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The Good Stuff

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Sexy Frerard collab. Will Frank fuck Gerard, and will Gerard finally shower? You know the answers, now read lots of words detailing them.

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Frank tries to stretch his legs; the number of bags strewn across the floor and the little legroom available anyway makes this pretty hard. He sighs and shifts uncomfortably, bored and restless. "Can we stop yet?" he whines to no one in particular like an over-tired toddler.

"Frank, grow up. If you're bored, go jump on Ray." Gerard was tired and slightly high. He'd been drawing literally all night, but when asked about them, he denied to show them. The only time Frank did get a peak of them, it was only skin.

Frank scowled. "My legs are going dead." He kicked the seat in front of him to make a point but ended up catching his toe right on the corner. He hissed a series of expletives under his breath, looking sulky and irritated.

Picking Frank's feet up and placing them on his lap, Gerard giggled. "Anyone mind if I smoke?" he said, rolling up a cannabis-ridden fag anyway.

Frank stretched out, an impressive feat consider the lack of space. He grinned at Gerard, settling into a sort-of comfortable position. "Share," he said, making to grab for the fag.

Gerard squinted, shook his head and sighed, after taking a long drag from the spliff. "Brr... Got the good stuff!" He passed it to Frank. "You owe me one."

Frank made a non-committal response and took a long inhale of smoke. He held it in for a moment and then exhaled through his nose, sighing contentedly. He handed the spliff back to Gerard with a quiet giggle.

"Hey Frank, come and cuddle with me." Gerard opened his arms. He then blew smoke over Frank's face, laughing afterwards. He held the cigarrette away from his face, and the seat infront.

Frank wriggled onto Gerard's lap with a grin, snatching the fag for himself. He took another drag and tipped his head back, blowing smoke rings upwards. This sent him into hysterical giggles, like he'd just witnessed the most hilarious occurence in history.

"Bro, your laugh is like....i'unno, like faeries having a drum and bass disco. It's awesome." Gerard licked Frank's face as permission to take the fag again. "Ah yes, and smoke rings are sexy."

Frank blinked, blank faced, and then broke out into laughter. He twisted slightly to lean over and place a kiss on Gerard's temple. "Wash your hair." he said, flicking a few strands of the singer's black tresses, humming with an amused look.

"Make me." he replied, kissing the back of Frank's neck. "Mwah." he giggled. He held Frank around his tummy for a while, and almost fell asleep. "Finish this." He passed over the fag.

"Make me make you." Frank shot back and leaned into Gerard, lazily letting the spliff hang from between his lips. When it burned to a stub, he rolled the window down and dropped it out. The van smelled dank, like they'd been in there much too long and the addition of weed didn't exactly help. Frank made a face. "We need an air freshener. Vanilla. I like vanilla. Or gingerbread. Like Christmas!" he giggled at himself.

"Make me make you make me!! And I will at the motel tonight..." Gerard muttered quietly. "Why doesn't birthday's have a smell? I mean, those two holidays are the most anticipated ones, right? Birthday and Christmas?" Gerard started laughing crazily. "It'd smell like sex, I think. I love birthday sex."

Frank grinned and nodded his agreement. "Birthday sex is good sex. All sex is good sex!" he giggled. "Halloween should have a smell 'cause it's my birthday." Frank paused, looking thoughtful. "Skeleton smell. Vampire scent. I'm a fuckin' businessman here."

"I smell like a fucking vampire. And dude, it already has one. Pumpkin? And urgh God, I need to get laid."

"You smell like a pot-smoking hobo. Take a shower." Frank remarked. "I'll fuck you if you shower." The guitarist laughed at the disgusted sound Mikey made.

"How about you fuck me IN the shower? And on my bed? We could deface every surface in the motel. That's my price. Fuck off Mikey, I've heard you and Alicia. Gawd." Gerard brushed his hand over Frank's thigh.

Frank gave a small shudder at Gerard's touch. "Or we fuck and THEN you shower? Or it defeats the object of showering 'cause you'll just get dirty again." Frank nodded at his own logic.

"Before and after? But that means you have to blow me in the second shower." Gee bite his lip, grinning, and whispered really quietly so only him and Frank couldn't hear. "Did you like that, whore?"

"Sounds... Reasonable." Frank shivered as he felt Gerard's breath on his ear.

"Now. Sleep. 'Cause you won't be doing it tonight." Gerard nipped his ear and giggled. "Anyone mind me having a smoke?"
"Wake up, Frankie. We're here." Gerard's teeth glistened in the dark.

Frank groaned, sleepily confused. "No. M'asleep." He opened his eyes, disconcerted to find himself sprawled across the seat with his head on Gerard's lap. He shut his eyes again tiredly.

"Fraaaaank. The others are in their rooms. We can go fuck now." Gerard kissed Frank's head.

"Tired." Frank whined, unmoving and purposely toying with Gerard.

"Frank. Seriously." Gerard grabbed Frank's hand and cupped it against his dick. "I'm not tired. And if we don't fuck i'm not showering for a week."

"You make a good argument." Frank sighed softly with a small smirk. "If you don't shower for a week, I won't fuck you EVER."

Gerard's breath became more erratic as he held Frank's hand against him. "Even you can't hold out that long."

Frank massaged Gerard's crotch with a smirk. "I could always call Jamia if I get desperate." he mused.

"Bro, you don't have a 500 mile dick. And she ain't coming here." Gerard's head fell back against the seat.

Frank glared childlishly at his extinguished logic. "Fine." he pulled his hand back with a mischevious smirk.

"Frank, please.....let's go." Gerard actually pouted.

"But I'm tired!" Frank protested with a grin, clearly enjoying teasing Gerard.

"F-fucking hell Frank, what do you want, for me to jerk off in the middle of a fucking parking lot?"

"That'd be kinda funny." Frank giggled and sat up, planting a kiss on Gerard's lips. "C'mon, dumbass."

"What, jerk off?"

"If you really want..." Frank shrugged innocently and then cracked, laughing. "I was about to say let's go to the room but, hey, whatever turns you on.'

"You turn me on.... You get me hot... Room, now."

"Say please." Frank chirped in a sing-song voice.

"Please, you mother fucker."

"That's not very polite." Frank sniffed, mock offended.

"That's as polite as you're getting from me." Gerard poked Frank's chest lightly.

"Rude!" Frank shook his head.

Gerard looked down and squished his eyes together to make himself cry. He then looked at Frank with puppy dog eyes, and said "P-please, Frankie?"

"Much better!" Frank beamed, satisfied, and yanked open the van door. "Coming?"

"In more ways than one." And with that, Gerard hopped out of the van and pranced to the motel.

"Already?" Frank smirked and followed Gerard.

"Figure of speech, as it were. Speaking of which, go sort out the room."

"Yes, dear." Frank rolled his eyes and bounced over to the desk. The woman looked bored as she took his money in return for a room key which Frank pressed into Gerard's hand.

"Fankoo. Now let's go fuck." The woman behind the desk shared a look of disgust with her freshly pink painted nails. Fucking homophobe.

Frank turned to smile oh-so-sweetly at her. "Coming!" he called, half-skipping after Gerard after adding, "I love your nails, sweet colour!" in a gushing voice to the receptionist.

The receptionist flew him the bird and went back to eye fucking her nails. "Frankie-bear, I need you." Gerard sighed.

Frank smiled, humming. "How much?"

"Oh Frankie, there aren't wørds to describe. You already know how hard I am, I'm sweating like fuck and all I wanna do is this-" Gerard snogged Frank with a passion, and cupped his ass. "You getting any of this?"

"Meh, I listened to, like, half of that. I was more interested in when we're gonna make use of the bed we just paid for."

"Now. Lead the way, master."

Frank worked his arm around and Gerard's waist and unlocked the door, crashing his lips against the singer to force him into the room. "On the bed. Now."

Gerard threw himself onto the bed, arching his hips to try and find some friction. "Sir, please...."

Frank took his sweet time to join; he stood at the foot of the bed, humming quietly as if disinterested.

Gerard slid a hand down himself. "Dick..."

"Excuse me?" Frank raised an eyebrow. "Maybe I should leave you to take care of yourself then."

"Taking too fucking long!!!"

"I'll take as long as I fucking want and you'll sit there and wait or I'll go sleep in Ray's room, you little bitch."

"Then I'll have to come in and jerk you in your sleep, Ray or no Ray."

Frank smirked, quirked eyebrow and shrugged, slowly making his way to straddle Gerard's hips. "Oh really?"

Gee thrust up against him, gasping at the contact. "I'll jerk you off in your sleep....ah!!! Anytime.."

Frank curled his fingers around Gerard's wrist and held them above the singer's head. "Because you're a little cockslut," he hummed.

"Yes, and I want you in me...." Gerard moans, continuesly rubbing against Frank.

"You're gonna have to ask nicer than that." Frank's teeth graze Gerard's skin as he whispers into the singer's ear.

Gerard's eyelids flutter. "Please, Sir... Can you please fuck me?" He arched his neck to Frank.

"Persuade me." he pulled back, digging his nails in a little where they held onto Gerard's wrists.

"Frankie, shit, you have no idea how much I need you, using every inch of yourself to fucking use me, I need to be fucked... Please?" His hips snapped up at the pain in his wrists.

Frank raised his eyes as if in thought. "You make a good argument."

"Is it good enough?"

"Maybe." Frank leaned down, biting lightly at Gerard's neck.

Gerard moaned, hard. "H-harder, please?"

"Whore." He nipped hard enough to ensure a bruise later and soothed it with his tongue.

"Holy shi- Frank I really want you in me when I come, seriously, too fucking close..."

"Jesus, Gerard." Frank bit his lip and started tugging at the waistband of Gerard's trousers.

Gerard helped him remove both of their clothing, biting his lip when he saw Frank naked. His tattoos stood out in the dark, and Gerard would have given anything to play with them, to lick and bite them, leaving marks of his own.

Frank trailed kisses from Gerard's jaw, neck collarbone down his chest to his waist where he hovered his lips teasingly.

"Frank.... Sorry, Sir... Can you not tease me? Please?"

"Why not?" Frank batted his lashes innocently.

"Because I am way too turned on to hold on." Gerard blushed.

Frank smirked, pressing butterfly kisses to Gerard's hips.

Gee thrust, looking for something to rub against, and failing.

His fingertips dragged against Gerard's thighs, leaving scratch marks. "Beg and I might fuck you if you ask nice enough."

"Oh Frankie... Please.. You have no idea. I need you. Please. I can't tell you enough."

Frank looked appeased and hiked Gerard's legs over his shoulders to gain better access. Crashing his lips onto Gerard's, he thrust into him hard.

Gerard followed with Frank's thrust, moaning and writhing underneath him. He kissed back in a mash of tongue and teeth.

Frank gripped Gerard's hips, falling into a fast, rough pace. His breath was hitched; he let out a moan.

Gerard felt him pound into a spot inside him, making him moan like a whore. "Oh, SHIT! There!"

"Fucking slut." Frank hissed. "You like that?" He dug his nails in with a moan.

"God, yes, your fucking slut..."

"Damn fucking right you are." he panted, quickening his pace.

"Forever....fuck.." He sighed, breath hitching.

Frank tightened a little on Gerard's hips, thrusting deeper.

"Sir...please.. Can I come?"

He loved it, being so in control. With a smirk, he replied, "Fucking come for me, you little whore."

Gerard thrust up one last time, coming hard. "Fuuuuuuck!!"

The sight of Gerard coming undone beneath sent Frank to climax; his breath caught in his throat as he came.

Gee clenched his ass, trying to milk Frank's orgsam. He closed his eyes.

Frank threw his head back in ecstacy with a groan, riding out his climax.

Gerard weakly reached up to run his fingers over Frank's open lips. "So beautiful."

Frank caught his breath and curled up next to Gerard, placing a soft kiss on the singer's lips. "Fuck."

Gerard kissed back lightly. "That was amazing."

"I know." he replied breathily.

"Shall I still call Sir?"

"Maaaaybe." Frank smiled; whatever dominance he held had diminished and now he wanted little else than to sleep.

"I wanna sleep. Love you."

"Me too." Frank smiled tiredly. "Love you too, Gee."
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