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TenTen’s Great Morning

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TenTen’s great morning

Wow so many people have read this story so far. I'm so glad that you reader's really like my lemon's. so enjoy the latest 2 chapters to the story. I still have my senior project to do and it's a pain, but I will try and write the other chapters as soon as I can. so review or give me some suggestion's of you would like in the story. for example: Naruto get's Sakura at the hospital, and have's sex in the closet. like that, not just who Naruto should do, but how as well.

_-_-_-_-_The next day_-_-_-_-__

It was a good morning for Naruto as he was still behind the bubble butted brunette in the sound, and theft, proof basement. Naruto was currently half asleep reminiscing (like a woman!) over the last few days of his life. He still couldn't believe that he had fucked and/or made love to three of the hottest women in the entire leaf village. He really should make it up to Sakura, He had treated her like a common whore, he was under the impression that girls wanted their first time to be special, but they had just fucked like the horny teenagers they were like it was nothing special. He really didn't know what came over him. But he promised himself he would do something nice for her. Maybe find out her fetish and use that for her? That aside he started to think about all three again.

His thoughts got stuck on his last, and current playmate however. Naruto couldn't stop having dirty thoughts about Ten-ten. She just looked so... fuckable, laying there. Just looking at her made him want to fuck her again. Naruto looked at the clock on the side of him, it was 6:47 in the morning he admitted that waking up to sexual pleasure was one hell of a way to wake up but she had only been asleep for almost seven hours. Being woken up by anything before a full eight hours of sleep would just result in a cranky lover. But Naruto became aware of the plague to every man in the morning, morning wood, so he compromised by gently moving his hips. Pumping his length in and out of her thighs, which he was still sandwiched between, and just stared off into space, thinking about how he would 'train' with his lavender eyed beauty later.

So... I can't help but noticing your not tapping Dat Ass... whats stopping ya kid? Kyuubi's voice cut into his fantasies.

"Well, a few seconds ago, I decided to let her sleep for another hour or two. No one like being woken up early after all. So this is all i'm gonna do until later.' The blonde explained. Talking about his still slowly pumping hips.

"Ahhh, fair enough. So i've been meaning to talk to you".

"What about? Is it about the whole "sewer mindscape" thing? Cuz on a count of our recent relationship improvements I would gladly change that for you."

Kyuubi blinked and glanced down. Thanks to Jiraiya's last re-enforcement to the seal (the one that made Kyuubi finally give up hope of escaping and simply start being cordial with his host) he was stuck in place by dozens of chains. Which was bad enough but thanks to the fact that the pseudo-water that he was forced to sit is was getting slightly murky from all the blasts of semen that were released when Naruto climaxed, thus making the demon climax as well, it was even worse.

Kyuubi also noted that thanks to Naruto's actions right now his legendary 'Tenth Tail' was standing at full salute.

"If you could change it that would be great. To be honest I didn't want to ask for anything to early in case you were suspicious of me or anything".

"Fox, you've been trapped in a cage for over sixteen years. Anyone would break down after that. Just gimme a second and i'll have you out of that cage and free. To an extent, of coarse"

Kyuubi only had to wait a few seconds before the cage and chains melted away and were replaced by a lush green forest. Various animals could be seen scurrying around.

"Uhhh kid? Not that I don't appreciate this or anything but i'm more of a fire demon then I am a demon fox. So I would prefer something like say... what you think hell would look like.
'Oops, sorry 'bout that. I'll fix that in a- WAIT! Just gimme a few minutes, I haven't demolished anything in years".

"Sure Kyuubi. Knock yourself out."

And for the next few minutes Naruto could hear the sounds of tree's being demolished and small furry creatures being squashed under huge feet as the forest burned to the ground. He had taken to humming Beethoven's ode to joy as he listened to the destruction. It was strangely fitting.

"Alright kid, all done. And thanks. I needed that.

Giving a quick "no problem" Naruto got to work on creating the perfect fire demon paradise. Making sure to add a few giant spiked here and there, some screams of the dying as they were tortured , a lava river that branched out into small lakes, most of which big enough to comfortably seat three adult people, and last but not least a big, five bedroom two bath, house.
Kyuubi looked around and hmmm'd in approval as he saw the new changes. Blinking slightly is confusion he decide to voice it to Naruto.

"Why am I slightly bigger then a wolf? And nice job on the screams by the way, reminds me of home.

"You'll see fox, it's part of a surprise i'm giving you for the increase in semen production I got from you yesterday. Now, you wanted me for something else as well?'

"Oh yeah, almost forgot. You managed to bag yourself three young beauties in three days and you haven't been corrupted, most guys would already be becoming complete self absorbed assholes by this point, yet your still you. Proven by the act that you didn't wake the vixen in front of you up with your dick balls deep in her ass. And I think thats something that calls for a reward. I'm giving you two of my best abilities. It can be used in and out of battle. Although you may wanna stick with using it out of battle until you master it".

"Sounds like a good plan. What is it?"

"It's called Touch Of Heat. Normally you would have to call on my chakra through me to do this but I've taken the liberty of giving you a small secondary chakra coil that contains my chakra as thanks for the new digs it's not enough to fight with but it's perfect for the moves i'm giving you. Anyway, all you have to do is coat your hands in my chakra and touch the girl you wish to seduce, or even just make hornier, and it'll get her all hot under the collar, or lack of collar, in most cases. A quick pre-sex massage is the best way to apply this technique in my opinion".

"I don't know fox... that sounds kinda... date rape-y."

"Who do you take me for? An incubus? I am the almighty nine tailed fox! Feared by men and lusted after by females the world over! Master of the poon tang! Lord of the pink ta-

'Alright, alright. Jesus man, I get it.'

ahem Sorry about that, anyway it only enhances whats already there. If she isn't interested then it won't do anything. That's why I said only out of battle first. Eventually you'll get a sixth sense for if the kunoichi you happen to be fighting secretly want to get into your boxers or not. Hell, I know for a fact that Haku chick was trying to get into your pants. And don't even try that 'she was a he' bullshit. I'm not blind. Anyone with a more then half a working brain cell could have figured out she was lying for whatever reason.

'Haku was? Seriously? How? I didn't notice any full body tackles when we were fighting in an attempt to pin me down.'

"You didn't notice most of those senbon she was throwing were skimming the waist of your pants? If you hadn't sown that under armor into your outfit those horrid orange eyesores would have been around your ankles.

"Huh, never thought about that before."

"Trust me on this. I've had more then my fair share of female opponents turn into close friends in the rip of some clothing before. The next ability is called fantasy heaven, what it does is it allows you see a girl's sexual fantasy. For example, let's say a girl like's it kinky. Like you fucking another girl while she tied up, or something. This help's you when your sleeping with a girl you've never bagged before. I myself used this ability quite a lot until I got the hang of guessing various womens fetishes. Simply make a thread of my chakra and connect your heads using the thread. It might make you feel kinda dizzy when you first start using it but you'll get used to it.

"Is that all? Not bein' rude or anything but my surprise is gonna keep you busy for a while so I wanted you to be done explaining the abilities before I showed it to ya.

"Yup, that's it. Oh wait, one last thing. If you only use a tiny bit of chakra for the Touch of Heat ability you can give a nice massage for your, most likely sore, vixen after you get done plowing her. Never underestimate the brownie points some after sex kindness can get you. So what's the big reveal?

"Go to the house I made you and find out. And thanks for the tip.'

So Kyuubi took his advice and walked into the house that had popped up behind him a while ago. Once he walked through the door he almost had a heart attack at who he saw laying on the bed. It was obviously a demon, her 'skin' was actually lava. Her head, instead of hair, was topped with blue fire. She had bits of charcoal black armor wrapped around her shins, forearms, and mid-torso in very intricate patterns.

The fox felt tears almost come to his eyes. "How did you know? A Flame Astronach! My favorite! Do you know how rare these beauties are? I'll repay you for this somehow I swear it upon my tails. But we may wanna cut our chat short, as i'm gonna be busy for the next... I don't know how long. And it's been a few hours so you can wake that bun headed girl up now. See ya kid. Come to poppa you sexy little firecracker!

Naruto quickly cut the mental connection. He may be friendly with the guy now but he really didn't want to listen to a fox and living lava get it on. He actually didn't even know the Flame Astronach was a real demon. Much less one the Kyuubi himself lusted after. He just remembered fighting one of them in a video game he played back in the academy. What was it called? Oblivious? Obliviom? Whatever, didn't matter. He had something to take care of.

He glanced at the clock, 9:00 A.M., 'Perfect. But first, I'm starving. The basement door's still locked but lets try the bedroom door.'

He noticed he was still pumping his hips and his orgasm was close so he sped up slightly and slipped the head into her pussy. Groaning quietly he released the first load of the morning inside her. She didn't wake up however, she just started squirming and moaning out his name in her sleep before settling back down.

Getting out of bed carefully he tiptoed to the door. Silently turning the handle he found that the door was unlocked. So he opened it slowly and slipped out into the hall before closing it. Walking normally to the kitchen he looked around. Like she said there was quite a bit of non-perishables. Beef jerky, dried fruits, vegetables, and bottled water were common. Since this was her emergency stash he didn't wanna take to much so he grabbed a few sticks of jerky and one of the few non-dried apples. Sitting down at the table he started eating.

"This is pretty good. I gotta look into getting one of those food dehydrator thingy’s and make myself some home-made jerky. Maybe deer jerky?"

Finishing his meal he threw the apple core in the small garbage by the doorway and slipped back into the bedroom. closing the door he turned around and paused when he saw Ten-ten was awake and in the process of scooping his seed from her pussy into her mouth with her fingers.

"Morning Naruto, you should have woken me up if you were horny." She pouted.

Giving a sheepish laugh he walked towards her, "Yeah, it was kinda early. So I decided to grab a quick bite. You want me to get you somethi-crunch "What was that?" He questioned while looking down. He had stepped on something in her discarded pants. He never saw the explosion of pink gas coming as a second later he was consumed in a cloud of it. His mind became fuzzy and he fell to the floor.

"Naruto!" Ten-ten yelled worriedly. Mostly for Naruto but partly for herself. That looked like the cloud of gas the 'gas-n-fuck 5000' released when it was thrown. And if last night was anything to go by she was in for a long and hard morning. Pun totally intended.

Crawling over to the edge of the bed she peered over the bottom head board. It looked like he was unaffected. At least, thats what she thought before he raised his head and she got a good look at his face. His eyes were glazed over in lust and they were looking straight at her unblinkingly. Glancing down she was rather alarmed to find out he was even bigger then usual. Slightly thicker and maybe two inches longer, in fact.

"This is either really bad, or really really good...' She thought, having second thoughts about just giving into his animal lust. That thing would rip her in half!crawling backward slowly she was barely able to use a seal-less Kawarimi no Jutsu before a lust fueled Naruto slammed arms first into the mattress where she had been just a fraction of a second earlier.

Having switched with a teddie bear sitting on the ground next to the shelf on the other side of the room, she took off towards the door that was just ten feet away.

Having heard her start her mad dash Naruto turned as she passed the halfway point. Disappearing in a blur of speed he moved to intercept her.

Ten-ten was only able to lay one finger on the doorknob before she cried out on pain as a blonde blur slammed her front first into the door that she was so desperate to get through. Looking behind her she saw he was lining up his bigger then usual cock with her back entrance.

Her eyes widened as he started pushing forward, "No! Not there! I've never put anything there bef-AAAAAHHHHHH" She cried out at the pain as both her hips slammed into the door with bruising force and a rather audible Bang!, and from her now bleeding asshole was penetrated.

Whimpering softly she came to a sudden realization, "Wait, he doesn't care about my feelings. He's just using me for his own pleasure. Like... like a toy. And yet when he comes out of this the first thing he's going to do is ask if i'm okay and if there's anything he can do to help...I did it! I finally found my perfect man! OW, Does he have to be so rough with his new toy though?' She finished with a sarcastic tone.

Coming out of her thoughts she noticed his thrusts were getting shorter, faster and even harder. She braced herself. Sure enough with one final thrust that almost splintered the door, bruising her hips even further, he shot his second load inside her. All she could do was grit her teeth in pain and hope he would changed positions soon. Her legs were going numb from the thorough ass pounding she was receiving so she couldn't stand for much longer and she was worried she was going to get splinters in her damaged hips.

Fortunately her prayers were answered as he picked her up by her waist, using his arms to lift her up and down his length, and brought them back to the bed. Never stopping his pounding he put her down on her hands and knees and mounted her from above. Grabbing her shoulder he pulled back on them, bending her spine at a slightly uncomfortable angle as he put even more speed behind his thrusts.

Finally experiencing an orgasm of her own Ten-ten did her best to clench her sphincter in a hope it would slow him down. All she got for her effort was him drunkenly moaning out her name and once again slamming into her with bone jarring force and shooting another load into her ass.

He then flipped her onto her back, waist and below all facing sideways, legs clenched together, to increase the pressure. Starting up his thrusting once again she couldn't stop the moan that rose from her throat as the pain started to give way to mind-numbing pleasure. She barely noticed when Naruto slowed down just enough so he could grab her thighs and lift them so her ankles were behind her head as he was unhappy with the maneuverability of their current position. Speeding up he got on top of her once again. At this angle he was slamming into her, newly found, anal G-spot. Which caused her eyes to go half lidded as she climaxed again, another throaty moan forcing it's way through her clenched teeth.

Her orgasm caused her muscles to clench and squeeze Naruto into his fourth orgasm of the morning. Deciding he liked the current position he stayed like that for the next hour, during which orgasm after orgasm slammed into the brunette.

_-_-_-_-_One hour of Poundin DAT ASS Later_-_-_-_-_

Climaxing inside her one last time the berserker Naruto finally ran out of steam and limply fell off of her.

Ten-ten released a huff of air and let her numb legs simply flop back onto the bed. His essence within her finally gaining an exit aa it got to work forming a massive puddle beneath her abused asshole. She was silently grateful for the fail safe in the grenade's formula. It only lasted for half an hour (how he lasted for a full hour she would never know) before the lust inducing drug gave way to a powerful sedative. He would be out for the next 24 hou- 'Holy shit is he waking up? Please tell me the grenade's drug ran it's course!'

A five hour sex spree she could take. But one straight hour of having that monster mine for gold in her ass and never slowing down was pushing it, at least last night he slowed it down a notch and gave her a gentle loving every few orgasms.

"Ngh, my head, what happe- oh... Oh crap Ten-ten are you okay?" Clearing the fuzz from his head the memories of reaming the beautiful brunettes ass for a solid hour caused him to roll over and gaze into her eyes with a look of concern on his face. Taking in her frazzled weak appearance he asked the first thing that came to mind. "Is there any way I can make you feel better?"

Ten-ten felt a warmth in her chest as her earlier thoughts were proven dead on. 'He really is my dream guy.' she thought with a blush before she said, "Thanks Naruto. And yes, a warm bath would be nice I can't seem to move my legs so your gonna have to carry me in there."

Naruto nodded as he slipped his arms behind her shoulders and under her knees, (careful of the nasty bruise on the front of her hips and her bright red ass cheeks) picking her up bridal style he carried her to the bathroom. After he gently laid her down in the bathtub he tweaked the faucet until the right temperature water started flowing out.

Remembering what Kyuubi said he felt within himself and found his new secondary coils. Withdrawing just a drop of the thick demonic charka he coated both his hand in an even coating of it. Besides his hands feeling slightly warmer there was no physical change.

"Good I was slightly worried I was gonna grow claws or something.' He thought with a sigh of relief

Turning back toward Ten-ten he started to slowly rub his hands on her feet. Enjoying her weak groans of relief he started moving onto her shins and thighs.

Eventually he reached her waist, gently laying his hand on the bruises, he allowed some of the chakra to soak into her. The nasty purple bruises disappeared instantly and he correctly assumed the red marks on her ass went away as well. Moving steadily past her slim waist and onto her torso he worked his way up, ignoring her breasts for now, much to the pouting weapon users consternation, he worked his way down her arms, focusing on her calloused hands for a minute or two before bringing his hands back up he finally massaging her breasts.

By this point the 'tub had filled up to just under the globes of flesh he was currently working on so he moved onto her shoulders. Applying some light pressure and working some of the stress out of her shoulders, he enjoyed more of the wondrous sounds she was making as he worked.
As the water filled up fully he reached over to shut it off. As the faucet creaked shut however he stood stock still as he felt a hand grasp his limp length in an iron grip. Turning his head and looking at the person grabbing him questioningly he received his answer.

"You keep doing whatever you just did and i'm going to let you fuck me in public." She said in a no nonsense tone to show she was serious and got to work getting him hard again.
Noting he was at full mast once again she told him, "Now you could use a good washing, so please use your fuck toy one more time. Okay?", before opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out once again.

Acknowledging her fetish, and secretly enjoying it, he scooted a little closer and sat in the edge of the bathtub. Grasping her head he wasted no time in cramming his still cum covered dick into her mouth. Deciding to be a little rougher with her then he was last time he didn't stop pushing until his entire, now fourteen inch, cock was resting comfortably (for him) in her throat.

Raising her head slowly he relished in the feeling of her tongue working as hard as it could to coax another load of hot jizz from his balls. Lifting his hands off the top of her head he grabbed her buns and started pumping her head up and down faster. He could only take a few minutes of her skillful mouth combined with his speed as he forced her head all the way down and shot several sticky ropes of cum into her throat. Pulling out slightly before he was done the last few shots hit her in the face, forcing her to close one of her eyes.

Gripping the back of her neck he moved her mouth, she eagerly licked his fresh seed off of his cock.

"Thanks Naruto. I have a spare key seal on top of my dresser. You can use to open the basement door. Come back soon okay? I think i'm starting to fall for you." She smiled up at him with a wink.

"You bet, and to think..." He started heading for the door. "I didn't even use clones." he finished with an impish smirk as he closed the door behind himself.

"Ooooh, well. I know what we're doing when he comes back." She muttered to herself as she let the warm water sooth away her sore body.

Back with Naruto, he had picked up the promised five spikers and, after checking the label to find out what they were called, five sticky grenades as well. He thought the name was a little unoriginal but it didn't really matter.

Walking up the massive staircase, unlocking the door, and walking outside he remembered he had some training to do with A certain Busty Bluenette. So humming a tune to himself he started for the Hyuuga compound.
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