before we even started dating, and he already has a ring on my finger. But it feels right.

"It must have cost a fortune." Hailey says, picking up my hand and examining the ring closer. The dozens of little diamonds glitter in the light. "Wait! Hanna and I HAVE to help you pick out the colors for your suit!! OH MY GOD!!! Come on, please!?" She's excited. I just laugh and nod. Yet again, it's amazing. I haven't been this happy in years.

Matt walks in, looking confused. "Hey, I heard gushing. I was wondering what was going on." He says, his eyebrows furrowed together. Hailey immediately turns around, grinning from ear to ear again. I wonder how her face doesn't freeze like that.

"ADAM PROPOSED!!!" She squeals, and Matt looks at me, shock written across his face. He walks over, and pulls me into a hug.

"Congratulations. You deserve a great guy like Adam. Many great wishes." He says in my ear. I hug him tighter, smiling broadly.

"Matt? Will you be my best man?" I ask, pulling away. He smiles and nods.

"You think I'd miss a chance to be my brother's best man? No way in hell." He replies.

Two hours later, I'm sitting on the couch between Hailey and Hanna, with Matt sitting on the coffee table in front of us, looking at a wedding catalog. The girls have been arguing constantly over colors for my suit. Hailey thinks that it should be a tone of cream, to match my bangs. Hanna wants it blue, to bring out my eyes. I'm just trying to let them work it out.

"Okay, how about a light grey blue shirt, with a cream waistcoat, dark blue suit jacket and pants, with a tie of the same tone? It'd look nice, and fit both of our wants." Hailey suggests, and Hanna thinks for a second before nodding. "Good, now we just need to find exact colors."

So they spend an hour with hundreds of differently colored pencils, trying to pick out the right colors. Matt's smirking at me the whole time. Hailey and Hanna finally move to the colors of the wedding itself. Looking at thousands upon thousands of styles. They pick flowers, powder blue, dark blue, and cream roses, and finish for the day.

I seriously wonder if it was a good idea to let those two design the wedding.

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