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How she spends her time

by NaruHinaSakuFan1

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[Chapter 3]

How she spends her time]]

Author's notes]]

Wow 811 hits and 475 visitor's already wow only the story only been out for a short time I must be doing good so far but reader's I need more reviews or suggestion's I have gotten one from my uncle (he's younger than me and I'm 18 funny right) so this idea is his not mine I'm just the writer on this chapter so enjoy and again 'm looking for a beta so message me any time] enjoy]

_-_-_-_-_The Next Day_-_-_-_-_

Naruto was fast asleep having dreams about last night's escapades. The big grin on his face quickly turned into pleasurable look as he opened his eyes, he knew someone was sucking him off but who? He decided to make a little game of it.

"Hmmm, she got about three fourths of me in her mouth, can't go by that. Thanks to breaking Sakura's throat in more last night, she can probably go that far. Okay she's pulling out, sucking while she's pulling, leaning toward Hinata then, aaaaand a loving kiss to the head when i'm all the way out. Yup, that's Hinata-Chan alright.' Naruto reasoned with a grin.

So he took off the blanket to find out that, yes, he was right. Hinata currently had half of him in her mouth, stroking what she didn't have in her mouth with her right hand. She didn't know he was awake yet so she jumped slightly when he put is hand on the top of her head. She glanced up at his smiling face and gave an extra hard suck to the head as she pulled him out again.

He pushed down slightly on her head with his hand as he groaned a barely audible "Almost there." Hinata, taking the hint, quickly engulfed his cock completely and was humming a happy tune while she worked. Sending jolts of pleasure up his spine. A few more seconds of this and Naruto couldn't take it anymore. Grabbing her head he kept in in place and started thrusting into her mouth as fast as he could in his sitting position. Almost instantaneously he moaned out his orgasm as he unleashed his hot jizz down her throat. However, she wrestled her head away from his hands, they being weak from the orgasm their wielder was experiencing, and pulled back so the head of his dick was in her mouth a second later. She busied her hands by jacking him off as she tasted as much of his seed as she could before being forced to swallow rapidly. It was an uphill battle but she won against her salty enemy and managed to swallow all of his load without spilling a drop.

"Damn, she really knows how to wake a man up in the morning.' Naruto thought with pride before speaking up and asking, "Morning Hinata-Chan, where's Sakura-Chan?" Asked Naruto, he was going to asked if he could get another of her wonderful blowjobs but she was already licking and sucking him again before he could even open his mouth.

"She's... at the... hospital she... got a call from... Hokage-sama... she left a note... for you on the table" She explained, giving him a good lick every few words before she crammed half his cock in her mouth when she finished.

"Okay then, get up Hinata. We're going to spend a lot of time together and while your blowjobs are perfect I think I'm in the mood to go a little faster." He said, grinning perversely down at her.

She returned his look with a nod and a barely contained look of glee. She didn't know why but while she enjoyed him being gentle, getting used as a fuck toy was also enjoyable sometimes.
"On my knees or lying on my back on the bed like last night?" She asked, busying herself by giving hard sucks to his head as he answered.

"Sitting on your knees, I wanna see you be a 'proper Hyuuga' while I fuck your face." He answered, almost laughing outright as he said proper Hyuuga, finding her clans stiff traditions kinda funny.

She giggled, nodded again, and sat on her knees with her hands on her lower thighs with a stern emotionless look on her face. This look of coarse was broken a second later as she winked, opened her mouth fully, and stuck out her tongue.

He shuddered in phantom pleasure at the look. God, she just looked so... fuckable, in that position. Not wasting a second more Naruto was off the bed and standing with his dick laying on her tongue in an instant.

Grabbing her head lightly he eased his was in, slowly sliding his dick into her mouth and down her throat slowly, savoring the sensation. As he slid all the way in, his balls tapping her chin, he let out a huff of air and pulled back out.

As he slowly started to gain speed he became aware of the fact that Hinata, for once, wasn't sucking when he pulled out. Causing the spit to build up and drip down onto her chest. It also caused rather unique sound that he was really starting to enjoy. Wanting to hear more of the wonderful sound he picked up the pace. Adding another sound to the mix as his balls started slapping her chin. Caught up in the moment he started talking without thinking.

"Yes, suck my dick my Hyuuga slut. I'm gonna cum all over your face!" He felt his orgasm approaching rapidly and pulled his cock out of her throat, a couple string of saliva still connecting it to her mouth, and used his hands to finish himself off. "Open wide." He ordered.
She complied without a thought and was reward with a mouth filled with his cum almost instantly, he aimed slightly higher and covered her face in his seed before slowing down his pumping and admired his handy work. Hinata was currently in her own world slurping up all his seed from her face. Using her fingers to get anything that her slightly longer than normal tongue couldn't reach.

Coming down from his high Naruto started to think about what he said and started to apologize before a, now clean...ish, Hinata stopped him with a raised hand.

"I know what you're going to say and don't. What you said is true, I'm your slut. I will do anything and everything you ask. Because I love you. Now... I don't believe you and my breasts have met before." She finished with a very close imitation of Naruto's normal foxy grin, grabbing the globes of succulent flesh she started grinding them together while moaning.

The entire spectacle caused Naruto to go from hard, to painfully hard. Seeing her loves discomfort she stood up and walked over to him. Gently pushing him over so he sat on the edge of the bed she crouched between his legs and pulled her breasts apart. Waiting for his dick to swing into position between them she slapped her breasts together over his dick, causing a clapping sound that just barely overshadowing Naruto's moan of approval.

Working up a steady rhythm of ups and downs she started licking his exposed penis. First swirling her tongue around the head and then taking the exposed two inches into her mouth, making sure to make obscene noises that she noticed he like earlier. She let his dick out of her mouth with an audible 'pop!' and started to pick up speed, sliding her warm love pillows all the way down before going all the way up his shaft, while pushing them together to increase the pressure.

Deciding to switch her tactics she grabbed a breast in each hand and she put one up high his dick and one down low. Sliding them in opposite directions she started to pick up speed again. She noticed he was biting his lip and starting to pump his hips and correctly assumed he was close to Cumming once again.

Stopping her motions, and ignoring the whine he let out, she sat up and laid back beside him, pulling her breasts apart teasingly she hoped he would take the hint.

He did, a second later he was sitting lightly on her upper torso with his painfully engorged dick between her breasts. Once again noticing how pained he looked Hinata took pity on the poor fox boy and simply squeezed her breasts together as hard as she could around his cock and let him do the work.

Naruto, not one to waste an opportunity, immediately started thrusting at a fast pace. He had to pull back slightly when he began ramming into her upper neck but she quickly fixed the problem by leaning her head down, her chin touching her collar bone and opening her mouth. He began going faster, her pleading look spurring him on as the bed started to shake.

Deciding he liked her hot throat more then his hand to finish himself off with he quickly sat up, bringing her with him, and slid his cock down her throat once again. It only took two thrusts before her groaned loudly and unloaded another dose of cum directly into her stomach.
Mid-orgasm Naruto had to marvel at Hinata's commitment and skill. He had his entire foot long dick down her throat and was holding it there and she didn't even look phased. Actually, she looked content, like she was perfectly happy just to stay like that, flexing her throat muscles (more Hyuuga skills, he was sure) around his rod till the end of time. Maybe she was just the kind of girl that liked sucking their man off?

Pulling back he had to steady himself as he was accidentally balancing on his knees on the very edge of the bed, there was just something about Cumming in girls mouths he liked. Sure Cumming ON them was nice but it was mostly for show and when it boiled down to it you were still just jerking off.

"So what do you wanna do now?" He had silently asked for the blowjob he was currently winding down from so it was only fair for her to pick their next activity.
"When I said I was your I meant it. But there's one last spot you have yet to claim." She said mysteriously.

He was rather confused until she flipped from her back onto her stomach and raised her ass into the air, shaking it hypnotically. "So do it, make me completely yours!"

God, she was doing that thing with her eyes again, he couldn't say no to anything she asked or said when she did this, not that he would have denied anal anyway, but till. So he walked on his knees and put the head of his cock at her back entrance. Looking at her for approval he was only met with a pleading look. Practically begging in a cute voice to put it in.

So he did, he started pushing his dick forward, after fifteen seconds of trying he stopped however. Waddling over to her front, his dick held in front of her mouth, he told her, "Needs more lube, unless you want me to force it in and hurt you your gonna have to get it wet. Not that I think you mind any." He finished with his trademarked foxy grin as she smiled back and licked the first few inches of him before putting the first few inches in her mouth, being careful not to suck at all. Just letting the spit build up.

After a few more licks Naruto decided that was good and pulled back, earning a pout from Hinata until she realized she was sucking him off like that for a reason. As he crawled back to her ass she put her upper torso and head flat on the bead and put her ass higher into the air.

Lining himself up once again he succeeded in pushing the head into her tight rectum. As he eased in he almost passed out at the pressure. Hinata obviously trained more than Sakura, he actually had to concentrate on not being shoved right back out of her ass it was so tight. When he finally got all the way in he decided if he ever had to choose just one girl, Hinata would be it. She was the nicest girl he'd ever known and she was great in the sack. Perfect combo.

Hinata on the other hand had decided she wanted anal more often, three times a day, at the least. She remembered one of the civilian girls saying something about trying anal once and hating every second of it because it was painful, yet she herself felt only the briefest sting of pain before pure pleasure almost overwhelmed her.

As he started to slowly pump in and out they both got used to the new enhanced pleasure they were receiving. Eventually they got used to that and Hinata wanted more control, clenching her ass she literally flipped Naruto onto his back and was sitting on his lap in the reverse cowgirl position, never once having his dick leave her ass.

All Naruto could remember was thinking he should go faster and then overwhelming pleasure followed by the world blurring. Now he was staring at Hinata's back as she picked up speed. His attempts at finding out what the hell happened being forcibly ejected from his thoughts as she started up girate her hips in a circular motion and she sat up followed by a quick slam down.
As the minute passed the room was once again filled with a familiar fleshy slapping sound. Hinata was bouncing at full speed while moaning and squeaking occasionally and Naruto was grunting whenever she would clench her ass.

"I'm going to cum Naruto-kun!" Hinata shouted, adding some chakra to speed up even further, screamed her orgasm to the heavens. Naruto, who probably could have lasted a few more minutes was thrown over the edge by her ass muscles as they did wonderful things to his cock. Thrusting upward, and pushing Hinata a good half a foot higher in the process he shot his first load into her ass, the added pleasure causing Hinata to climax again.

As she started to get off of him and crawl up toward the pillows for another tit-fuck, or maybe blowjob, she was stopped as his hands grabbed her hips in an iron grip. "What you think we're done? Oh no, I think I've found a new favorite past time. And I'm not going to stop until you can't feel your legs anymore." His husky, and now slightly deeper voice sounded in her ears causing her to shudder in pleasure and then almost go cross-eyed as Naruto slammed his cock balls deep right back into her ass.

Her head dropped as he didn't spare her any mercy and was ramming himself harshly inside her before slowly pulling out. She had to grab fist fulls of sheets just to stay in place, she was slightly thankful that he was just using powerful thrusts and not slamming into her at sonic speeds like he did Sakura last night, she would have surely lost her mind if he did.
As if reading her thoughts however he picked her up and held her to his chest as the ring around his pupil grew slightly and his features grew more feral, his hips became a blur as he began to fuck her asshole senseless.

Her eyes rolled into that back of her head and her tongue lolled out of her mouth as the drool started to pool below her mouth as he started hitting her anal G-spot, something she didn't even know she had, and kept hitting it. He suddenly came deep within her, but didn't stop, to busy savoring the face she was making. Not slowing down a bit, he reached down with his right hand and started playing with her clit, rubbing and pinching it. Causing her to have another orgasm, spraying he hand with her juices.

While he enjoyed the face she was making she also was basically comatose. And sex generally involved two people, so deciding to bring her back to the world of the living he scooped up her juices with his hand and put his slick fingers in her mouth. It was slow, but she started coming around, first sucking her own juiced off his hand, moaning in happiness all the while, and the started pushing her hips back, just barely keeping up with his inhuman pace, doubling the already insane amounts of pleasure. Not even having the energy the scream anymore she groaned as another orgasm slammed into her, along with another hot blast of Naruto's cum.

This continued on for another seven hours, Naruto or Hinata switching positions every half hour or so. They had lost track of the amount of orgasms each had each, but it was close race. Naruto had the endurance but her ass would squeeze him almost painfully when she came, causing Naruto to climax inside her again.

Hinata had noticed Naruto liked having his cum pool inside her, and she would openly admit having all his hot jizz sloshing around inside her certainly got her off more then once so she made extra sure he never slipped out of her.

Unfortunately Hinata couldn't feel anything below the waist and her vision was filling with black spots from the constants endorphin rush she had been experiencing. So their current romp was coming to a close. Naruto, noticing her lifeless legs, chuckled at his job well done and set her down on the bed on her back still pumping into her as he did. Positioning her legs so they wouldn't be in the way her slipped his middle and index fingers into her pussy and started making quick stabbing motions.

All Hinata could do was moan weakly as her most powerful orgasm of the morning, and now day, was approaching.

Having decided to finish her off with a bang Naruto gave an extra hard thrust right into her anal G-spot while rapidly tapping her vaginal G-spot with his now thoroughly drenched hand. She didn't even have any energy left to shout, or even moan weakly like before, so she just let her muscles clench up and embraced the pleasure saturated darkness.

Naruto noticed the lack of sound from her and looked up at her face. It took less than a second to deduce that he had just caused a part succubus to pass out in sexual bliss. He had to give himself some credit for that. What shocked him though was her rectum was still trying to milk him for one last load. Speaking of one last load, he hadn't cum when she did the last time. He was close, close enough to lead to a serious case of blue balls if left unattended.

Pulling out her braced for the literal waterfall of his own seed that was surely going to shoot out of her, he was slightly disappointed when just a little bit of the total amount he unloaded within her, maybe three loads worth, came out. Curious he peaked into her ass to see WTF was going on, it was gaping enough he could easily see inside.

"Huh, she's absorbing it. Must be a succubus thing." He would have pondered this further but an angry pulse from his balls reminded him he had one last job to do... or rather, Hinata did. Naruto had had many sexual fantasies growing up so he decided to try one of his less frequent ones. Face fucking an unconscious girl.

So deciding to try something new he picked her up, her mouth facing his cock, with his arms wrapped around her lower stomach for support. He lined himself up and inserted his dick into her mouth. Giving a few slow shallow pumps to make sure the limp girl wouldn't choke, he found himself less then surprised when, not only did she not choke, but she was subconsciously sucking him further into her mouth. Taking that as his cue to just ignore the pleasantries he rammed his entire length in her throat and started face fucking her. Feeling his orgasm approach he felt the need to go even faster molding a bit of chakra he was face fucking her hard enough now he had a hard time keeping a hold of her.

Naruto groaned loudly, maybe it was just the satisfaction of fulfilling a sexual fantasy but this was easily the best climax he had all, whatever.

"That's my girl, even in her sleep she does her best to please me." Naruto commented in his head at the fact that as he eased himself out of her she was, even in sexually induced dreamland, sucking the cum off of his shaft.

Flipping her right side up slowly he layed her on the bed gently and pulled the blanket over her. It was about 3:00 P.M. And he needed to get replenish his weapon supply. He had used almost in his equipment in the fight against Pein's extra bodies.

So putting on some clothes he gave Hinata a quick peck on the cheek and started his journey to the nearest weapon shop.

Slicerness: Ok readers, this is exhausting; I'm basically re-writing everything here. So I'm sorry if you like my 'not an ass' Naruto better but I agreed to BETA, not write a new story. So I'm just going to fix grammar from now on. So you may see some plot holes, for example, I introduced Kyuubi earlier the NHS did, and mine isn't a prick, he mellowed out. And the Hyuuga being part succubi thing. That was me too. So that plot device dies here, sorry again.

End of chapter 3
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