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In which Pete makes plans, Mikey is scared of flying and lemurs are cute. PIKEY one-shot.

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“I wanna go somewhere!” Pete whines, his voice childlike in that dangerously undeniable kind of way. “Mikeyway, I want to go somewhere.”

“I heard you the first three million times, Pete.” Comes the reply, the tone is dry and un-amused. Largely because the speaker is trying his hardest to revise for a test he has in less than twelve hours that will most likely spell out certain doom. “You’re meant to be helping me out here, not ensuring my inevitable failure!”

The older of the two, nineteen to Mikey’s sixteen, considers this for a moment; Mikey has a test, Mikey is worried about aforementioned test, Pete is Mikey’s boyfriend, Pete doesn’t like his boyfriend worried, so in conclusion, Pete should help Mikey. Spelt out like that, Pete can’t help but feel a little bit more than bad for not realising his boyfriend’s need of assistance earlier.

So he rolls off of Mikey’s bed and strides over to where his boyfriend is sat on a swivel chair, leaning over a cluttered desk and looking very much as though he’d like to brutally murder whoever invented maths. And for that, Pete would like to slaughter the creator of maths himself for causing his sweet little boyfriend so much distress.

Pete would do anything for Mikey, literally anything, including helping him revise if that’s what Mikey needed. But Pete’s smarter than that, knows his boyfriend better than that; what Mikey needs is relief, some sort of way to de-stress before he explodes into a mass of algebraic equations and guts.

“You look sexy when you’re all serious.” Pete states, taking a moment to tuck a strand of hair behind Mikey’s ear to fully appreciate the truth of his words. “But I think you’ve studied enough for now. Snuggle time.”

“Pete, I-“

“Hey, I came over here under the impression I would be receiving snuggles. So shut the book and pay-up, buttercup.” He smiles to himself as Mikey slams the book shut, his expression failing to hide how thankful he truly is for being pulled away from his relentless tirade of work, and then Pete pushes him down onto the bed, letting Mikey nestle into him like a bullet of lovey-awesomeness. “Much better.”

Mikey can’t help but mentally agree with that, even though the overpowering sense of Pete, of everything that he loves, has just knocked all six-and-half hours of revision he has just slaved over clean out of his head. He feels the nerves rise up in him again, tiny daggers of fear stabbing into every part of his anatomy, until Pete realises this and presses a kiss to his nose, calming down the younger almost instantly.

It’s strange, Mikey thinks, how Pete can just do that; can just make everything alright again without so much as speaking.

No, Mikey thinks; it’s love.

“What were you saying?” Mikey asks, sounding suddenly tired and the sleepy note to his voice making Pete pull the covers up around them, the thought of watching Mikey sleep making his insides bubble at the cuteness of it. “About going somewhere?”

“You’ll see, Mikeyway.” Pete smirks; the smirk that means he has a plan and a plan that should probably be feared by all involved. “You’ll see.”

Perhaps if Mikey wasn’t so desperate for sleep then he would be able to sense that Pete’s up to something. But as it is, he just falls into a gentle slumber.

With Pete watching over him like a guardian angel and plotting like an evil genius.


“I got an A!”

Pete beams widely, but nowhere near as wide as Mikey, and grabs his boyfriend in a bone-crushing hug. He then proceeds to swing Mikey around, not caring that he very nearly takes out the glass coffee table in the centre of his apartment’s tiny living room.

Mikey starts giggling; a sound unbridled joy and carefreeness, the kind that Pete thrives off of hearing out of his partner’s soft lips.

“We’re going to Madagascar!”

The giggling stops and Pete’s beam easily overtakes Mikey’s in the wideness stakes.


“You. Me. Madagascar. I checked with your parents and their cool with it. So. Madagascar!” Pete puts Mikey down, hating the way that he can’t quite gage the younger’s puzzled/cross/disbelieving expression. “It’s a present for doing so well! I mean, I booked it last night but that’s because I knew you’d do great. And even if you didn’t, it would’ve still been a present for trying your best.”

Mikey doesn’t know what to think.

Part of him is overjoyed that he has such a thoughtful and caring boyfriend; another part is completely baffled as to how this can actually be happening; a tiny part of him is even a little bit mad because Pete should have asked him first, should have checked that Mikey actually wanted to go somewhere like Madagascar instead of just assuming that they want the same thing.

Pete’s just like that, though. All simultaneous and unpredictable in his thoughtful generosity. And Mikey wouldn’t have him any other way.


Pete flings an arm around Mikey’s shoulders, seemingly buzzing with uncontainable excitement; kind of like a human firework.



“Mikey? Sweetheart?” Pete coos gently, using the pet name that he only resorts to when things are bad. “It’s okay. You’re okay. The plane isn’t gonna crash.”

At Pete’s lack of tact Mikey lets out a loud sob of something that Pete can only perceive as ‘pure fear’. A few people, mostly old couples with the odd snobby-looking rich kid, look around to see what all the fuss is about, to see what’s wrong with the sixteen-year-old crying into his boyfriend’s jumper and refusing to look out of the window.

Mikey Way found out something very interesting this morning; the fact that he’s absolutely petrified of flying.

“Okay, okay.” Pete mutters to himself, avoiding the stares of the handful of people looking at him like he’s some kind of paedophile who’s kidnapping some lanky teenage boy. “It’s okay, Sweetheart. We’re almost there now.” He strokes a hand over Mikey’s back, holding him close and willing the younger boy to think of home, trying to just trick him into thinking that they’re both cuddled up on Mikey’s bed as opposed to hurtling through the air in a tin-can with wings. “Just try to go to sleep, yeah?”

“I’m scared, Pete.”

It’s the first thing Mikey has properly said since take-off and the brokenness of it breaks Pete’s heart, makes him nearly regret going on holiday in the first place. Nearly but not quite; because he knows Mikey will adore it when they get there.

He wouldn’t be doing this if he didn’t know so.



Pete smirks at his boyfriend’s gasp of semi-muted awe. In fact, it’s the only thing that’s been able to get Pete to look away from the waterfall since arriving here twenty minutes ago. It really is a beautiful sight; the water so pure and the sky such an honest shade of azure that it makes Pete think that if there is a paradise, then this must surely be it.

A bird that Pete’s only seen before on the Discovery Channel flies past, singing out a song far prettier than anything either boy has ever heard on the radio, causing Mikey’s face to grin even more completely than it was before.

Perfect, Pete thinks, this is perfect; precisely what he wanted for Mikey. Precisely what his Mikeyway deserves.

“Pretty isn’t it?” Pete mumbles lazily, secretly enjoying the way Mikey is leaning back against him more than he’s enjoying being in the presence of such grand natural beauty.

“Yeah.” Mikey breathes, taking a second to look away from the waterfall and into Pete’s eyes; those eyes that feel like paradise to him no matter where in the world they are. “Stunning.”

Mikey’s not sure if he means the place or Pete.

Most likely both.


“Mikeyway, I’m hot!”

“Full of yourself much?” Mikey laughs, throwing in a wink to make sure that Pete really does know that he’s only joking.

“Oh ha-ha, Mikeyway. How have you not been snapped-up by Comedy Central?” Pete stalks across the hotel room and kicks the fan in vein hopes that it will miraculously start working. This hotel was cheap and under-booked for a reason, Pete realises. “Seriously, though. I think my insides may be cooking.” He traipses back to the double bed, flopping down next to Mikey who is sat cross-legged and flicking through some overpriced guidebook Pete had insisted on buying at the airport. “Soon I’ll be nothing but a huge, Pete-shaped steak!”

Mikey rolls his eyes and throws the book nonchalantly to the floor, turning all of his attention to his overheating boyfriend. He pulls Pete’s head off of the pillow and into his lap, looking straight down into the other’s eyes as though he’s about to drown in them. Not that he’d mind.

For Pete’s part, he just lays there and stares endlessly back, thinking. Thinking about the overwhelming heat, about how Mikey’s having a fantastic time; about how everything is perfect other than the fact this damn hotel has no functioning form of air-conditioning.

“Aren’t you hot?” Pete asks, surprised to see that Mikey isn’t melting into a puddle of gloop like he thinks he might just be.

“Not really, no.”

Pete smirks, tossing a playful wink up to his boyfriend.

“Yeah, I think you are. Hottest guy around.”


Lemurs are Mikey’s favourite animals, have been ever since Pete took him to see Madagascar at the cinema a few years back before they started dating.

Which is why Pete can’t currently take his eyes off of the younger boy, too entranced by the adulated look on Mikey’s slightly sunburned face to want to look at the curious-looking lemur that has currently got an iron grip on Mikey’s attention.

Suddenly, without any hint of warning, the lemur turns and frolics back into the jungle, leaving Mikey with a huge smile on his face and Pete squeezing his hand in delight at having pleased his boyfriend. That’s all Pete ever really wants to do; please Mikey, make Mikey smile and make sure that Mikey’s the happiest that he can be. And Mikey’s the same with Pete.

That’s just how love like this, so strong and unbreakable, works. Wherever they are in the world.

A/N: Done as a request for a Pikey based on a romantic trip to somewhere exotic. Also, part ‘M’ in my Alphabet Challenge.

Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think! :D
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