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Weather the Storm

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"Hold me through this storm while we watch the wind outside." Bert McCracken/Mikey Way one-shot.

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Weather the Storm

The thunder crashes overhead like a menacing marching band, the lightening splitting the sky as though it’s searching for something, anything, to let out it’s aggression upon. Rain is coming down in relentless torrents, each droplet impacting the roof of the bus like a bullet sent from God to shake the two inhabitants of aforementioned bus; Bert McCracken and Mikey Way.

Mikey’s been on Bert’s bus since before the storm started two hours ago, back when the heat was so unbearable as to warrant being topless; not that Mikey Way would ever go topless in front on anyone other than Bert, his Bert. He thought the heat was bad but this, this murderous storm, is much worse. Not because Mikey prefers this hideous kind of weather to melting in a merciless sea of hotness, far from it, but because Bert is terrified of storms.

Which is why they are both currently sat in the abandoned living area, the rest of The Used out storm-watching with the remainder of My Chem; Mikey curled protectively around Bert’s quaking form.

He’s the only one who knows about the fear, the only one Bert trusts enough to know. The younger of the two had told the bassist about it a few nights ago, when they were both snuggled tightly into Mikey’s cramped bunk and trying desperately to ignore the childish wolf-whistles coming from Frank’s sleeping area. It had been there, in the loving warmth of their home-away-from-home, that they’d gotten to know each other in both physical and mental format. Mikey had told Bert about his stage-fright, about how he sometimes gets these horrifically vivid nightmares about dying, and all about his weird obsession with unicorns; in return Bert had told him everything, including his admittedly irrational fear.

Bert can’t help but find it strange how he trusts Mikey so implicitly despite only having known him since the start of the tour, maybe trusts him more than he trusts even his own bandmates. Yet it just makes so much sense at the same time; like he knows trusting Mikey like this should feel wrong, but he can’t deny that it feels more right than anything else he’s ever done. Mikey just makes him feel safe, like he can and will protect him from anything, be it an overprotective big brother on the rampage or a horrendous storm raging outside.

Mikey will protect him and Bert knows it.

It’s not like Bert scares all that easily, Mikey knows that from when they watched The Omen together and Mikey wound up hiding in Bert’s side whilst the younger just chuckled warmly, which is why Mikey’s quite taken aback by the severity of the phobia. Not that this stops him from giving the singer as much comfort as he possibly can give.

Another strike of thunder crackles through the sky, lashing out like a whip and making Bert whimper like the child he often feels to be around everyone other than Mikey.

“It’s okay, Bert. You’re safe, I’m here. Nothing can hurt you whilst I’m here.”

Mikey’s voice is soft and gentle, flowing into Bert’s veins like honey and sweetening up his heart upon impact. Bert manoeuvres himself so that the side of his head is pressed against the area between Mikey’s neck and chest, giving a sideways glance to his lover.

"Hold me through this storm while we watch the wind outside."

It’s not a question and nor is it a desperate beg; it’s just Bert stating what is going to happen. Briefly Mikey wonders if this means something else, if it’s a metaphor for something other than just the storm. He would like to think so.


A/N: Just a short little Bert/Mikey ficlet for a request of that pairing based on the prompt, "Hold me through this storm while we watch the wind outside." I always write Mikey as the kind of ‘weak one’, so I thought it was someone else’s turn for a change.

Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think! :)
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