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B-Ball Hash Out

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When John had finished tying his shoes on the gym's bleachers he headed towards his best friend, Henry, who was already on the court.

"Well, what exactly did she say to you John?"

"She said that I was suffocating her!"

"You," Henry laughed.

"Yeah, I know. But I think there might be something more to it though, you know? I think she may have been…"

"You don't think she was cheating on you, do you?" Henry asked, as he dribbled the basketball down the court.

"Well, Henry that was the only other reasonable explanation I could come up with."

"I don't know, man. I guess I just never would've pegged Caitlin as a cheater, but then again you never know," Henry said as he tossed John the ball.

"Well thanks a lot Henry."

"Oh, you're welcome, man. I mean what are friends for," Henry said as he attempted to block John's shot. "Well do you think you'd have an idea of who the cat she was cheating on you with was?"

"Yeah," John said as he aimed the ball towards the basket. "I think I have a pretty good idea."

"Who then?"

"You remember that weirdo touchy-feely, editor 'friend' of hers that she's been staying with ever since she moved out, right?"

"That cat, Andrew? Andrew Phillips?"

John nodded as he tossed the ball back to Henry, "Yeah, him."

"Man, that cat is sleek. Smooth and shiny. Suave and well-groomed. That dude could've been the tone-deaf, sixth member of N'Sync and the girls would've been like Justin who?"

"Okay, Henry."

"Shoot John, he could've been the only rhythmically challenged, lily-white member of Boyz II Men and the ladies still would've flocked to him."

"Okay, Henry."

"And John this right here, man this is coming straight from the heart. As you know, I myself am a heterosexual, good-looking woman loving, black man. But even I would sleep with Andrew Phillips, if I was one of those brothers on the down low, you hear about all the time on the Oprah show."

"Henry," John shouted. "I get it!"

"Okay, okay. Sorry, John. Sorry. I'm just saying, that if I was in a relationship with a female that was hanging within any close proximity to Andrew Phillips, I'd cut my losses."
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