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She's just some girl! I hardly know her! I'm not in love! Can I be?

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'Her smile, is like the sun. It can light up any room, even the one i call my heart. Wait...! What am i thinking?! I can't be thinking about that here!' Izumi thought alarmed. Izumi looked over at Hikaru, the girl he was just thinking about. He looked at her flustered trying to make up an excuse as to why she was late. He was falling for her, her laugh, her smile, even her blush. He didn't like her when she came to the school, he hated her pushover personality. But slowly but surely he was falling, faster and faster in love with the girl he hardly knew.
Hikaru walked to her seat flustered and flushed. He liked her that way she didn't talk that much and she had that look he liked when she was flushed, energetic and playful. She was strong, independent and yet she was miserable. Her past wasn't what you would call great, but it was better than his. She looked over at him and smiled, she knew his secret. She was blackmailed but yet she still endured it. She was the first person to see him as he was, and he felt as if some one had taken all the pressure off of his shoulders, and was helping him carry the burden.
She was his savior, the person he got up every morning just to see everyday. "What's wrong Izumi?" she whispered when the teacher had her back turned to her. "Uh... it's nothing, just thinking about tomorrows shoot." he replied. "You know your coming with us right? Can't risk you telling anybody while we're away, can we?"he replied. Hikaru didn't have to come he just wanted her to be there, next to him. She tried to answer him but the teacher turned back to the class.
Next Day...
"Today we have to pretend we're just hanging out okay?" Izumi explained to Hikaru. 'She's going to wear a bathing suit with me right next to her!' Izumi exclaimed in delight to himiself, keeping a perfectly calm exterior. Hikaru steps into the tub, and lets a gasp of relaxation. 'She's wearing a two piece bathing suit! Lord help me!' he cried silently. She's fully in the water, and she sit down, Izumi stares at her body as almost all of her muscles relax. He almost groans aloud as he see's her nipples through her bikini top, he feels himself getting hard. Snap! Snap! in the backround as the photographers take pictures. Hikaru gets up to get Izumi another towel, and falls into Izumi's lap. He lets out a groan of pain and pleasure, when her body comes into contact with his. 'Her body is warm against mine...' Izumi thinks. He's about to loose it, he can't stand it any longer. Izumi stands up and stalks off to the bathhouses locker room. He leans over the sink covering his bleeding nose. 'I'm so pathetic! She's just some girl! I hardly know her! I'm not in love! Can I be?' Izumi looked up into the mirror. 'How could i have been so careless as to let someone in again?' he scolded himself.
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