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Tales of the Untrue

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Gerard's killed them all in a fit of rage and a puff of smoke.

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Gerard smiles, puffing out a lungful of rotting air. You can feel the atmosphere layered with the stench of blood, and a coating has stuck inside of Gerard's nose, listlessly waiting to disappear just like everything else.

He inclines his head slightly, smile still gracefully unfeeling as he gazes down at the body of his mother, disfigured, his father, slabs of fat cut off and frying in the pan just like the pig he is.

Then there's Mikey.

Oh, Mikey's a very special person, a very special brother that it kills Gerard just to hurt. The boy is alive, terrified, eyes wide and heart pounding, ears ringing with silent screams for help. Screams that will never be answered. He's alone with the murderer, corpses of an entire family littering the ground to remind him of his... Older brother's sins.

With a peck to the forehead of his most loved one, Gerard leaves the place he's never called a home and disappears to the noisily erie city streets.

--Five Years Later--

Mikey's face breaks into a small smile as he places the last of his boxes in his new apartment. He's finally turned eighteen, moved out of his foster parent's house and into his own little place. It isn't much, with rusty water, spider webs and little rats to compete for his attention, and it's a bit of a shithole but it's his shithole. It's a new home, free of memories and free of a family he doesn't want to have.


He's finally alone, after the year at the asylum and getting through high school day by day, breath by breath. He can finally breath, knowing there's no one else around him for his brother to kill.

No matter what he's doing, he always seems to have Gerard on the mind. It's strange, how the fear turned into a desire to kill turned into a simmering rage that he his behind a carefully constructed mask, a solid and nearly impenetrable mask.

He's hiding because he wants someone to find him while he stays hidden.

He wants Gerard as far away as possible and right next to him simultaneously.

He killed your entire family. He murdered them, with no warning. He killed them all, kissed you goodbye and left.

That voice everyone seems to have that can't possibly be healthy comes back to remind him. He knows. He knows.

I just wish it were a lie.

Mikey wishes that Gerard is real, that he wasn't a figment of imagination. That he isn't a piece of fiction pulled from Mikey's mind but in the last years that's what he's turned into. There's been no trace of him, all pictures burned and documents destroyed. But everything was gone... Nothing but everyone's memories left, only Mikey's memories after everyone connected to Gerard died. No, they were murdered.

He doesn't exist to anyone else, and through the years Mikey's stopped knowing what to believe. Is his brother real?

It doesn't matter, the shrinks have said. It just matters if he's real to Mikey. And he is, so painfully real. So much it hurts, the pull and push feeling he gets just thinking about him. About his brother, about Gerard. The secretive teen who wAs always in his room or out at whereabouts unknown.

Mikey misses him, wants him back. He hates Gerard.

He hates him so much.

So, so much.

He hates him

He hates him.

He hates him...

He loves him, in the most twisted fashion. His thoughts rarely stray from him. He wants his brother back. He wants the teen who occasionally kissed him goodnight, described love with a faraway yet grounded air, who rarely opened up but was lovable when he did. He wants his Gerard back. His Gerard.
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