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Mikey likes lip rings. Like, really likes them. FRIKEY one-shot.

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When Mikey Way’s next door neighbour moved away six months ago, it had been the be all and end all. Pete Wentz, the boy next door, had been Mikey’s self-proclaimed best friend; he looked out for him at school, taught him important things like how to properly apply eyeliner, showed him how to play Green Day perfectly on the bass. There were other things of course, but to list them all would take an eternity and so we shall leave it at that select few.

So Pete was Mikey’s best friend, aside from Gerard, and he thought it would always be that way; the two of them together, against the world. But then the ‘For Sale’ sign had gone up and Pete was gone in under a month, leaving Mikey inconsolable and without want to be consoled by anyone other than the boy he was missing. Gerard had tried to get Mikey smiling again, but without Pete it was just no use. Hell, Mikey even refused to play his bass, because that was something Pete did with him; something that seemed wrong to do without him.

When Gerard’s friend, an afro-headed boy by the name of Ray Toro, asked what was wrong with Mikey, Gerard hadn’t even needed to think about his reply.

“Pete’s gone and he’s taken Mikey away with him.”

Ray understood; anyone who’d ever seen Pete with Mikey would have.


“Hey, Mikey! There’s a new kid next door. Come see!” Gerard squeals like a kid on too much candy, grabbing Mikey’s hand and yanking him away from the computer to the murky window. “Look!”

For Mikey’s part he just looks apathetically to the floor, then the ceiling; anywhere but out of the window and to a house that was once his second home. He wonders briefly if the new people will keep it the same inside or if they’ll paint over everything that’s ever really mattered to Mikey. Will they retile the bathroom where the tiles are all pictures of boats at sea? Will they put a new carpet over the one in the living room, where once Mikey got friction burn on his sides from a particularly brutal tickle-attack? Will they use Pete’s old bedroom as an office instead, as something so uniform and dull that it makes Mikey feel sick at how un-Pete-like that would be?

Mikey doesn’t know and nor does he want to; he never wants to look inside that house again. Not unless Pete comes back and makes it his again, which a tiny part of Mikey still hopes will happen.

“Mikey, you’re not looking!” His older brother whines, lifting Mikey’s head up and forcing him to look out of the window. “See! There’s a new kid.”

He hears what Gerard doesn’t say, what Gerard hopes will happen. It’s clear what his big brother wants, what everyone who’s had to put up with Emo-Mikey for the past six months wants; Gerard wants Mikey to make friends with this new kid. He wants Mikey, Michael James Way, to replace Pete Wentz. The one and only, Pete Wentz.

The one and only Pete Wentz who might just have been a little bit more than a friend. Not that Mikey would ever tell anyone that, least of all Pete himself.

But Gerard’s had to put up with a lot from Mikey over the past six months; temper-tantrums, nightmares, refusal to talk and blaming all of the world’s problems on Gerard, to name just a few. Which makes it seem only fair for Mikey to at least look at this kid, keep his big brother happy like he knows he should.

Mikey looks up, fully expecting to see some Hollister model wannabe, to be met with the sight of a short, black-haired boy. He can’t stop himself from squirming to get closer to the window, all of a sudden a little bit too interested in this new kid.

New Kid, as Mikey has dubbed him, looks like Pete Version Two. Sure, physically they aren’t exactly symmetrical but in every other way they look the same. The boy, New Kid, is wearing a Green Day t-shirt, a Dookie one; exactly the same as Pete’s favourite t-shirt, the one that Mikey got for him two Christmases ago. He realises with a slight pang of longing that the stranger is sat on the garden swing, Pete’s most favourite place in the whole wide world. New Kid’s hair is the same dark colour as Pete’s and his smirk, Mikey can see from here if he really tries hard, has that same kind of ‘fuck-you’ edge to it as Pete’s did.

Now that Mikey’s looking at New Kid’s smirk, at his lips, he notices something; New Kid has a lip ring. Mikey doesn’t know why but that, the way it sits perfectly on the entrance to New Kid’s mouth and with how New Kid occasionally sucks on it thoughtfully, really does get him interested.

“Mikey? Earth to Mikey.” Gerard giggles, forcing Mikey’s attention away from New Kid and back to his far less interesting older brother. “You fancy him!”

Mikey blushes, stopping briefly to consider the truth of the statement, before slapping Gerard playfully on the arm.

“Fuck off, Geetard. I don’t even know the guy.”

“So go speak to him.” Mikey raises his eyebrows, looking at his brother as though he’s completely fucking insane. “What? He’ll never marry you if you never speak to him.”

And part of Mikey, that annoying niggling little part just under his heart, can’t help but get Gerard’s point.


When Mikey finally does work up the courage needed to meet New Kid, not to mention got his head around going to a house that isn’t Pete’s anymore, it’s three days after the first spotting. It probably would have taken even longer, but Gerard was driving him up the wall with silly playground rhymes about Mikey kissing New Kid in a tree.

Mikey’s been watching New Kid, in a totally un-stalkerish way, for pretty much every minute of every day since the first sighting. He’s noticed how New Kid spends almost all of his time on Pete’s swing, staring into the sky with a dreamy expression on his face; kind of like he wishes he could just fly away.

Pete had always wanted to fly.

Mikey shakes all thoughts of Pete from his head as he walks over to the swing, legs quaking nervously beneath him. He briefly thinks about turning back, running back to the safety of his bedroom, but then he sees it, glinting in the sun like a beacon of hope; New Kid’s lip ring, the thing that Mikey’s been unhealthily obsessed with for the past three days.

“Hello, Pretiful!” New Kid smiles, jumping off of the swing and running to meet Mikey like an overexcited puppy. “I was gonna call you Pretty, but then I thought you’re beautiful, so I had to merge the two. Pretiful, see?”

Mikey blushes, a furious shade of red that he’s sure makes him look like an idiot, and can’t help but grin back. Because New Kid is like Pete, but better. No, not better; just different. Different in a good way, but not so different as to make Mikey sad that he’s taken Pete’s place.

New Kid reaches out and ruffles a hand through Mikey’s hair, giggling when he pulls away to reveal a rather dishevelled-looking Mikey.

“You’re too cute, Pretiful.”

Mikey wonders how New Kid can be so confident, so without fear of being laughed at or rejected. Then he realises; he’s Pete. Or not Pete, but close enough to Pete for Mikey to understand him. He wishes he could be that confident, just be able to tell New Kid that he thinks he’s some kind of god and would very much like to find out what a lip ring tastes like, feels like.

Instead, Mikey settles for letting out a semi-choked chuckle before holding a hand out for New Kid to shake. Which he does. Does so vigorously that Mikey fears for the life of his hand.

“I’m Frank! Frank Iero.” He proclaims, seemingly proud just for having remembered his name. “You can call me Frankie!”

“I’m Mikey.” He winces at how positively ordinary he sounds, like they’re on a paint chart and he’s the dull grey next to New Kid’s vibrant blue. “I live next door.”

“I know; I’ve been spying on you. And you’re not Mikey. You’re my Pretiful.”

Yeah, Mikey thinks. This could work.



“So what?”

“You know damn well what, Little Way. You were over at his house for seven-and-a-half hours.”

Mikey burns and Gerard beams, taking a brotherly delight in torturing the younger Way. Apart from it’s not torture in Gerard’s head; it’s doing his duty as a big brother. Besides, he really is interested about the new kid next door and what Mikey thinks of him. After all, it’s not like Gerard doesn’t know that Mikey needs a friend.

That Mikey needs a boyfriend. And that Mikey likes the new boy in a way that Gerard likes Lyn-Z from across the street.

“We played videogames.” Mikey replies innocently, flipping off his older brother in the process. “That’s all. Just videogames.”

“Is that euphemism?” Gerard lets out a full-on guffaw as Mikey turns beet-red, eyes wide and kind of nervous-looking. “Relax, bro. I’m only messing with you.”

Mikey nods, turning back to look out of the window at his new favourite place; New Kid’s, Frank Iero’s, house.

What he’d said about playing videogames was true, he’d just left out a few minor details; like the swapping of numbers and how Frank maybe kissed Mikey goodnight before walking him back home, arm wrapped possessively around him in a way that make Mikey want him to never let go.

“Gee? Can I tell you something?”

“Oh my God, you’re pregnant!” Gerard falls about laughing, only stopping when he sees the serious tint to his baby brother’s eyes; Gerard knows when to stop, when his baby brother really does need him to listen. “Sorry, Mikes. Say what it is you wanna say. I won’t laugh; promise.”

“I think, I think I like Frank. Like, really like him.”

Just then, Mikey’s phone lets out a loud ‘ping’, signifying a new text. He dives for his cell and his face lights up in a way that Gerard loves seeing on his brother. Hasn’t seen at all since Pete left.

From: Peterpanda

Heya Mikeymouse! Missing you, as always. Gee tells me there’s a new kid and you’re in lurrrrve with him. TELL ME MORE.

Mikey texts back without even stopping to think about what he’s saying; Pete will understand. He always does.

To: Peterpanda

He’s awesome and he’s called Frankie and he has a lip ring and he kissed me and he thinks I’m cute and pretty and beautiful!!!!

When he looks up from his phone, he realises that Gerard has been looking shamelessly over his shoulder and is chuckling quietly to himself in a proud kind of way. But Mikey doesn’t care about the fact that Gerard is being Gerard about this.

Because New Boy thinks he’s cute and pretty and beautiful. And he kissed him.

A/N: Part 'N' of my Alphabet Challenge. Thanks for reading and I'm sorry that the ending kinda sucks like a whore.

Please let me know what you think! :D
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