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in sickness and in health part I

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axl wakes up with a sore throat but it turns it something worst Please rate and review

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at the hell house axl duff slash and Steven plus Izzy where all enjoying a quite night together the TV was weak and busted but it worked for the boys axl turned to Izzy to say something "Izzy-" axl stared to say but his normal deep voice was cracked and horse "hey axl you ok?" asked slash axl looked at him he shrugged his shoulders "hey axl try drinking something!" Steven said handing him his coke Steven liked it better then jack or anything alcoholic axl took it and drank it "any better?" duff said worried about the redhead "no.." axl creaked again everyone saw the panic in his eyes " maybe it’s just because you’re tired go to bed " slash said he hoped of the arm of the couch and followed axl to the bed room they shared axl sighed and climb in to bed "goodnight" axl tried to say but it sounded like noise and screeching "good night axl" the rest of the boys said to the redhead who smiled as he and axl walked in the room "goodnight slash" axl said hoarsely as he climbed into the bed "stop talking its creeping me out and goodnight" slash climb in next to the redhead . the next morning slash got up early to see axl covered in sweat and shivering "duff izzy!" slash screamed the men rushed in to see axl awake now he was shuddering "OK forehead please" duff said as he rested his hand on axl head "ok you have a fever let’s see if we have anything for your sickness" duff said he alongside Izzy acted humans "great..." axl said his voice was still wracked "ok blanket" slash said sliding the blanket down the sickly man " we found a few things uh this might help " Steven said handing slash anti fever meds and cough syrup he could be helpful when he knew it was serious "thanks Steven " izzy said patting the man on the head slash ripped the plastic wrapper of the top of the bottle he set the bottle on the counter he read that the syrup had fever medicine in it so the pills that could be anything for god's sake are useless "open" slash said to axl who had a pillow over his mouth like a child. izzy rolled his eyes axl hated anything medical wise " come on axl don't make this any harder then it all ready is" duff said removing the pillow from his hands " ok he's not helping izzy if you sit on him and Stevie holds down his arms" duff said izzy did as told sitting down on axl torso Steven held his arms down axl was moving trying to break free of Stevens death grip on his wrist “open and we’ll let you go ok? “Slash said to the weak man who had giving up on trying to get free. axl opened his mouth slash shoved a spoonful of hot purple medicine in his mouth “see was that so bad “ izzy said petting axl’s head “not.....really” axl said his voice sounded worst “guys I found this book on singing it says here that if his voice still sounds yucky that we should take him to the doctor as soon as possible he could have a big issue with his voice and if that it hurts on the third day we need to call 911” Steven said looking up from a book on vocal injury in singers “wow Steven that’s the smartest thing you've ever said “ duff said smiling at Stevens new smarts “ok let’s leave axl to rest ok” izzy said noticing axl sleepy expression “ok axl get some good rest ok?” slash said shutting the door slowly he rejoined his friends in the room
“I hope he didn’t like hurt his voice or anything bad” Steven said then went back to coloring in a coloring book he found “yeah if he loses his voice then what Was all our hard work for nothing?” duff added izzy didn’t say anything he was to into his book for anything to mess with him “he will be fine your freaking me out!” slash barked he was worried if his friend lost his voice “your right slash but he is going to the doctor today” Steven added “yes but he needs rest so no loud music until we find out if he’s ok” duff added then joked that Steven could act smart but couldn’t color in the lines. The next morning axl voice was the worst they ever heard slash had made an appointment for the doctor to see since last night when axl woke up with a sore throat. Axl was dressed in a coat and his normal jean “come on ax “ slash said he could see how scared he was duff had giving him a whiteboard to write on “I’m scared slash” axl wrote down then looked at slash “your fine don’t worry axl you’ll be back to your normal self in no time and if you become a mute I’ll translate everything for you “ slash said to the worried redhead “thanks :)” axl wrote . they pulled into the hospital’s parking lot slash opened the door for axl who jumped out “see so far so good “ slash said as he opened the door axl took a seat in the chair next to slash “slash if I can’t sing anymore will we still be friends ?” axl wrote then shaking the pen he was using to write “yes of course” slash said then the nurse called axl in “hello Mr. Rose how are we feeling” the doctor said axl tried to bite his fingers when they came toward his mouth “ah I see “ the doctor said axl smile at the deed he had done “open and say ah!” the doctor said axl opened his mouth and tired his hardest to say ah but all he got is what sounded like a dry gasp “ ok this isn’t good your vocal cords are in flamed and torn you need emergency surgery as of today or you’ll never be able to sing again or a lest well we can do it and you’ll done in 3 hours but recovery you cannot talk William if you do it could ruin it and cause it to bleed we’ll see once you get all your stuff as soon as you get pack for your stay ok ?” the doctor said axl was pale and small tears rimed at the end of his emerald eyes axl felt like everything he and izzy worked for was useless and his father was right he was a failure. “axl are you ok?” slash asked axl who was shaking slash knew axl was crying he hated that his best friend was going to have surgery “you’re going to be ok shhh shh “ slash said softly he cared about axl like he was his brother axl didn’t say anything to him he was crying to hard slash held the man until he quit crying . “thank you Slashie “ axl wrote Slashie was his nickname from axl he called him that because when they first met slash was drinking a cherry slushie when axl approached him for the first time “you’re welcome let’s get home and pack up a few things then let’s get this thing over with axl “ slash said helping axl down they drove home izzy duff and Steven all were watching TV “well what the doctor say?” duff asked noticing the tears on axl’s face “surgery” axl wrote every gunners mouth fell open Steven stood up from the couch to hug axl “IT’s OK” Steven said hugging him tightly “axl can you come help me pick out a few sets of clothes you want please?” slash said Steven let him go duff shook his head “you ran out of your smart pills didn’t you?” duff said Steven said no and held up a thing of smarties candy...
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