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Naruto's sexy new tool

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Chapter 4
[* Naruto's sexy new tool

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[* _-_-_-_-_Takes Place Right After The Last Chapter Left Off_-_-_-_-_


After their "fun" earlier Naruto finished getting dressed. After Hinata had woken up she had to leave for training with her father, not that Naruto knew this, as he was on his way to the weapons store before she had awoken from her cum filled dreams about her Naruto.

Naruto was finally seeing the village, he didn't really get a chance to take his time right before he and Hinata had first made love. The rebuilding was going nicely, the residential area was completely done, thus giving homes for everyone which made work much faster. Coming upon Ten-ten's family store he wasn't all that surprised to find that it was almost all the way rebuilt. Just some missing windows in the front and it looked like the door needed to be replaced. The name on the shops sign brought him back to the conversation he had with Hinata while he was plowing her ass. She had brought up the subject of deciding who he could sleep with next when she noticed he wasn't wearing out after hour number three, she had suggested Ten-ten because her cousin had said quite clearly he wasn't interested. Something about meeting some girl from a remote village where he was stationed for a few months or something, she was rather distracted by her head being driven into the pillows so she couldn't talk very fluidly while she was explaining it to him

“I wonder why Hinata would suggest Ten-ten though?. I didn't even know they knew each other... Meh, whatever, doesn't matter. I've seen Ten-ten swallow one of her shorts words before and I’m very interested in what else she can fit in her mouth”. Naruto finished with a perverted chuckle that would have reminded everyone nearby just who his sensei was, if there was anyone around that is.

Putting his musings aside he made his way into the store only to run face first into the door as it didn't open when he walked into towards it with his hand forward to open it. Stealthily looking around to make sure no one saw him lose a fight to a locked door he sighed in relief when he saw no one. Noticing a sign that was hung up Naruto read it aloud, "Gone grocery shopping, will be back in an hour. Ahhh, well then, shouldn't be to hard to find her, from what I've seen only the local Nin-Mart is rebuilt. Even then it's just the food section. Off I go then." And our hero was off! Wondering why the hell he was still talking to himself as he made his way down the road to the Nin-Mart which lay just a few minutes away...

[*_-_-_-_-_A Short Walk Later_-_-_-_-_

After making it into the shopping Super Center he easily spotted His next victi- uh targe- er the person he was looking for. yes, that was it. No perverted thoughts filled his head when he saw her in that revealing top and pants that were practically painted on either... no sir eeh Bob...

Anyway, noticing the amount of groceries the cashier was tirelessly sliding through the scanner for the weapon mistress he leaned up against the wall and settled in for a few minute long wait. Looking around he couldn't help but think about the store he was in a bit more.

The place was packed. While normally the store was ninja only it had opened it's doors to everyone, they had either noticed a good business deal when they saw one (as they were the only grocery store that was operational), or they were simply being caring members of society. Considering Nin-mart was a worldwide chain of stores he was leaning toward the former but on the other hand everyone working here was retired Konoha ninja so even if their higher ups over in waterfall (where their HQ was located) told them to keep the civilians out and let them starve, they would have just given them a glare laced with a decent amount of KI and told them to fuck off.

The place was ninja only simply because it made better business. Civilians usually brought their kids and that meant messes. Sure there was the occasional ninja from a mostly civilian family who brought their kids with, but it was mostly well behaves clan children that walked these aisles. Well... that, and the fact that around ¼ of the store was made up of shelf upon shelf of various scrolls. Tai-jutsu, Nin-jutsu, Fuuin-jutsu, Gen-jutsu, you name it, and they most likely had it. Although almost none of the scrolls were very high level, nothing an experienced Chunin wouldn't already know if they put any effort into studying that particular branch of ninjahood. Now that he thought about it he should pick up some of the scrolls on Fuuin-jutsu, He knew enough to make storage seals and kind of, almost, maybe make an explosive tag without blowing his hands off... again. It was always such a bitch to regrow limbs-

"Oh, Naruto. Did expect to run into you while I was out." Ten-ten recognized him as she was leaving. He was in his own world at the moment however.

First you had to wait for the bones to regrow, which took hours, and then the disturbing feeling of the ligaments re-attaching-

"Uhh Naruto? You there? Heeellllooooo?" She waved her hand in front of his still distant eyes. No response.

And then the muscle had to re-grow, which was painful as fuck! Then finally the skin re-grew, which just kinda tickled. The most annoying part however was the fact that his fingernails didn't re-grow so he had to walk around with stubs for fingertips for a week or two as they re-grew. Do you have any idea how hard it is to itch yourself without fingernails? Try it! It's har-
"NARUTO!" Ten-ten had called his names a few times now and had gotten pissed enough to just say "screw it" and yell in his ear. This proved successful when he went ramrod straight and fell over in surprise.

"Hey Ten-ten I've been looking all over for you!" He was up a second later, acting like nothing had happened however.

She seat-dropped at his antics before thinking, 'He's been looking for me? I wonder what he wants? I mean this is Naruto after all. I don't know him well enough to know what he does on a daily basis.

"So what did you want me for?" She asked while thinking. 'Weapons probably, why else would he be talking to a no name kunoichi like me?' Never let it be said that Ten-ten had very much confidence in her skills. Because that person would be a liar.

"Well I need some new tools. I didn't have time to grab most of mine from the toad mountain since I was in a hurry and I used what I could grab fighting Pein. I normally don't use smoke bombs as they hinder me as much as my opponent but they work wonders when i'm in Sage Mode. So I was wondering if I could buy some more from you?" Good god were her clothes getting smaller? His pants sure were, that was for certain. He couldn't help himself as his eyes roamed over her form. From what he could tell she was a petite kind of girl, having a very 'girl next door' kind of feel about her. She Probably had very perky breasts with a cute butt. All in all, he couldn't wait to get to know her better.

"Well lucky for you me and my Dad's store just got a new shipment of ninja tools. Some new kind of smoke bombs as well. From the feed-back we've been getting from our testers they work very well." Ten-ten explained, she would have been put out that he was just looking for equipment but the way he was eying made her feel rather hot and dare she say, sexy.

"That's great! Let's hurry then, the new bombs sound pretty good. So you want me to carry your bags? They look pretty heavy." He asked, noticing her shaking hands and arms.

"Sure, be careful though, I was completely out of food so I had to get a lot." She replied while handing the bulging, double layered plastic bags over to him.

Taking the bags Naruto had to immediately send chakra to his arms just to stay upright. 'Holy bejeebus! She made this look mildly difficult! Then again I've seen her swing around bastard swords and full size claymores before so all that weapons training must pay off.' He deduced. Pulling himself into a position that kinda looked like he was standing as he started following after the brunette, who had started walking toward her shop as soon as she handed over the food. Quickly catching up he hung back for a few seconds to stare at her ass. It was rather hypnotizing in the painted in pants she had on. And the lack of clothe lines meant she was most likely going commando. Probably out of clean panties as the only three working laundromats were packed 24/7.

While they were walking Ten-ten couldn't help but look at Naruto. "He's so strong and kind, any girl would feel so safe with him. I would feel like a princess if I managed to land him. I may have a chance if his eyes on my ass are any clue". Ten-ten found he had the best of all worlds, nice enough to treat her right out of bed, strong enough to help her train and protect her, and understanding enough to understand her fetish. Ya see, Ten-ten had been verbally degraded by Neji and physically Degraded by Gai and Lee when they all but danced around her when they sparred, for years, so her self-worth was rather low. So low in fact that, sexually, she saw herself as as much of an object as any of her weapons, an object for her eventual boyfriend to use and abuse as much as he liked. But she was also a girl and thus wanted to be loved outside of the bedroom as well. It was almost impossible to find a decent guy that would take charge in the sack and still respect her. So far she hadn't found anyone. But the thought of having Uzumaki Naruto as a boyfriend was becoming more and more appealing.

The sight of her shop brought her out of her musings. "Okay Naruto, could you help me put these away as well?" Seeing his affirmative nod she opened the broken door and led him to the back part of the shop, which was actually a house, her house. Getting to the kitchen she turned and told him, "Just set the bags on the table and put the food on the table, I'll put the stuff in the right places. Since it would take a while to teach you the layout." Her answer was another nod as he set the bags down and started putting cans on the table.

As Naruto put the last can on the table his eyes glued themselves to his companions rear end as she was on her hands and knees putting the various soups and canned fruit into the cupboard. 'I swear she's just asking for me to take her right now. Grrr, God dammit I can practically see her pussy through those pants! No, relax Naruto, give before you take. Gotta help her out with these first, Then get the bombs, THEN the relationship can start.' He calmed himself down to a just mostly erect state as opposed to hard as a rock by the time she had put all the canned goods away. Pulling his eyes away and focusing on the potato chips he hoped she didn't see him openly ogling her back side.

Ten-ten did, in fact, see his roaming eyes, she rather liked the attention. Noticing the bump in the front of his pants she subconsciously licked her lips and thought up a rather cruel idea. She knew that her pants were rather revealing, they were designed for Tai-jutsu training to provide a full range of movement, they also hugged her body rather spectacularly, even more so considering these were an old pair that she had barely gotten on, being several sizes to small for her. So making sure he was looking away she pulled the pants down slightly.

The tight material had been causing her ass to compress and look far smaller then it was so when she pushed the down a quarter of her ass spilled out almost ripping the pants with the force, sighing in relief that they had held her secretly huge bubble mostly hidden all day, there was a time and place for her secret to be revealed and now and here was not it, she got back to work bending down again to put the cereal in the bottom cupboard next to the cans.

As Naruto turned around, mentally preparing to be tortured by her tight ass once again he almost dropped the carton of milk he had picked up as he saw the partially revealed orbs before him. His experience with Hinata telling him her ass was easily twice the size of his busty Hyuuga's. Twitching slightly with effort he was able to just barely real in the urge to jump over the table in between them and rip those godforsaken pants right off her and show her exactly why Hinata could barely walk today. Barely.

Smiling as his eyes burned into her even more then before Ten-ten decided that just maybe she would stop teasing him, lest he have his way with her early. Fine tuning her plan as they swiftly finished she had it worked out by the time they were done.

"Thanks Naruto, your such a handyman! Here's your reward." She said, walking over to him she kissed him on the cheek. She knew it was a bit much for a bit of help with some groceries but the grin on his face showed he liked it so it helped towards her grand mater plan®, so it was all good. "Alright, lets see if we can't find you the perfect gear to suit your new skills. Follow me, the more expensive products are in the basement. We've got enough seals blocking off the place not even the Hokage can get in without me leading them down there." While they walked she put an excessive amount of sway into her hips causing her partially revealed ass to jiggle. She thought she could hear some of the seems in his pants straining against something but she wasn't sure.

Naruto silently promised himself, 'I will tap that ass even harder then I did Hinata. No one teases Uzumaki Naruto this much and lives to laugh about it! Dattebayo bitch!' he just finished his silent promise as she stopped.

"We're here." she turned around and let out a slight giggle when she saw him looking around, most likely looking for the basement door. "Don't bother looking, those without the key seal can't even see the door." She raised her hand and showed him the palm of her hand, where there was what appeared to be the picture of a key tattooed on it. In reality it was an butt load of smaller seals all shaped into a key, but she didn't want to bore him to death explaining so she just reached out, seemingly at random, and twisted the, until now, invisible doorknob. All fourteen conventional locks and the three locking seals unlocking the instant her hand made contact with it.

After opening the door fully she gestured Naruto in, locking the door behind them both for security, and to keep him in. she would have him inside her, even if she had to drug him to do it. Kusa had recently come out with two new kinds of gas bombs, one she was going to pitch to Naruto for him to buy, the other was in case he tried to run.

The ninja world had tried and failed many times to make a 'wonder drug' that turned women and kunoichi into cum hungry sluts without the need to beat and capture them. One of the makers of one of the failed attempts of such a drug was hit by his own bomb a few months ago. Turning him so horny he had to summon a female bear that he happened to have the contract for for sexual release.

Needless to say it didn't end well.

Luckily, the poor mauled soul had written down the formula so when a friend of his had went to check on him four days later he found chunks of what used to be his friend and the formula for the new favorite weapon for women. Simply throw it at your opponent and suddenly he's too busy trying to get into your pants that he's not defending himself anymore so a quick slitting of his throat would win the battle. And if the male opponent managed to overwhelm the female? Well a good lay every now and again wouldn't kill you. And she could always kill him afterward anyway so it was a win-win.

Naruto barely noticed Ten-tens silence and evil smile of lust as he was looking around. The stairs lead to an open room that was absolutely packed with weapons and equipment. Noticing the three bags of golf-ball size spheres he walked over toward them. From left to right they were colored Blue, Steel Grey, and Pink.

"So, are these them?" his voice breaking Ten-ten out of her fantasy of the male in front of her having his way with her, using her like a cheap pocket pussy.

"Yep. I'll show you." She chirped picking up one of each kind. Picking up the Blue and Grey orbs while secretly putting the pink one in her pocket. Wouldn't want to waste that one when it looked like he was going to fuck her silly without any more prompting.

She lead him through another door into a narrow hallway. It had two doors on the middle of the hallway. The right door was more of a doorway really, but that was just splitting hairs, with one more door at the end of it

"Where do these doors lead?" He decided to ask.

"Well, the one on the right is another kitchen, it contains all my emergency food, dehydrated fruit, beef jerky, that kinda thing. The one on the left is my bedroom, the one upstairs is a decoy in case someone tries to kill me," 'or my bed-mate' she silently added in her head. "and is completely filled with traps. I wouldn't recommend going in the bedroom upstairs, it's how Iruka-sensei got his scar. I was sick one day and had to stay home, since Daddy was too busy to tell him, he thought I was playing hooky and went to get me. Daddy found him 2 hours later huddled in a corner rocking himself back and forth muttering "no more pointies, no more pointies!'. It was a rather funny sight."

"Huh, always wondered how he got that. And the last room?"

Since they had reached the door as soon as he finished asking his question she decided to answer him by wordlessly opening the door. Inside was a HUGE room, the ceiling was far higher then what could have been possible and he couldn't see the other side. (Slicerness: think Mr. Hat and clog's secret training room)

"By Kyuubi's balls! This must have taken forever to make!" He exclaimed loudly. Throwing his arms up in the air to show his surprise.

Giggling at his choice of exclamations she answered him, "We didn't even build this actually. It belonged to a friend of my ancestor Shihoin Yoruichi. We can't seem to find out what his name was though, just that he was extremely eccentric and was very, very good with spacial distortion seals. Anyway, enough about my family history, I've got a product to sell Mr. customer." She took on a deeper tone reminiscent of a guy Naruto had ran into at a shop called "Numbuh crazy eighties 2X4 emporium".

"Now, this model is actually a clever disguise. Using the latest sealing technology Iwa managed to cram around 500 senbon in this one little ball! A bit of chakra and a throw is all it takes to mow down an approaching ninja! Or an army of bandits! Observe." As she giving her spiel, still using haer 'salesman' voice he noted, she turned toward the group of five training dummies in a group. Her hand glowed blue for a second before she hurled the 'Spiker' at the group. It flew smoothly for about eight feet before it burst into smoke. Out of which hundreds of little metal needles pelted the group of dummies. They must have been propelled somehow because the needles ripped clean through the dummies and embedded rather deeply within the rock behind it. (1)

Turning to the stunned blond she raised the Blue pellet. "Now, no one knows how we did it, but Konaha recovered a crashed pod, some say it was from space, others think it was some kind of new troop carrier that was made by another nation. Either way we managed to reverse engineer these. These are the best explosive projectile I've ever used. They're best used against a moving target though so would you please make a clone?" poof "Okay now have it walk out about ten feet and then run back an forth."

The clone did as was told and started jogging left and right. Ten-ten's hand glowed blue momentarily and a click was heard before the bomb itself was glowing bright glue. She cocked her arm back and threw the glowing blue sphere at the moving clone. It hit it dead center in the chest.

The clone tried to get the blue ball off itself but found that t was stuck tight. A high pitched whining sound was heard and the ball increased it's glowing until it was white hot a second later and then blew up in a cloud of blue fire. Naruto's clone could be seen flying out of the cloud a second later, severely burned and missing most of it's torso before poofing out of existence. (2)

"Wow Ten-ten! that was awesome! So how much do each of these cost?" Naruto asked. He twitched slightly when the memory of not having lungs for a second hit him but was mostly used to it by now.

"They cost about one hundred dollars each." She answered.

"Well crap... I don't have that kinda money on at the moment." Naruto said while thinking about how he would pay for them. D ranks paid fifty dollars per-mission, and C's paid one hundred and fifty so he could spam some clones, swallow the bile in his throat at the thought and do some D's. There sure as hell wasn't a shortage of D ranks with all the rebuilding. But he really wanted that Spiker grenade, and maybe a few of those blue ones as well. The usefulness of the blues were limited but they would be fun to use.

"Well Naruto there's one way you can get them for a heavy discount. Come with me, I think we can work something out." She said slyly as she grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. She locked the door, it having even more seals the the basement door, one of which being a time release so they were locked in for at least twelve hours, considering it was 6:00 P.M. that would mean they were locked inside till morning. Plenty of time. And on the off chance he refused she always had the 'Gas-n-fuck five thousand' in her pocket.

Turning around she noticed Naruto's back was to her so she reached around and grabbed the very top of the front of his collar and pulled back and down. Easily taking his jacket of in one swift motion.

"Ten-ten? Wait! I've gotta tell you that I'm already dating Sakura and Hinata, Sakura gave the okay to get more sexual partners because I wore her out and Hinata said the same, before she passed out after our seven hour sex spree." She struck a thinking pose as she digested the new information. A few seconds later she shoved him on the bed and announced,

"Naruto I want you, and I know you want me, you've been eying me all day. Now stay there and promise not to move." 'beside, I've seen Hinata train, she can be moving all day only be breathing hard, and with those giant knockers of hers thats saying something if he managed to make her pass out...' She finished with a perverted giggle and a blush at the possibilities.

As she took off her shirt Naruto silently cursed himself for being a nice guy. Looks where that promise had got him last time! Oh, wait... he got to face fuck the Hyuuga heiress... never mind.
Focusing back on Ten-ten, she was about to take off her pants, but decided to torture him a bit more.

So she turned around bent over and looked over her shoulder while she swung her hips back and forth as she slowly inched her pants down her long creamy legs. Proving Naruto's earlier thoughts true. Yes, she wasn't wearing any underwear and yes, her ass was far bigger then Sakura's and twice the size of Hinata's. Naruto could almost feel the zipper of his pants breaking as he massive length was already at full mast. He was more of an ass man himself and he was fighting every instinct he had not to just grab Ten-ten, throw her on the bed and ram his painfully hard dick into that delicious ass of hers. He silently thanked, and cursed, this "Yoruichi" woman for giving descendant such a great body.

As she got done with her impromptu strip tease she turned around fully and got on her hands and knees and crawled ever so slowly toward him. Delighting in the pained expression her stalling was causing. 'just a little more and he'll snap and just grab me and have his vicious way with me!' She thought and she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, motioning him to stand up she got a grip on both his pants and boxers and pulled down.

Unfortunately she was still on her knees and was looking down so when his rock hard cock sprung up it slapped into her nose. The force was enough to knock her head back as she was seeing stars for a few seconds. Coming back to earth after the hit she mock glared at the nervously laughing, now seated, blond man. Silently promising she would get him back for that she grabbed his length at the base and gave a long lick from bottom to tip. She gave a few more long licks before slowly starting to pump her hand up and down the bottom half of his shaft.

Setting herself in for a, kind of, long wait she turned her head sideways and closed her mouth around the side of his dick and started licking and sucking up and down the top half of his rod. Switching sides every few minutes she pointedly ignored his head and just licked the rest of him.

Naruto was busying himself with gritting his teeth and balling his fists hard enough for his fingernails to cut into his palms. This was pay back for the accidental cock slap. He just knew it.

As she glanced up at his struggling she thought with glee, 'just one more gentle nudge and he'll fall off the edge, at least for a little while.' Giving a few last hard licks Ten-ten pulled back, still slowly pumping his length she started talking, "You want more, don't you? Then use me. Grab my face like a cheap toy and fuck it to your hearts content!" She finished her statement by opening her mouth and pushing her tongue out as far as it would go.

Naruto reacted before his brain even caught up with what she had said and had grabbed her hair buns and had lined her head up with his shaft. Shoving her head down he was finally given some relief when he managed to cram almost five inches into her mouth before pulling her back up and repeating the process. Using more and more force to shove more of himself into her throat every time er forced her head down.

Taking her words to heart he only used her head to get himself off, never using his hips. This was rather rewarding as he got to hear more of the obscene sound of his shaft trespassing into her throat.

"I'm cumming." he grunted out. Forcing her head down far enough for almost ten inches of him to slide down her throat, his lust clouded mind enjoying the sound of her choking and her feeble attempts to free her head from his iron grip. His cum was never able to go down her throat due to the odd angle he was at so it all just bubbles back up and ran down onto his balls and then onto the bed.

His orgasm subsiding he finally snapped back to full awareness and was about to apologize profusely to the brunette before her saw her face. She looked like crap, the small amount of mascara she was wearing was running down her face is a sort of black tears pattern and apparently his load had came out her nose as well because she had twin trails of cum coming from her nostrils.

Her mouth was also dripping his seed like a waterfall, coating her C-cup breasts as she greedily gulped up air. But he barely noticed these facts. The thing that caught his attention was her eyes. He expected her to be glaring holes in him for his rough treatment. But she was looking up at him in the utmost admiration, and if he wasn't mistaken, affection. She... she really did enjoy being treated like a toy. He didn't think it was possible but as she fell on her butt with her legs spread out it was confirmed by the fact that she was positively soaked.

Finally catching her breath she managed to whisper out due to her abused throat, "Naruto that was so good! Now stay sitting on the edge of the bed and give me a minute."
A few mouth fulls of precious O2 was all she needed as she sprang up and turned around standing with her ass almost touching his face. Intending to sit down on his shaft she never expected for him to wrap his arms around her waist and grind his face into her ass cheeks. She blushed in surprise when his tongue shot out and licked her drenched pussy.

Still licking her he disengaged his hands from their lock on her waist and started teasing her clit with his left hand while he reached up and started to grope her breasts with his right.

"N-Naruto, more, please. Faster! Yes! Pinch my clit. AHHHH!" and with that, Ten-ten had her first orgasm of the night, collapsing onto Naruto's waist she enjoyed the friction of his dick as she shifted around in his lap, causing his length to get sandwiched in between her massive ass cheeks.

Naruto moaned is surprise as she started to grind her hips back and forth while clenching her ass cheeks, using the lesser know 'hot dogging' technique passed down through her family line.
She got off him and pulled him with as she got on her hands and knees and set his cock in between her luscious cheeks once again, putting her hand on her cheeks and pushing is she increased the pressure and gave a few short humps backward she gave him the hint that it was his turn now.

Taking the hint he gripped her hips and started thrusting at an average speed. Her hot dogging was even better then Hinata's titfuck! Making sure her hands were still in place keeping the pressure up he sped up his thrusts, enjoying how her cheeks jiggled whenever his balls slapped the bottom of her pussy. Before long he could feel his orgasm approaching. "Clench your beautiful ass harder Ten-ten i'm almost there."

Doing as she was ordered she was rewarded by him moaning out her name and switching to quick desperate thrusts for a few seconds before he blew his load all over her back, the first three spurts actually having enough strength to hit her in the back of the head and neck. His hips slowed down to a stop as he completely coated her upper back with his seed.

As Naruto caught his breath from the entire experience she flipped onto her back and stealthily cleaned his essence of herself, making sure to grab a handful and savoring it as she pushed Naruto into a sitting position up against the headboard, his back supported by the pillows.

Sitting on his thighs facing away from him she sat up higher and slipped the head of his now hard again dick inside herself, having broken her hymen when she took a low blow while practicing with a Bo staff with her father (he still never forgave himself for that) and having used various dildos to get herself off over the year (none nearly as big as the giant rod she was currently sitting on) combined with the wetness that his rough blowjob and his eating her out caused, it was rather easy to slip him inside herself.

She simply enjoyed the feeling of being so... filled, and complete. For a few seconds before starting to bounce up and down on his cock. Naruto gently put his hands on her hips, speeding up her bouncing with some light pressure.

Eventually Ten-ten changed positions. Sitting on her knees, still bouncing on his dick she leaned down so her breasts were smushed up against his shins. She switched to quick short bounces that did wonderful things to her bubble butt.

"Faster Ten-ten. I'm gonna cum again." Naruto told her, thrusting up quickly to meet her halfway.

"Me too, lets come together." She moaned out, speeding up her bouncing she slammed her hips down to meet his a few seconds later and ground out her orgasm, Naruto climaxed as he thrust upwards one last time and got to work filling her tight pussy with his seed.

Flopping down, her legs on either side of his head, his dick still lightly pumping more baby batter inside her she caught her breath, resting her head on his shin she had to confess, "That was wonderful Naruto. I think I've got one last round in me for the night however, I want it rough, slam into my pussy and fill it with as many loads as you want." She moaned, almost vibrating in excitement. She was confused when he turned her over on her back and poked her lower stomach with a glowing finger. She glanced up at him questioningly only to be met with a smirk that almost made her cream herself again.

"Only one round? Well then we'll just have to make it last then, now won't we? This is a little something I picked up from Hinata. Unless I let you, you won't be able to cum. And you can bet that sweet ass of your I won't stop until your BEGGING me to! Kukukuku" He finished with a maniacal laugh that she would have expected to hear from a certain Snake Sannin.

Wasting no time Naruto flipped her onto her side and raised her leg so it was at a ninety degree angle with her body and he slipped right back into her hot moist pussy. Jack hammering away at her.

For the next 5 hours Ten-tens moans and the occasional grunt or yell from Naruto filled the room. Ten-ten was currently on her back eyes wide and desperate as she pleaded for him to let her cum, she was covered from head to toe with his seed.

"Please Naruto! I can't take it any more!" she pleaded.

"I believe you said something about a deal." He grinned down at her. Still pounding into her, now in the missionary position.

"Yes! God yes! Eighty percent off!" She screamed, the awaiting pleasure of release clouding her mind and tempting her with just the tiniest of samples.

Silence was her only answer. Growing more desperate she started to go higher, "ninety percent off?"

that was enough for Naruto to raise a glowing blue finger to her stomach, but he held his hand there, staring at her expectantly.

"Seventy five percent off and you get five of each kind free! Please, that's as low as I can go! This is torture! It huts so good! Let me cum! LET ME CUM!" Her hands were trying to force his down by the time she stopped screaming. She had little success however so she simply tried harder. In her current mind set she didn't realize he wasn't reinforcing his arm with chakra so she could have boosted her strength and ended this without offering anything.

As he felt his umpteenth orgasm approaching he decided to eagerly accept the deal. Going even faster he started to slam into her G-spot as he squeezed her breasts with one hand and lowered his glowing left hand.

Feeling a familiar burning sensation in his balls he slammed into her G-spot one last time as he released his hot load within her abused pussy as he re-absorbed the chakra blocking her from cumming.

A fraction of a second later her glass breaking screech filled the air as 5 hours worth of climaxes slammed into the abused Weapons Mistress. Her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she passed out from the pleasure overload.

He sighed, noticing his lover go limp. He grabbed her by the shoulders and stuck most of his dick down he unconscious throat, coating it with saliva but cleaning of the cum while talking to himself,"sigh honestly do all the girls have to keep fainting on me? Oh well, I guess I get to feel them up for free when I'm cleaning them off, so that's good." He admitted while pulling himself out of her throat, causing her to once again gasp for air, even while unconscious. Using her dirty shirt to clean her of all of his seed, he flipped her around so her head was on the pillows. Laying down on the bed he pulled the, surprisingly dry, blankets over them and laid down behind her. Draping his arm lazily over her waist he slipped his still hard cock between her milky thighs and did his best to fall asleep. His last thought before darkness claiming him being.

"I wonder what I'll use my sexy new tool tomorrow".

end of chap 5

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