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Not that it was whole to start.

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My first Frerard story(Be gentle with me please). Gerard and Frank have fallen out again, it's becoming a regular occurrence on this tour. How will the pair sort their differences? Contains:...

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Gerard and Frank had fallen out again. It was becoming a regular occurrence on this tour, and it broke Gerard’s heart. Not that it was whole to start. Gerard loved Frank but felt he would never be good enough, so used his friend Bert as a distraction. It wasn't the nicest, but when he was with Bert drinking or having his neck nuzzled by his slightly scruffy friend it took his mind off Frank.

But how did Gerard get here? How did he end up using his other friend as a distraction, and why were he and Frank constantly falling out?

It all started a couple of years ago. Gerard and Frank were just close friends, and then one day something just changed. Gerard couldn't put his finger on when exactly his feelings changed from friendship to love, it seemed like it just happened overnight. He knew Frank would never feel the same though. As far as he was aware Frank was straight,and very popular with the female population. Every night Gerard would see a new girl hanging off of Frank's arm, or playing tonsil tennis with Frank and each time it crushed him a little more.

Each night Gerard would drink more than he should of, and he would do the occasional joint before or after going on stage, and it was starting to worry his band-mates, especially his younger brother Mikey. Skip forward a couple of months and add a sleeping around Gerard to the equation, and slightly harder drugs,skip forward a couple more months and add Bert to the scene. Bert and Gerard were now 'dating' or so Bert and everyone else believed, to Gerard though Bert was just his distraction from Frank. Gerard felt that if he had someone else to focus on his feelings for Frank would just disappear and maybe he wouldn't need to act about being in love with Bert anymore, because he would genuinely love Bert, it wouldn't be an act anymore.

It was all going so well, Gerard was keeping up his act with Bert, no-one suspected a thing, and the drinking and drug taking continued, Much to Mikey's disappointment. It was all going so well until today. Gerard had seen Frank getting a blowjob off some girl behind one of the other band's buses. He could feel the anger bubbling up inside of him, so he decided that a coffee would be his best bet. Gerard made his way onto the MCR bus. No-one was around, great, that meant he could relax and not be asked constant questions by Ray,James or Mikey.

'STUPID FUCKING COFFEE FUCKING MACHINE WHY WON'T YOU FUCKING WORK' Gerard shouted at the coffee machine which refused to produce anything, apart from a hissing sound.
He hit the machine a few times with his hand, still nothing.Gerard needed coffee and he needed it now.
'Fucking piece of shit' He unplugged the coffee maker and threw it against the wall on the other side of the room, just missing Frank's head as he walked onto the bus.

'Woah Gerard....what are you doing.' Frank had never seen Gerard like this, he was worried about his friend, he needed Gerard, the old Gerard, not this new drug and drink filled Gerard.

'Fuck you Iero.' Gerard mumbled as he picked up his cigarettes and went to leave the bus. He stepped over a piece of plastic and sighed, he was fed up of all of this now.

'What is wrong with you Gerard? Why are you acting like such a fucking idiot? Can't you see Mikey and the rest of us are worried about you?' Frank shouted at Gerard's back.

Gerard turned around to face Frank. 'You are what's wrong with me.' he hissed before turning away and leaving the bus to smoke, and hopefully calm down.


Part two soon maybe? If this is any good, if anyone finds this, please do let me know HONESTLY what you think. Thanks.
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