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For The First Time.

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Frank decides that he wants to share something special with someone; best friends are always first to come to mind. **was supposed to be smutty, but didn’t turn out all that smutty, Frerard One-...

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I never really actually thought about losing my virginity or who I was going to lose it to; I just knew that I wanted to lose it to someone special and I left it at that. I didn’t care what age I was going to be when I lost it, I didn’t care how I lost it, I didn’t care about it. It doesn’t even fucking matter, but it is a moment to remeber, so of course I’m going to want to lose it to someone special.
And, eventually, I did pick that someone special.

We’ve all got that one person that’s so close to us that we could swear they shared half of your brain with you; that one person we tell everything to.
It could be anyone, as long as you feel that extra connection with them.
They’re just special to you.
Well, my special person, as cliché as it is, is my best friend Gerard.

I’ve known Gerard since god knows when; it feels like forever.
I can always count on and trust Gerard. He’s always there to catch me when I’m falling, and me the same for him. He’s the type of friend that would give up going to his favourite singers performance just so that he could bring me a nice warm starbucks coffee after I’ve had a bad day. He listens to everything I have to say, and I listen to everything he says; he’s so fucking interesting. Nearly every word that escapes through his lips is raw sexuality or pure intelligence. All up, he is the most caring, understandable, beautiful in and out person in the whole wide world.
And who better to lose my virginity to then him?

Not once did I think Gerard would agree to what I had in mind, because he’s always been a bit of a person that plans ahead in time, he picks out all of the bad events that could happen us in the future if we do this or that. Yet, here I am legs parted, head hanging back, mewling, gasping, quivering and tangled in the darkness of Gerard’s bed sheets.

Mixed in with pants and moans, I heard Gerard’s soft voice say, “F-Frank..”
I winched a little and looked around in the darkness, guessing that he was just above me and whimpering, “Y-Yeah?”
“You o-ok?”
“Are you sure?” Gerard asked, moving a little faster, “I would ha-hate to be hurting you..”
“It.. It feels good. I promise..” I told him, throwing my head to the side as he thrusted a little deeper.

I could tell Gerard was as nervous about this as I was just by the way he was speaking, and I couldn’t blame him; what we’re doing is new to both of us. I mean, we’re both eighteen, so you’d think that we’d of had sex at least once before, but no. Not until now, that is, and even now we both have no idea what to do. Where to move. Where to touch. We just place our hands somewhere on each other’s bodies and hope for the best, really. And so far no false moves have been made between the two of us, so things are flowing pretty smoothly.

I was a little surprised when I felt Gerard’s lips nipping away at my neck, wet and hot. He hadn’t kissed me or anything like that until now because he had decided that we were just going to have sex, not show any extra emotions. That obviously failed.
Slowly and carefully, not wanting to make any wrong movements, I ran my finger tips down his sweaty back and began to trace little circles on his lower back, still moaning and gasping in perfect rhythm with his thrusts.

I could feel something churning in my stomach, something even though I’ve never done this before but have jerked off enough to experience something close to it, something I know is an orgasm.
There was a sensation running through my veins, filling every inch of my body in a millisecond, when the feeling that flowed through my veins reached my mind, things started to get really fuzzy, and, soon enough, I couldn’t see straight. My muscles began to tense and my arms immediately wrapped around Gerard, squeezing him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” I panted endlessly, forgetting to breathe between my words as my senses started to push me over the edge and the pleasure increased.
“Frank are you--”
Being too caught up in the pleasure and heat of the moment, I ignored Gerard’s kissing rule and cut him off midsentence by forcing him into a hot, wet kiss, moaning like a porn star into his mouth as I came hard and fast all over our stomachs, eyes rolling back and mouth gaped open against his, my tongue still slightly in his mouth.

Apparently that sight was enough to set Gerard off; sweating and panting, he hung his head back, causing my mouth to slip to his neck as he let out a moan that he so obviously tried to quiet down because he didn’t want to wake anyone. He came, body trembling before falling on top of me.

Still panting, I grabbed Gerard’s hands, stretching out our arms together. We were no longer entwined in his covers so I could stare at the sweaty pale, lace-like skin on his back freely.
Gerard had his face buried into my neck and I could feel his pounding heart against my chest.
I smiled and squeezed his hands. “Thank you Gerard.” I whispered.
“You’re welcome..” He mumbled into my skin as a reply.
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