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Pikey ficlet.

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MY explanation of why Mikey had "EASY" written on his arm.

“A bet’s a bet, Way.” Pete grins, uncapping the sharpie in his hands.

“B-But you cheated!” I desperately protest.

Pete chuckles, “Using my sexiness as a weapon, does not count as cheating. You said you weren’t easy, and I proved you wrong.” He holds out his hand, “Now give me that arm.”

“P-Pete, c-c’mon..”

Pete shakes his head, “Ah ah ah. A deal is a deal, Michael.”

“Bu-But we have a show tonight! A-And I really don’t want Gerard asking questions!”

Pete shrugs, “That’s your problem. If you’d just admitted you’re easy, it wouldn’t have come to this.”

“I-I’m not easy, but e-everyone has trouble controlling themselves when they’re turned on..” I look down.

Pete lifts my chin with his fingertips, “Alright, Way. How about Round Two? I’ll lower my sexiness levels, and still have you begging me to take your clothes off.”

I blush and sigh, “Fine.” Even if I lose, at least I’ll get laid.

Pete smirks and puts the cap back on the sharpie, before setting it on the table, “Sure you can handle it?”

I roll my eyes, “Sure you can handle it?”

Pete smirks and wraps his arms around my waist.

I breathe heavily and glare up at Pete, grinning wider than the Chesire cat. He bites my lip before grabbing the sharpie on the bedside table and attacking my arm.

I grumbe and scrub at the four letters on my skin. I have to get it off before Gerard, or anyone else sees. I hate Pete for being right. But I love him for the way he just made me feel. I scrub harder, wincing as my skin turns red. Fucking permanent markers. I jump, startled as a pair of arms wrap around my waist. I look up into the mirror and see Pete resting his chin on my shoulder.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he smirks before kissing my neck.

I shiver slightly and sigh, “I-I’m getting this shit o-off. You di-didn’t say I couldn’t.”

“No, I didn’t...” He purrs into my ear before biting at my earlobe softly, “But good luck with that, Mikes.”

I glare at him and keep scrubbing. I have to get this off. Pete keeps kissing my neck, leaving hickeys to match the word on my arm. Eventually, I sigh in defeat and get ready for the show, after proving for the third time, just how easy I am.
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