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Death Doesn't Care Who You Are

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A short story I wrote for English lit class. A girl gets some distressing news and learns the lesson of death.

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I marched up the steep hill that lead up to my house, one headphone in my ear and the other dangling down by the top of my thigh, flailing about as it hit my leg every so often. Glancing at the luscious green fields and bright pink buds that would blossom any day now as I kept my steady pace, nearing to the top of the hill, and slowly approached my red bricked house that inconveniently sat proud at the top. The clouds above, looming, turning from white fluffy pillows to dark and grey, as if someone had shaded them in with pencil.

I slipped the copper key into the slot and let myself in, enjoying the warmth, dropping my bag in my room as I made my way passed my bedroom and into the kitchen, immediately pulling a cup from the hanger and filling the kettle with fresh water. My two dogs bounced and bounded with a new found energy upon seeing me, jumping up on their hind legs and barking excitedly as a daily greeting when I get home.

I opened the door and let them out to run and decided to walk out with them, there was a slow, cool breeze that was chilling, and make my spine shiver and shudder in response, the once luscious fields now looked eerie as a ghostly mist covered the one that were further away. I stared out into the open fields that surrounded my back garden, confused, trying to put my finger on what seemed off but before I could have a wild guess the kettle clicked and came off the boil.

I returned back into the safety of my home, both dogs following and soon brushing passed me in a race to get inside, panting heavily, their breaths looking like smoke from a dragon. I poured the hot water into the cup and let the tea bag brew for a while, busying myself I went into the living room and turned on the television.

I flicked through channels, merely browsing before I decided that instead of the usual sitcom or movie I would try music, I typed in the three digit number for the music section and began flicking through those channels, passing too many teenage girls in pink, dancing around with some guy. Their nasally voices pierced through the speakers just for a second before I reached what I liked to call ‘music heaven’, my mum on the other hand decided that she would call it ‘music hell’ the heavy guitar riffs and fast rhythmic drums were just too much for her.

I found once I arrived that instead of the regularly scheduled show of the latest music videos it was something much different, instead of different and new bands playing there was just one band, their past songs repeating for an hourly special.

I sat on my cream floor and watched in awe and wonderment. I wasn't complaining about the interruption of shows but something seemed wrong. A small banner flashed up on the screen just under the recent video playing, I quickly read the words as they moved across the banner. “The band, ‘My Chemical Romance’ are having to break up due to a freak accident, main singer, Gerard Way, was unfortunately caught in an accident and was rushed to hospital in the early hours of the morning but was pronounced dead today at eight this morning, we now celebrate his success in the music industry.”

The banner flashed back down, disappearing, but the words remained, branded into my mind with a white hot iron. I repeated the words again and again, trying to make sense of them. I felt confused, numb and light, like I was dreaming, that any point I would jump away and find myself in an awkward position on my bed but as much as I tried to wake up I didn't.

My body subconsciously carried me to my room, my mind was still trying to focus on the information I had just been given, almost like an automatic response, climbing into my bed, leaving the television playing and the tea abandoned. I felt nothing, I felt numb with the pain. My hero, someone who I looked up to, who influenced me through most of my life and had in way seemed to be there for me when times were hard, was gone. He was gone; it was only just starting to sink in. My hero, my saviour was gone. I pulled the covers over my head, wishing for only darkness, tears passing my eyelids and slipping down my cheeks, darkness finally enveloping me in its warm embrace.

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