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9- Emotional Turmoil

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Taylor's feelings start to shift. Can she control herself in time to fix everything?

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(Mikey’s POV)


-Don’t it feel like something’s not right in her kiss tonight?-


“Warm now?” I asked, as I fought the urge to roll down the windows. It was all for Taylor, beautiful sweet Taylor… I loved having the windows down when I drove but she was still shaking like a leaf.

We’d stopped to get clothing but all that was available were tourist shops, leaving us both brightly colored. Taylor still looked good. I doubted that she could ever look anything but beautiful.

“I am.” Taylor replied, as she tinkered with the radio. “I look like a parrot though… and well, so do you.”

I chuckled at the honesty. “You’re right but we’re the best damn parrots this town has ever seen.”

“Well we are pretty spectacular looking, even when we look goofy.” Taylor grinned sheepishly as she let the ego-filled comment fill the car, and my head.

“So, are you missing your friends or family while you’re here?” I asked, casually trying to rip any information from her. She didn’t talk much. The thing about her brother was kind of a break through. It had only been a few days but I still wanted more. Other girls were usually boiling over at the mouth with information that I’d never care to know, but Taylor was different.

“Seeing as how I’ve only been gone for two days… uh, no.” Taylor answered awkwardly. It was just as I suspected. When I asked her something personal she shut down. That wouldn’t stop me though.

“Well, what about work?” I suddenly realized I had no idea what she did.

“I bring my work with me.” Taylor answered, with a charming smile.

“Oh?” Then it dawned on me… “Oh god, you’re not… you’re not with the press, are you? Or like working for some magazine?”

Taylor chuckled, “Hide the horror.” She teased, “But no, I’m not. Well, not the type you’re thinking of anyway. I write travels clips, so for example I could write about the beach…” She trailed off for a moment before laughing heartily, “You know, without the sexual details.”

I laughed as well and let my hand lightly fall to her bare thigh. Suddenly I loved her brightly colored shorts as I stroked her soft flesh… and she let me. It almost seemed natural, except for the nagging guilt in the back of my mind. I was completely betraying my brother, and potentially wounding us all if the press caught wind of the scandal. I couldn’t help it though. There was just something so alive about Taylor and I was all caught up in her. “That’s cool. So, you travel a lot then?”

“I do.” Taylor answered, “It’s very helpful with um…” She paused and glanced down at my hand before continuing. My hand stayed in place. “It helps when I’m dating Gerard, since he’s always on the go.”

I nodded, swallowing down the lump of shame. That wasn’t all I felt though. I was envious. I wanted Taylor all to myself. I wanted her to be my girlfriend. I wanted more than the one night stand I’d gotten. I wanted the girl. I couldn’t have that though, and I certainly wouldn’t make her choose. I wasn’t a douchebag… and I wasn’t so sure she’d choose me. “That’s good. Um, so how long have you done that- the uh, writing thing?”

Taylor leaned her head back and yawned, “Two years.”

“I’d like to read some of your stuff.”

“What?” Taylor seemed genuinely surprised.

“I want to read some articles you’ve written.” I repeated, “I value your opinion and I’m sure it’ll help me with any travelling I plan from here on out.”

“Oh, well… um, okay.” Taylor seemed hesitant but the emotion quickly disappeared from her eyes and I couldn’t read how she was feeling at all.

I found I had that problem with her a lot.

“Cool, so who do you write for? I’ll look the articles up tonight.”

“How about I just send them to you tonight?” She glanced over at me with a sudden playful grin, and then her hand was stroking my leg, and oh so slowly moving up.

“Uh, oh, yeah, that would be… uh great.” I mumbled. I was sure that my face was the color of a fire hydrant.

“Great.” Taylor leaned over and kissed me upon the lips as I fought the urge to look away from the road and give her my full attention. Then her hand disappeared and I was kind of happy because it was safer and I was just about ready to crash my car… but also sad, because Taylor was so, so hot.

“I’m kind of tired.” Taylor yawned again, “Mind if I catch a nap?”

“No, go ahead.” I smiled as I thought of the night before, with her all tangled up in my arms. It was heavenly. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how heaven would be, or how I would want my heaven to be.


(Taylor’s POV)

When I woke up it was hot in the car, despite the light clothing I was wearing. Mikey was still blasting the heat, though I knew he had to be uncomfortable. He was just too nice, it left me all flustered and that wasn’t me at all, or rather who I’d worked to become.

Mikey was singing along to the radio under his breath and I had to hide my smile because I wasn’t sure I wanted him to know I was awake just yet. He had started to ask questions which would normally be just fine but this time it wasn’t. I didn’t like lying to him. It made me feel like I was committing a horrible crime, and the sentence was my own guilt- which I normally didn’t feel. It was just something he brought out in me. It wasn’t normal and I didn’t like it.

It would get a little tricky when I returned to Gerard. While around the two brothers I would have to act like the perfect lady, while simultaneously leading on both brothers. I didn’t have to trick Gerard, but I had to leave his friends with the lasting illusion that I was with him- while also tricking Mikey in to believing that I wanted him, but was too ashamed to be with him.

I felt the car slowing down and wondered if we were already there. How long had I slept? I was about to pretend to wake up when Mikey’s soft lips gently pressed upon mine. I opened my eyes, clearly startling him. “We’re almost there.” Mikey whispered, voice heavy with lust.

“Are we stopping for the scenery?” I joked, glancing out the window. The land was pretty bare, leaving nothing to look at.

“Look up.” Mikey replied, with a grin.

I did.

“Look, there is a frog!” I teased, pointing at one of the clouds.

“Where?” Mikey demanded, pressing his body against mine as he pretended it gave him a better view. “Oh there he is, and his princess.”

“She better hurry up and kiss him.” I whispered, as Mikey gazed at me, losing complete interest in the clouds. “So that he can turn in to the prince.”

Then Mikey’s mouth was upon mine, hungrily devouring my unspoken words and all of the emotions that I could never feel for, or with, him. I moaned in to his mouth, moved by how aggressive the kiss was.

“Do we have to go back right now?” Mikey begged, his lips just inches from mine.

“What?” I breathed out, curious as to what he was suggesting. “Did you just want to sit here?”

“We could do that or…” Mikey looked conflicted for a moment, “We could go to a movie, or go out to eat together somewhere where no one would recognize me.”

“Where would that be, Mars?” I asked, rolling my eyes for effect. “Everyone knows your face Mikey. You’re famous. It’s what you signed up for.”

“I want to go somewhere with you where I can kiss you, and touch you- and not feel an ounce of guilt for it.” Mikey admitted. “I don’t give a fuck if someone recognizes me, or takes a goddamn picture. I’ll fucking frame it.”

“I’m sure your brother would just love a copy.” I replied sarcastically. “What has gotten in to you?”

“I had a wonderful night, with a wonderful girl.” Mikey answered quietly, as he pulled away. “And now all I can smell is her, and all I can taste is her… and all I want to look at is her, but I’m driving her back to a guy that I know doesn’t treat her right- and I’m going to spend the next few weeks watching her kissing and touching him, and looking at him.”

I was surprised, completely surprised. “Mikey, it was just one night.” I breathed out. “And Gerard treats me just fine.” Why did he think that his brother didn’t treat me well?

“He completely disrespected you the one time I saw you two in public together.” Mikey retorted, “And… do you not feel the same way about our night together?”

This was going to be harder than I thought.

“He was just playing around.” I sighed heavily, “And Mikey… it’s complicated. I’m with your brother, you know that. We- we had a great night, I won’t deny that but… that’s all it was, just one night.”

“You’re right.” Mikey finally breathed out. He closed his eyes tightly. “I’m just tired. I didn’t sleep well, and I just… needed a distraction from Lauren and that’s all you really were, just a distraction.” I knew he was saying that to hurt me, and well… it worked.

“Yeah, a distraction.” I quietly muttered.

Mikey didn’t say anything as he started his car again.

I could feel the tension and I knew how to quickly diffuse it… but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to play with Mikey’s heart more than I had to, and that’s what this was. This kid didn’t just think with his dick like a normal guy, it was completely connected to his fucking heart.


When we arrived Mikey quickly departed from me at the front door, without a single word. I knew he was angry. I just knew that fucking with him wouldn’t help right now. It would just make me feel better, and temporarily make him a little more confused and a little less angry.

Gerard was hanging out with Frank at the bottom of the stairs. “Hey girlyfriend.” Gerard said, standing and quickly kissing me. It was passionless. Mikey paused and glanced at us, before shaking his head and leaving.

“What’s up with Mikey?” Frank asked.

“He’s tired, what with the driving and everything.” I answered, politely smiling at Frank. He didn’t smile back. Frank did not like me but that was okay, it wasn’t in my contract to fuck him… yet. With the way Gerard liked to mix things up I wouldn’t be all that fucking surprised.

Wait… I was getting angry.

Oh no.
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