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Deadmau5 & Skrillex oneshot

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Joel manages to get Sonny to show just a little bit more and teases out his dirty side. Sex. Oneshot.

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He almost gasped when Joel slid an arm round his waist outside the fire escape in the dark alley. Even though only four others were there it was a bit of a gamble, though that was why acting drunk came into play. So casually, so naturally and it wasn't as if Joel was a touchy kind of guy at all. Not that it was the first time Joel had made any sort of hint at intimate contact beyond a standard brohug. Sonny tried not to flinch and carried on talking to James as if nothing had happened. He could only hope that James wouldn't make a scene or bring up what could easily be assumed what was going on bewtween them. There was nothing going on, it was just... Thankfully he only took on a quizzical expression but averted his eyes after what only be described as a glare from Joel.
"So, anyway, it was a great set guys, but I gotta head off. I'll seeya later, enjoy." Taking one last look-over at them he took off, joining up with others from the crew.
"'Kay, see you later." Sonny mumbled, waving with a beer in hand, he figured he'd need it; Joel refused to budge. It was off putting to say the least. What if this was the night Joel would finally dosomething. What something? Everytime he thought of it, Sonny's brain seemed to shut down in failing to understand it all. He was far too over-calculating, read far too into everything.

The pair remained quiet for a short while, silently observing this situation that had been thread between them. Finally, Joel raised his voice, "Son," he slid his hand onto Sonny's hip, "is something bothering you?". The younger boy shook his head immediately in reply. Joel smirked, sliding up Sonny's top a little, with a thoughtless gesture practically growling in his ear. Sonny simply shivered, he knew this would break eventually. 'This' being Joel trying to get just a bit too friendly. It started with just Joel getting more defensive, progressing until it would be ridiculous if something didnt give at some time or another. It just escalated, the elephant in the room when they were alone. Just what did the Mau5 want of him?!
"You sure?" He grinned and stood in front of him now, demanding full attention.
"Dude, what're you -" Before Sonny could finish, he bit down hard on his lip as Joel pushed his hips onto his own. "Joell - Get off,seriously, they're looking..."

"Are you suggesting 'we take this somewhere else'?" He almost sounded as if he was mocking, but the evil glee in his eyes proved otherwise. It wasn't hard, apparently, to trick Sonny; the kid was all too trusting.
"No, I just... come on, you're too drunk, I can't let this happen to you." Sonny did his best to look unimpressed, cheeks flushing uncontrollably. It wasn't even a fucking party, they were supposed to be having a quiet night for gods sake. "I'll behave, just, just take me home." Joel cackled, curling his fingers into Sonny's long sweat soaked hair. He had it all too planned out, he knew Skrills was too good to leave him there if he acted wasted enough. He was right, Sonny was all to quick to guide him down small alleys back to the hotel the rest of the cell were staying at.

"Your key...?" Joel shrugged in reply, grinning as Sonny wearily got out his own. He couldnt believe he was about to consider this... Perhaps he could keep Joel in the room while he went to retrieve a new key... Admittedly. he wasn't sure how he felt about keeping a randy, drunken Mau5 in his room, but he knew it was what had to be done. There was no point in wasting time trying to find another, he may as well dump him where he could lock him in. As soon as the door shut behind them, Joel got back to work, pinning him to the wall once more and bit Sonny's neck in an all-too-sober manner. "Fuck! J-Joel, stop it!" He was overwhelmed, it was too sudden, he didn't know what he wanted. How could he let it happen, the speed knocked the power out of him almost. It felt so good though, those teeth nipping at his skin, and he gave in for a moment, curiosity gaining the upper hand. Well, Joel was drunk, he could easily lie and pretend such a thing didn't happen.

That was the plan until two words changed the game.
"Touch me." Joel demanded as he petted the boy through his jeans. Blindly, Sonny reached out and placed his hands onto Joel's sides, unable to analyse it much further. What was he supposed to do? What was he supposed to 'touch'? He was just going to have to go with it. He was just going to have to get swept away with the tide that was Joel's relentless will. It was unquestionable, his touch but Sonny's mind was full with accusations and screaming doubts.

"Good boy." murmured Joel, pulling down Sonny's jeans smoothly and smiled as he realised that Sonny was submitting as his denial of interest faded. He could have so much fun with this. No, he would. This was his night now. "Ah!" Sonny was taken by surprise at Joel taking a firm hold of his cock, unwillingly bucking his hips. What was he supposed to - how could... Was it too far to go back? Sonny was in the corner now, utterly powerless under skilled and crafty hands. He watched as if in shock as Joel dropped to his knees, tearing off Son's boxers as he did so. Oh god, there was no way he was going to... He surely wasn't the type and - "You're too quiet," Joel stroked his shaft tenderly, enjoying Sonny's every twitch in response. He couldn't... Wouldn't enjoy it...
"I want to hear you scream, Skrilly. I want to see that sweet mouth twist around my name." He started to circle the head with his thumb, aware of how great this would feel. Over and over he'd had this played this out in his mind and it was finally happening! Sonny nodded in reply, chewing his lip as he watched, unable to deny anything, unable to understand any questions.

Joel licked Sonny from base to tip, not even caring that he was playing the 'girlish' roll, he knew he had the power. It was worth it, to get to make him squirmand writhe helplessly. He licked the cleft in Sonny's tip playfully and admired the purrs he could hear above him. With no further warning, Joel took him into his mouth, careful not to go too far at once. "Oh, god..." Sonny let out a string of moans, shutting his eyes and arching his back. It was so fucking wrong. Jesus, a blowjobs a blowjob, right? It didn't matter f it came from your bossy forcy friend, surely.
"How can you - agh" giving up on his question, Son threw his head back, words failing him. Joel took no time in starting to bob his head, dragging his tongue along the back of Sonny's pulsing member. He himself shivered as he stroked up and down the boy's thighs. "Fuck, Joel!" Sonny hissed suddenly, pleasure intensifying when he started to make a low hum in the back of his throat. The vibrations were making him go crazy, the sensation was unlike anything he'd ever experienced. Joel could have smirked when Sonny first started mewling his name. At first it was quiet, but as Joel really got going, Sonny lost his self control. It became almost incessant, Sonny was clealy inexperiened in recieving such treatment. It was as if the boy had to remind himself who was taking over his body and mind in that moment. Sweat beaded on the back of his neck, he began to pant louder.

He didn't care that Sonny took the reins as he shakily took hold of his hair, he knew that it didn't matter. Joel had him where he wanted him. "Joel! Joel, fuck!"
Joel licked Sonny's head once more and watched, those legs of his were fucking stunning. "Atta boy, but we have one rule". He took in the whole ofSonny's length for a moment, shutting his eyes to stop them watering, tears forming at the corner. "W-what?" He's given up on trying to raise his own opinion on the matter, this was what was happening now.
"You don't come until I say you can." Joel quickly removed his lips from him and grinned, stroking Sonny's cock lightly. This wasn't just hooking up, Jesus Christ it was Joel's game.

Sonny didn't know what to make of it, part of him wanted to protest, but he knew better. It was ridiculous, if it weren't for the pleasure he'd of protested such a proposal. What he was getting was amazing but how could he trust himself to not lose himself? Underestimating this task, he nodded in agreement, eager for Joel to take him in again. Joel couldn't be that bad surely, it was a joke. He pulled on his hair a little, motioning for Joel to touch him again but instead he was shrugged off. "No, we're not doing that again." It was spoken in a cold, serious tone. Suddenly Sonny realised just what he'd agreed to.

Joel returned to Sonny's neck, licking any skin he could get at, rimming those tunnels he had sported for what felt like forever. Sonny whimpered quietly, anticipation manifesting itself. "I wanna fuck you so hard, Skrills." Joel growled in a dark tone, grinding on Sonny's hips. "I want you to bend over onto the bed and take it like a bitch, will you do that?" Joel was impressed with the words that flowed so easily from him, he seldom spoke to honestly. Sonny could barely understand of believe what he had heard, but made a small mechanical nod, excitement rising to critical levels. This brought with it nervousness, but he couldn't deny that this dirty treatment was so damn appealing. He had to admit, that's what got to him when he was with Joel. He had his place, firmly beneath him, the bitch of the friendship. "Good, get your ass over there then."
Wordlessly, Sonny positioned himself at the bed, kneeling on the floor, arms spread onto the duvet,his face partially hidden. "You got any lube?" Joel asked, rumaging through a wardrobe. Before he had replied Joel was already chuckling quietly."Dirty bastard, how'd I know you'd have some KY?" Again, as painful sit was for him to admit, the name calling was only making Sonny harder. Yes, he did want it. Treated like a dirty little... Dirty... Fuck.

Not bothering to compose himself any longer, Joel pretty much threw his clothes off, trailing giddy hands up the boy's bare thighs. Those fucking legs, they were something else, gorgeous. And that damn ass...he knew that Sonny would not disappoint. Unable to control himself,Joel slapped one of Sonny's cheeks, admiring the pinkish mark he left. Sonny merely moaned, bowing his head, it was pure shame, pure filth."Another one," Joel tightly spun his shirt into a rat-tail, "you'll be wearing this." Reaching around with another hand, he forced Son's jaws apart, gagging him so fast Sonny had no idea what had been done to him. This brought upon a momentary revaluation upon him; Joel wasn't kidding when he talked about restraints... And Sonny had always wanted to try them out. Joel took no time in tying it tightly around Sonny's head,knowing there would be no complaints, physically at least. And if sonny didnt like, he's make him love it.

It wasn't too invasive, but just having the extra restraint set Sonnyoff once more. He was being treated like such a whore, he loved it, he was being a bitch and he, sickly, embraced it. It just felt so good,and that was all he needed to justify it. He shuddered as he felt the familiar substance get spread around his entrance, completely unsure of what it was going to feel like.

Sonny shut his eyes tight when he felt a finger enter him, already enjoying what ne had got. A second one soon followed as Sonny so easily adjusted, gyrating his hips along with Joel's tiny teasing movements. He let out a low drawn out groan, wishing for more. Joel simply grinned as he watched Sonny's body respond, appreciating the most subtle changes. He heard a few muffled words, drenched in shame from Son and his smirk grew wider. "What was that?" Sonny groaned again, frustration getting the better of him as Joel flexed his fingers. "Again, Skrills?" He slackened the improvised gag, knowing he's like what he would hear. "Just... Fuck me." Oh yes, he enjoyed that one a lot. "Hurry up -"Sonny trailed off, perhaps wanting to bite back his words as Joel grazed his prostate. He tightened the gag as soon as he pulled out his fingers,satisfied with what he had given. He knew they both could not wait much longer for this.

Joel took hold of Sonny's shoulders and licked along his lip. Leaving no time for a steadying breath, Joel slammed into him, letting out an explosive moan as he did so. Sonny jerked at this sudden change in tempo, definitely not prepared for it.

Sonny sank his teeth into the shirt, every muscle tensing up as Joel thrust himself deeper. He had lost the plot completely, it wasn't worth trying to think it through any longer. It was finally fucking happening, and Sonny realised in a state of terrible pleasure that this was what he really wanted. He felt whole, it was so wrong for this to be happening, why the fuck was Joel even into him, it was insane, this was the guy who never opened up to anyone, barely showed his true colours. Joel panted, taking a few seconds to get used to it. It felt amazing, it was all too perfect. He stroked the boy's hips, rolling them forward as he picked up some speed. He pressed himself in deeper and held back a euphoric moan, pressing his tumbs into the hollows of Sonny's shoulders. He couldn't remember the last time he'd felt anything like that. Good god it must've been weeks, months since his last fuck.

He threw back his head as Joel brought up a rhythm, feeling himself get closer to his limits. Just like laying down a solid bass line, trance-like, pound pound pound. Fuck, he knew he couldn't let go so early,he didn't want to piss Joel off. He wanted to be fucking good,not just another ride. He felt the shirt get pulled further back on his gums as Joel cruelly tugged on it. He was getting closer, he didn't know how he was supposed to remain in control. He started to move his hips in unison with Joel's, joining the even and satisfying rhythm. Son started to pant more against the material, arching his back in, desperate to stick to the rules. He was filled with a desire to do it right, to please Joel even, in the hope that he'd gain more from him.

"You close yet, Skrilly?" Joel grunted, pulling the boy's shoulders up, increasing the arch on that gorgeous spine that was laid out before him. Sonny seemed to tense up again, continuing his hip motion,nodding feverantly in answer. "Hold it there, Son." Joel suddenly jerked upward, hitting the prostate with deadly accuracy. Pleased with the panting he recieved,Joel continued to hit the sweet spot, admiring how Sonny trembled under him. "-Oel..." His muted cries came as no surprise, he was impressed he had managed to last that long. Edging his hand under, Joel took hold of Sonny's cock, getting practically ground into the side of the bed.
"Can't ... Ugh..." Sonny whined as Joel kept pounding in on him,pressure set to explode in a matter of seconds. He cringed with the sheer concentration it took to stop himself ejaculating before his time. He could've passed out when he felt Joel blow his load, he had no idea how he managed to keep it in. Ignoring the blackspots in his vision, Sonny was no help to himself as he bucked his hips into Joel's teasing palm. Those bony, wise hands knew exactly what they were doing. "Goblin, now." Joel hissed sharply, gripping Sonny tightly, easily passing off his bones being crushed. Sonny emitted an impossible moan, verging on a squeal, as he climaxed, riding his orgasm out on Joel's hand and duvet. He let his eyes slide shut, completing himself as Joel took a few more weaker thrusts at him. Sonny lost himself in those few seconds, the room dancing around himself momentarily. Fuck's sake he was surprised he didn't have a brain aneurysm.

The goblin buried his face in the bedding, aware of the sweaty, damp gag as it was removed swiftly. It was exhausting, having to save himself. He could've refused, he probably should have, but the effort made it all the more pleasurable. Sonny sighed, letting out a few soft moans, as hands poured themselves over every inch of his back and legs.

Joel was silent, save for a couple twisted moans. He buried his head into Sonny's shoulder, relaxing a little, exhaling deeply. That was something else. He was already anxious to experiment once more. The man lazily tangled his fingers into Sonny's heavy locks and searched with a foot behind him for his underwear. 'because being naked without sexual contact is so gay' his conscience echoed, still hoping that Joel would escape the clutches of his sick desires.
"Goblin?" He piped up, licking the side of the boy's ear.
"Yeah...?" Joel wriggled into his boxers, leaning his full weight on Sonny's back again.
"That was good." He stated simply, crawling into the musicians bed, unsure what he wanted to happen next, or what he could ask for. Joel almost wished he had his mau5head on, so his expressions would be unreadable, escape into his second persona. Sonny looked up at him, almost humbly, pleased with such a compliment, aware of his now embarassing state. Was he supposed to join him in bed or what? Joel watched as he slipped on his boxers and top, slouching his back on the headboard. It was as if neither of them wanted to acknowledge it; there was one bed, but certainly nothing close to a couple to fill it.
Sonny stood there for a second, frozen in deciding his next move.Joel sighed, motioning with his hand that were was space for him, if he was fuckin' interested. As soon as he was invited, Sonny got right in, it was as if he wanted to hide under the sheets. Then he suddenly grabs Joel, properly wraps his arms around his thin waist, bringing him into some sort of embrace, straddling his lap.
Sonny had definitely decided he was in for it. Joel just lets him do it, a part of him disgusted that he was getting into this mushy stuff now. Almost unwillingly, he accepts Sonny's light kisses up his jaw, it wasn't like they would kill him. And okay, the mushy stuff was fine, it would mean that Skrills would be more interested in banging later down the line.

It was fine really, just totally unexpected, as if he had really wanted this to happen earlier, and this was Sonny's way of thanking him, or expressing a sigh of relief. Joel gave in, supposing he should be good to him now, it wasn't as it he hadn't thought about doing all this too. Joel warily and lightly reciprocated the embrace, resting his head on Sonny's shoulder.
"What are we doing now?" He asked, trying his best to sound disinterested, though by the fact that Joel felt the need to ask told Sonny a different story.
"How about sleep?" He smiled, allowing himself to become more comfortable.
"No... You better not pretend this didn't... I swear to God, Goblin, I get jealous as fuck, okay?" It was clear that Joe hated to admit it, but felt the need to lay down the line. He didn't want to explain fully, hoping Sonny would catch his drift. It was a furious admission, barely growled out.
"What...?" Sonny's eyes grew just a little wider.

"You better not be going off with people just like that. I just, don't want to think you'll treat it like a one-time mess around, right?" Joel's hands were almost shaking with a sickening shame that crept upon him.
"Okay... So, then, what am I to you now?" Sonny asked, carefully thinking out his words long before speaking them. It wasn't as of he was the usual bang-anybody star. He wasn't sure if he wanted to just be a tool, if that's what Joel implied. He was tired of never being able to have one person pinned down seriously. But was Joel someone who really did that anyway?
"I don't know! Just, don't go off pulling in girls while you're ...While I'm... Y'know, interested." Joel had got himself into a huff. Morals, fuckin' morals and shit flying around everywhere. He didn't aim to come into the room with a promise of getting laid and leaving with 'commitments'. He didn't think about what he wanted after. Trust him to babble on about pointless shit after some great sex. Trust him to fuck up a good night; now he had to confront his own feelings in front of someone else. Someone so close.
"Fine, fine... We shouldn't be talking about this now, should we?"

"Yeah, that's a traditional 'morning thing'" Joel rolled his eyes,smirking. Sonny couldn't help but laugh. His dark sense of humour was always ready to make an appearance. "Don't do that, you're sitting on me man. " Joel ran a hand through his hair, sitting back once more.
"Laugh, it's gonna make me hard again." He replied bluntly, shifting his hips warily.
"You shouldn't tell me stuff like that, Joel, you know." Sonny laughed again, appreciating the kind of feeling it would give him. "Yeah well, we're telling each other everything now, like, should we spoon now, or have a picnic?" Joel replied, coming off more sharp than he intended to, giving a snort.
"Not if you don't wanna. I mean I don't care, I'll sleep on the couch if you -" Sonny was cut off mid-sentence as Joel assertively nipped the boy's collarbone. "No, stay here, you idiot." He sighed, knowing those words said more than his previous rants, the insult barely veiling its meaning at all.

Sonny made no reply for a short time, exploring Joel himself a little, running his fingers down his sides when he knew he couldn't say no. He was a skinny bastard, he really was, it was unfair. "I can't sleep like this though." He mumbles, nosing in at Joel's exposed throat.
"Sleep how you want then Skrills." Joel sounded tired already,sleepily chewing his ear. Sonnny wondered why he seemed so fixated with them, maybe it was because they were just easy to get to.

"Just... Joel are you freaked out, I mean, you're quiet, is it because we're both guys...?"
"That's not it at all! Why'd you just assume that?" It pretty much was, he was unable to really think it through at the time but a tiny part of Joel refused to let him relax with the boy just yet. He wanted to, but a tiny voice could not be silenced. Being open with anyone was hard, andnow he was expected to be open with a guy just because he had fucked him. He had barely had the time to admit to himself that Sonny was 'acceptable' in his book, and he'd never even 'looked' at other guys, had he?
"I don't know, ugh, sorry, Joel. Maybe I should just sleep over there and shut up."
"No, no. You're staying here, and you know what? I'll spoon the crap outta you, your eyes say you totally want it." Joel saved the situation, doing his usual 'divert with comedy' manouvre: that way he could also outwardly say that he wanted to sleep with him too, and not pretend that he accidentally ended up doing so. Sonny failed to notice the dive by Joel and couldn't help a little grin.

Joel let Sonny get off and was quick to curl himself around the shorter boy. He figured that internal debates could go on later, all that mattered was his gut feel, and it told him that this was ok. He draped an arm around Sonny and allowed himself to smile at last, it was unreal. "Just don't go grinding dat ass too hard on me, I'm too tired to get going again." Sonny smirked, Joel seemed to appreciate his body a little too much."Alright Joel." He nodded in compliance, backing up until he could feel Joel's cool chest on his back.

Silence enveloed them as they both lay there, sleepily recounting and calculating once more. "Oh," Joel yawned, not bothering to move from beside Sonny's ear, "'Night."
"Night." Came the equally exhausted, though quietly pleased reply.
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