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Two Nurses Are Better Than One

by NaruHinaSakuFan1

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Two Nurses Are Better Than One.

I know that I said in the last chapter that I was going to make another Naruto and Hinata lemon and I would bet money that you reader's are tired of that. So I've decide to change the chapter and I did promise that this chapter would be a threesome so here is the newest chapter. It's my Christmas present to you all so I hope you have great Christmas, or Hanukah.
Slicerness: Kwanza too... whatever the hell that is...

_-_-_-_-_The Same Day_-_-_-_-_

Naruto was headed to the Hyuuga compound. He and Hinata were supposed to go train today, he knew there wasn't going to be much training going on however. If he knew Hinata as well as he thought he did and how horny she might be he might just have his hands full for awhile. So after about twenty minutes of walking and some thoughts on exactly how he was going to stick it to his Hyuuga slut (He still felt slightly bad calling her that, even with her permission, it was getting easier though.) he finally got to the gates of the compound. He was about to open them when one of the guards stepped forward.

"Hello Uzumaki Naruto Lady Hinata-sama has informed me that she cannot go training with you today. She also told me to give you this letter, once you arrived." The guard explained before walking back to his post.

Dear Naruto

Sorry, but I can't train with you today. You see, my father wants to help me with a new style he's developing with the Byakugan and he won't take no for a answer. I hope to see you soon my love. I'll make it up to you. In a good way, you can be sure. I should only be training for today but you know my father's a very stubborn man, thanks to you though he's started acting like a real father should. So I actually enjoy his company now.

Love, Hinata.

P.s. Later on tonight i'll leave my window open for you so you can sneak in. I'm sure it won't be a problem for the 'prankster lord of Konoha' to do but you must be very sneaky or the guard's will find you. Cant wait to see you.

P.P.s. I feel a lot stronger recently, my chakra reserves are at least twice the size they were a few days ago. I don't know how but if i find out you were involved somehow I don't think i'm going to let you out of the mansion. Ever. I feel like a new woman!

Laughing nervously he looked up from the letter and told the guard, "Tell her thanks for the message and that I hope the training goes well."

The guard nodded before bowing and going through the gate to, most likely, tell his blue headed lover his message.

While Naruto was leaving Hinata was looking out her window, watching him leave.

She was so horny right now she couldn't wait for tonight. Just her and Naruto training... and having crazy sex afterword's. She started to feel a familiar moisture in between her legs. She was wearing a dark blue, see-through gown, with a matching thong. Enjoying the cold air of the air conditioned mansion on her nipples she lifted up the gown a little and put one of her finger's inside her pussy, easily bypassing the string that did nothing to hide her soaked pussy.

She imagined Naruto was behind her with his arm's around her. His hand's started to slowly grabbed and rub her big breast as she started to moan at the mere thought of his touch on her sensitive breasts. She then plopped down on the bed and took off the gown,careful not to rip it (her Naruto-kun hadn't seen it yet after all), she felt so hot that she started to sweat. Coating her body rather erotically.

The more she thought about him the more she wanted him here. Filling her fully and completely. She opened her leg's wide and put another finger in pussy and started to slowly pump it in and out, imagining her fingers were Naruto's cock.

"Naruto I want you so much. I cant wait until, Oh God, tonight." Her fingers sped up, faster and faster. " Deeper Naruto. My pussy's on fire! I need you so badly! I'm almost there! I'm Cumming!" A deep moan escaped her parted lips as her juices sprayed all over her sheet's. She let her head fall back onto her silky soft pillows as she basked in the after glow. The only thought Hinata had before she got ready for her bubble bath was,'Naruto you better be ready for tonight. I'm gonna suck out every last drop of your cum! Yes... even if take's days i'll fuck you until you cant fuck no more! thought a very horny Hinata as she started to fill up her bathtub. Unnoticed by her, her eyes started glowing a barely noticeable purple.

Also unnoticed by her her sister was walking by and heard her moaning out Naruto's name. Filing it away for later use she kept walking, her plan to get a snack would not be deterred by something as simple as her sister finally bagging her crush.

Hinata didn't know about Naruto's new ability's but, having seen her looking out the window he used his new technique and connected their head together with a thin chakra string of Kyuubi's chakra and saw the whole thing. He almost tripped several times as he was more concentrated on her fantasy then the road. One thing was certain though, he couldn't wait till tonight.

But for now he might as well go see how his Baa-chan was doing and ask her about his living arrangements. While he was perfectly happy to crash at a friend, and lover, most likely's, place he kinda wanted a home of his own. Deducing she was either at the hospital treating some the villager's or in her office fighting the menace that was known as paperwork he set off for her office.

It was a whole ten seconds later he remembered that Sakura was working at the hospital today and this could be his chance to repay his sexy nurse. So pulling a quick 180 he started for the hospital.

_-_-_-_-_Half Way There_-_-_-_-_

As he was waking he saw a pile of boxes with legs walking toward him.

Smacking himself in the forehead he corrected himself that walking boxes were impossible and that was just Ino carrying two large boxes stacked on top of each other. Noticing the patch of dirt in front of her he got ready to catch her and her case in case she tripped.
Sure enough her declaration of,"Oh Crap! Their gonna fall!" indicated she was in need of some assistance.

Ino's world slowed down to a crawl as she helplessly watched as her new flower pots were about to smash into the- twins? She only had a second to think about the odds of her carrying two boxes through town and running into a pair of twins that were not only able to help, but positioned just right to catch them before she was gently pulled back by another identical twin. Turning her head around she had to resist the urge to face palm (It was rather un-lady like after all) as she realized it was just Naruto and two shadow clones.

"Don't worry Ino I got ya." said Naruto as he positioned her in a standing position before releasing his arm from her waist.

"Oh! I'm sorry Naruto, I didn't see you there and thanks for the save. I was afraid that I was going to break the new flower pots we got for my family's store! I guess I should of only carried one at a time huh?" She admitted sheepishly.

"No problem. So do you need any help?"

"Sure! That would be great! I hope i'm not keeping you from anything important."

"Nah, I was just going to go see if Baa-chan was working at the hospital and ask her about where I'm gonna be staying from now on. And maybe check on Sakura, I haven't seen her in a few days."

"You too? well I was just about to go there when I was done taking these box's to the shop. These are the last two so why don't we hurry up and drop them off and we can go together."

"Sounds like a good idea to me." And so they both headed to the shop to drop off the flower pot's making idle conversation along the way.

They had to make two trip however since there were four box's Ino didn't notice. So after another trip to the market (where Ino bought the pots in bulk) and back. As they walked in the front door for the second time they noticed Inoichi, Ino's father, was running the register now.

"Well if it isn't Uzumaki Naruto! What bring you to our store this fine day?" Inoichi greeted

"Oh! Well when I was walking in the village I saw Ino with these heavy boxes and she almost tripped so she asked me to help her, and since we're both going to the hospital later we decided to walk together." Naruto summed up the situation while setting the boxes on the floor by the counter.

"Oh, okay then, but can you do me a favor?" The older blonde asked, pulling Naruto aside so Ino couldn't hear.

"Sure. What is it?" Naruto inquired.

Well if the two of you are going to be out late tonight can you walk her home? Call me a over-protective father if you want for it but since you saved the village your clearly strong enough to get my little princess home safe. and treat her right, you hear? I may not be able to go into your head because of the fox but I can make you experience horrors the likes of which you've never even dreamed of." Inoichi's eyes narrowed and his grip on Naruto's shoulder became almost painful.

Naruto laughed nervously and responded, "I'll treat her all the respect she deserves, and don't worry. Nothing harmful will even touch a hair on her head on my watch.

"Good! Well I have to go. I have to order a few more shipments of supplies, so if you'll excuse me." Inoichi responded, all smiles once again, before leaving the store. Mumbling about various prices and who would provide the best sale.

Meanwhile, Ino was in the back of the store thinking of way's to get Naruto.

"Damn hes really grown handsome! I cant believe that's really Naruto. Who would have thought that the dead last would one day become the new toad sage! Hes really come a long way from what he used to be. So how can I get his attention... Oh Yeah, I forgot we're going to the hospital together. and I overheard Daddy asking him to walk me home. This could play out good if I plan this right I'll wear That sexy nurse's uniform. That should get his attention. When we get to the hospital i'll lead him to an empty room and that's when I'll sink my claws into him!' Ino let out a maniacal cackle of delight at the thought.

"Hey Ino! You ready to go?" Hollered Naruto from the front.

"Yup, all ready." She Responded she came from the back room and they both exited the store.

As they were walking Naruto couldn't help but check Ino out. With her mini-skirt and that short top she was wearing Naruto couldn't help but want to see the rest of her body. 'Man, Ino's hot! I cant wait to get to the hospital. If I play my cards right I'm gonna have two nurse's now. I wonder how long she'll last if this is her first time? Not long probably, but thats why threesomes are awesome I suppose.' He finished with a mental chuckle and a grin.

'Look at him. already checking me out! And we're not even there yet. Hehehe I can't wait to show him how sexy I look in my uniform!' Ino plotted.

After a ten minute walk, made shorter by the wonders of small talk, they finally got to the hospital.

"Hey Naruto? You said that you were looking for Tsunade–sama and forehead right?" Ino asked as they walked through the entrance.

"Yeah, but I can talk to Tsunade anytime, she may not even be here. I just thought i'd try here first 'cause I wanted to see Sakura-chan as well."

"Well, wait here and let me get changed first. I'll help you find her. They have the schedule charts by where the outfits are so i'll check if she's working today."

"Alright." Naruto agreed as he sat down on one of the chairs in the main lobby.

So Ino went to the changing rooms, Naruto only had to wait five minutes until he heard the nurses station door open and Ino came out. He was shocked speechless by her outfit however. Ino was in a white nurse's uniform but it had a very short skirt and it showed that she had quite the rack for her age. Not nearly as big as Hinata's but no one but maybe Tsunade could compete with her, and even then that was only going to be for a few months before Hinata passed the rather gifted Kage. It showed enough cleavage to make any normal man have a lethal nose bleed. Naruto's pants got rather uncomfortable, he just wanted to grab her right then and there and drag her back into the nurses changing room and fuck her brains out.

"Okay so how do I look? She asked, subtly bending her back forward and pushing her shoulder back. Making her bust look even bigger.

"You look great! You and Sakura make those uniform's look so good. And sexy."

"Thanks! And I took a look at forehead's schedule. It looks like she's doing inventory today. Since this hospital was just built there are some inventory room's that are empty, as we don't have the supplies to stock them yet. So they're sending some of the nurses to map out the rooms so when we get a shipment in a few days we'll know exactly where to put all of it. The one she's in is just a few floors down, I'll lead the way."

He nodded as he followed after her as they took the stairs down, since the elevator had yet to be fixed. Those poor nurses.

Naruto and Ino had to walk down three flights of stairs until they finally got to the inventory room. The entire floor was storage so there was no patients and it didn't look like there were any other nurses or personnel here. There was only one room that had a light on so they tried that one.

Inside another room Sakura was currently cleaning and stacking various medical supplies that were all wrapped up in bulk packages. Naruto barely noticed this of coarse as he was rather busy checking her out. She was bending over picking something up when he noticed that she wasn't wearing panties. He also noticed that she looked really beautiful in her nurse's uniform. Naruto quietly snuck up behind her, Ino was about to say something until he put his hand up in the universal 'stop' symbol. Sakura still didn't notice that Naruto was behind her until she stood back up.

"Hello beautiful. Did you miss me?" Naruto whispered into her ear seductively as he put his arms around her slim waist.

Sakura jumped in surprised, she didn't even hear him... and how did he know where she was? She recovered quickly however an responded, "God yes I have! I haven't had my daily dose of fox meat for almost three days! So do you want to start where we left off with Hinata? Or just start now without her?" Replied the pink haired nurse as she reached back and gave his butt a firm squeeze.

"Well I thinking that we could have someone else join us. Hinata is training with her father today and I won't see her until later... make that tomorrow. And I haven't seen you for three days, I missed you. And to be honest, I want to apologize for our first time, I should have been more gentle with you. I was treating you like some cheap tramp or something."

Giggling lightly she ground her shapely ass into his crotch and told him, "Silly, I can punt boulders across the village, if you did anything I didn't like you would know be the first to know."

"Whew, well that's a load off my mind. Like I was saying, I believe Ino wants to say hello."
W-wait Ino's here? where is sh-Mmm, thats good, keep doing that." Started Sakura before being cut off as he stretched her elastic shirt collar below her bust and her breasts bounced their way to freedom, quickly grabbing two handfuls he started kneading them.

"Right over there. You can come in now Ino, fingering yourself in the door way simply won't do." Answered Naruto, now at sporting a full erection thanks to Sakura's grinding.

As Ino was walking over Naruto quickly glanced around the room and spotted a pile of newly opened blankets. 'They must have been ripped on something and just thrown in here until they could throw them away.(1)' The more rational part of his brain reasoned. Another part of his brain, wearing red and black spandex (2) gave his two cents, 'Discarded blankets? Thats the best this worthless BETA could think up? Ugh, amateur!'

But we're going to ignore that part because it needs to STFU and get back in it's cage!

Anyway, thinking quickly Naruto used his new Fantasy Vision and connected his head to Sakura's via chakra string first. And used slightly more chakra to form the string then he did with Hinata earlier. Suddenly his vision turned black and white and time froze, almost causing Naruto to have a heart attack at first, but relaxed after noticing he hadn't died and there was no broken chain on his chest nor a bell clad psychopathic battle manic here to reap him of his mortal coil(3). Seemingly appearing from within Sakura's head a small Pink rectangular box with four, smaller rectangles within it and floated toward him. Reading from top to bottom they read,

Current Fantasies

Recent Fantasies

Past fantasies


Deciding to save the first two for a rainy day he completely ignored the third, after all, they probably had the emo king Sasuke in them. Ew. Moving quickly onto the fourth box he tapped it with his finger.

Another menu popped up with two more buttons that read,




Deciding he was kinda in a hurry, his painful erection was rather insistent, he clicked 'List' and a second later another screen popped up. It was a fairly small list, next to the different fetishes were how much they got her off, ranging from one to ten. He chalked it up the small amount to not exploring her sexuality yet, so he read them off in his head.

'Lets see... level 4 spanking, do-able. Level 7 master/slave role playing. It'll take a bit of work on my part but I think I can treat her like that if she's enjoys it. Level 9 gagging... I think I hear angels singing... Oh heres a high one, level 10, being treated like a whore... should have seen that coming. Well now I know how to do her right, lets check our next lucky contestant!'

Releasing his hold on the chakra he returned to real time for less then a heartbeat before he connected another string to Ino's head.

Absently noting the 'main menu' screen from her head was purple he pressed fetishes and then list again.

"Okay... level 6, being treated like a whore. Mkay, I can do that. It'll be easier for Ino I suppose, she bullied me back in the academy so I just gotta think of it like mutually beneficial payback. level 8 gagging... b-both of them? sniff someone up there loves me! Aaaaand level 10, slave/master role playing, so I have two sex slaves, shouldn't be any more difficult then one. Wow, no matter how much they say they're nothing alike they're actually pretty similar sexually. Interesting."

When he released the chakra string he remembered Kyuubi's warning about being dizzy, it proved to be true, not as bad as he expected and Sakura's firm breasts were there to steady him so he didn't make an idiot out of himself by tripping while standing still.
Letting go of Sakura he took off his shirt he noticed the girl were moving to take off their clothes as well.

Raising his hand in a 'stop' motion he said, "No, wait. Keep them on. I like the outfits." Using his 'leader' voice, that he had been practicing for years for when he became Hokage, He gave his fellow blond an order, "Ino, panties off, now."

Ino didn't know why but she felt herself grow wet at the pure authority in his voice. All but ripping her purple panties out from between her legs, she didn't put on her bra when she changed, she was all set.

Still using his 'Hokage voice' he turned to Sakura. "Now my slutty nurse, my cock is awfully dry, come over here and fix it."

Sakura couldn't have gotten across the room any faster. Almost tripping when she had to stop she covered it up by dropping to her knees and unbuttoned his pants. Grabbing a hold if the zipper she got it down with a little trouble, as she was trying to get it down too fast, and all but ripped his pants off pulling them down.

A meaty Thwak! filled the relatively empty room as, like Ten-ten the night before, Sakura got a forehead full of Naruto's man meat. Ino doubled over with laughter saying something that sounded like, "Thats living up to your nickname forehead!". Sakura ignored both Ino and her lightly stinging forehead however, she was too busy using her tongue to get Naruto as coated as possible in her saliva.

Feeling like that was good enough he spoke up and simply said, "Suck it." wasting no time Sakura crammed the first three inches of him in her mouth and started bobbing her head.

Not satisfied with how much she had in her mouth he tried a different approach, "I'm disappointed Sakura-chan. Hinata-chan could fit my entire cock in her mouth without even a hint of trouble, and even Ten-ten, with a little help from my hand, was able to get all of me in as well." He paused and gave a fake sigh here for effect. Slipping a bit of grief into his voice he finished with, "I guess your just not good enough."

Eyes widening in horror Sakura started working harder and harder. Grasping his length at around the middle to keep him steady she opened her mouth and forced her head down. She went lower and lower, reaching eight inches she felt tears slip from her eyes forcing past them she got to eleven inches before she had to pull him out, coughing and gasping for air. She felt and hand place itself gently atop her head and looked up.

Not even having to fake the proud smile on his face now he looked into her mascara stained face.
"Very good slut. I'm proud of you." His smile turned devious a second later as he grabbed her hair. "But you better work harder, thanks to some kind of pink gas from Ten-ten i'm even bigger then I was the first time we fucked, and your not getting any of this cock in that tight pussy of your until I can feel your tongue on my balls and your throat gasping for air around me." He didn't even need to force her down, Sakura had pulled her own hair trying to lower her head.

Letting go of her pink locks he made two shadow clones and had one transform into a queen size bed as the other got busy layering the blankets on it. Glancing at Ino he noticed she was fingering herself and moaning in wide eyed lust filled horror at the scene before her.

"Bitch! What the hell did I say about getting yourself off without me? Get your perky ass over here!" Ino jumped in surprise and quickly walked toward her fellow blonde, who was enjoying Sakura's desperate attempts to cram all 14 Inches of him into her mouth.

Mentally ordering his remaining clone, who just got done laying down the fifth, and final, blanket on the bed, to lay on the edge of the new piece of furniture. Turning to Ino as she stopped in front of him he ordered, "You've been a very bad little whore, you need to be punished." He grabbed her shoulders and shoved her toward his clone. Who quickly grabbed her and pulled her down so she was laying with her ass raised on his left leg and her legs and upper body laying on the bed.

Lifting up her skirt Shadow (whom this clone will now be referred to as, or any time there's only one clone, from now on) sent her one last look to take in her look of barely contained glee before he rubbed her right ass cheek with his hand, drawing a moan from Ino, followed by quickly raising his hand and quickly bringing it down. The loud smack and cry of pleasure mixed with pain caused Sakura to pull Naruto's cock completely out of her mouth with a wet Shlick, thick ropes of her saliva still connecting the two, as she watched her friend squirm in pleasure as she was punished.

This caught Naruto attention rather quickly as he grabbed her hair at the base and shoved his soaked cock back into her mouth. Using her head to get himself off he started talking, "Did I tell you you could stop? No, no I believe I didn't. Just for that you now have a time limit, in ten seconds if my balls aren't touching your chin you aren't getting anal tonight. Now, I realize you may not be able to do this alone so if you want my help say some- well I guess it's not polite to talk with your mouth full now is it? Hum then, if you want me to help then hum.
Ten." Starting his countdown Sakura tried one more time, getting all the way down to twelve inches she brought her head back a few inches-

"seven." And shot forward, managing another inch she grabbed his but in her hands and tried to force it, only succeding in mussing up her make-up as more tears spilled from her eyes.

"Almost got it there, i'm more then happy to lend a hand ya know. Four." Growing desperate Sakura gave up and started humming, almost immedietly Naruto got a firm grip on her head and pushed down with his arms while thrust forward with his hips.

Just after he said "One." his pelvis slammed into her face, hard enough to hurt her nose, but not enough to do any damage. Quickly sticking her tongue out she licked his balls and tried to breath. Naruto pulled out three inches and slammed back into her mouth fully, repeating the process a few times he groaned out, "Wonderful job my slutty nurse, heres your reward!" as he came down her esophagus, filling her stomach with his first load of the night.

Despite her struggling, most likely needing air, he held her head there enjoying the pleasurable vibrations her pleas for air were causing. Finally letting go of her head it flew back as she his grip holding her in place was released, falling from her knees onto her hands and knees she started gasping for air. Giving her a few seconds he waited and then lifted her head by her hair again and smiled proudly at her once again. "You did it! You got me all the way down and you earned anal. Now, swap places with Ino, the clone is all yours. I think she's been punished enough."

Nodding happily Sakura almost skipped her way to the bed. Naruto was finally treating her like she wanted to be treated, only in the bedroom that is, ever since she became Tsunade's apprentice everyone had started treating her like she was glass or something! She had actually dated a few guys when Naruto was on his training trip, she had no intention of even going to first base, she was just curious what going on a date was like, and none of the guys even made any moves on her, not even the 'yawn and put your arm over her shoulder' move!

They were just all extremely polite, which was nice, but again, not glass. And at the end of the date none of them even attempted to kiss her. It was a smart idea though, she would have introduced their jaws to their brains if they did, but still! She wanted a guy who knew when to treat her like a princess, and when to force his cock down her throat. Her luck was perfect as Naruto showed up only 3 days after she came to this realization. But between Akatsuki and Konoha being kinda, ya know, temporarily wiped off the map she got a tad sidetracked and never got a chance to tell him her feelings. She quite literally was jumping for joy when she heard she was going to be Naruto's private nurse.

Forcing her musings away she made it to the bed, noticing Shadow was still spanking Ino she looked at her friends face and was a little shocked at what she saw, 'Is she gonna...?"
Ino was currently squirming in Shadow's lap, "One more, i'm almost there Master..." She moaned out.

_-_-_-_-_With Ino_-_Right after the first slap_-_-_-_

Giving a short squeak of pain Ino moaned deeply at the pleasure. She did know why but this was really turning her on.

Shadow continued slapping her until she was moaning out, "Yes Naruto! It hurts so good! More!"
Responding with, "You really are a whore aren't you? If you want me to keep this up you have to tell me what you are!" before freezing his hand in mid-air.

Squirming around in his lap Ino pleaded, "I'm your whore! Your cum slave! Please spank me some more Master!"

Slapping her a few more times it wasn't long before she moaned out, "One more, i'm almost there Master..."

Obliging, Shadow brought his hand down one more time on her bright red ass cheeks. That proved too much for the flower shop girl as she screamed out her first orgasm, her juiced pouring out onto his lap.

Sakura, getting impatient, picked up the still recovering Ino and tossed her over to Naruto. Turning around and lifted her skirt and shook her ass enticingly for a now clothes free Shadow. Whom was quick to grab her from behind and lifting her up by hooking his arms around the back of her knees before slipping inside of her asshole. They both moaned as Shadow sped up before turned around and setting her on the bed on her hands and knees, shoving her face into the blankets her mounted her from above and slipped out of her ass, only to slam right back into her pussy. Earning a squeal from Sakura.

Feeling is climax coming at him fast he switched to short rapid-fire thrusts. Sakura, feeling her own orgasm approaching and feeling what Shadow was doing yelled out, "Yes! Fill your cum-slut to the brim! I'm cumming!" Muffling her scream into the blankets she enjoyed the feeling of Shadow filling her hungry womb full of his cum.

Noticing the bed shake she looked down and saw a pair of slim feminine legs. Looking upwards to the body the legs were attached to she eventually came to the owners face, or at least, what she could see of it. Ino was on her back on the edge of the bed with Naruto's entire cock in her mouth, she was also currently moaning.

She would be jealous of her friend taking his entire massive length in such a short amount of time but she felt Shadow line up for another round so she just settled in for the show as her long time rival was face fucked by her lover while his clone was pounding away at her asshole behind her.

_-_-_-_-_Right After Sakura Threw Ino_-_With Ino_-_-_-_

Quickly catching the limp blonde Naruto sat her down. Noticing she was coming to he explained, "Okay cum slave here's the deal, You need to get my entire cock in your mouth before we can have sex, it's what I did with the slut over there and it's only fair I do it to you. Now, do you think you can get it in yourself or can we do this the quick and fun way and have me do the work."

Ino thought about it for a second and made her decision, "I want you to do it, you sound impatient and we both want to get to the sex already. I want it rough, so use my mouth and throat as hard as you can Master!"

He gave a devilish grin and picked her up, flipped her around and locked her legs behind his neck and her arms around his waist. Knowing she liked gagging he reached down and grabbed her head, forcing it down while he pushed up with his hips, not stopping until her nose rested against his balls. Noticing the relative ease at which his cock slid all the way in he decided he could be a little rougher with her. Grabbing her head he started bouncing it up and down his length building up a rather quick speed. He would have used his hips as well but he was currently using those for walking over to the bed.

Stopping his hands he laid her down gently on her back on the edge of the bed and started pumping himself into her mouth again. After a few seconds of thought he decided that since he had done this with Hinata before he should try something slightly different. Pulling out with a another satisfying Shlick sound he got up on the bed and laid down flat on his back. Beckoning Ino over he had her sit on his face. As she inhaled his cock once more her started licking her pussy.

First licking the outer layer and hen spreading it open with his finger he flattened his tongue and gave one long lick. Causing Ino, who was currently sucking on the head of his cock, to leg go and moan, "More master. Please, it feels so good!" Naruto stopped immediately when she did however.

Taking the hint she almost begged, "S-sorry master! Please don't stop." as she finished talking she dipped her head down, taking his length in once again, and started bobbing her head. Satisfied she learned her lesson he attacked her clit with his tongue, enjoying the moans she was giving around his cock. reaching up with one hand he slipped his middle finger inside of her and started lightly pumping in and out.

Feeling his orgasm approaching quickly he added another finger and sped up further. "Faster whore." Curling his finger inward every time he thrusts them in he raked his teeth on her clit. He kept doing this for several seconds as she started going faster, suddenly hearing a muffled scream he had only a second to figure out Ino had just climaxed before his own orgasm washed over him, her scream having pushed him over the edge. Thrusting his hips upward he came down her throat while lapping up her pussy juices as they gushed out.

As they both winded down from their respective climaxes Naruto flipped her ever so she was sitting on his crotch, his length resting in the crack of her ass.
Giving up the commanding voice for a moment he asked in his normal voice, "Are you ready, this will most likely hurt." Trying his best to ignore Sakura, who was moaning out his name just a few feet away. He would get to her later, but for now he had to concentrate on being careful with Ino.

"Yes, I am, just... be gentle okay?" She told him, gently lifting her pelvis she leaned back slightly and gave him a short hot dogging before she lifted herself up further. Reaching down she lined herself up and skipping the slow descent approach she slipped the head in and slammed herself down. Unfortunately she didn't think of exactly how big Naruto was. Crying out in she almost collapsed onto his chest when the wave of pain washed over her.

Getting an idea Naruto sat up slowly, careful not to move any muscles below the waist, lest he flex his dick muscles and hurt Ino more, and grabbed her breasts lightly. Kneading her left breast he starting licking around the right nipple. Noticing her face loosening up from it's pained grimace he switched breasts and started sucking on the left.

Getting an idea he coated his hand an a decent amount of Kyuubi's chakra and gently placed his hand above her navel and jumped at the burst of pleasure he got, luckily he was able to hold completely still, and started to gently move his hand lower. By the time he had gotten to her pussy Ino was not only not in pain anymore, but she had started to rotate her hips.

Filing away that move for later he placed his hands on her hips as Ino started bouncing on his lap. "Master your so big! It feels so good!" bouncing faster she was started to feel her orgasm approaching. "I'm cumming!" She cried, at the same time Naruto let out a long low groan. Slamming herself down onto his lap she ground out her orgasm, enjoying the feeling of Naruto's cum shooting into her womb.

Sighing in contentment she leaned herself down and put her head on his chest. Glancing over at Sakura she noticed Shadow, and another shadow clone, whom Shadow had most likely made, was still plowing her from behind. Considering the size of the puddle below them they must have been going at it since she had first thrown her. She almost felt the need to wince when her pink haired friend let out a glass shattering scream as both clones thrust into her, creating a wet slap. She could almost here the jizz filling the pinkette up. Seemingly running out of chakra both clones went limp and poofed out of existence, Sakura falling six inches onto the bed a second later when gravity decided to enforce it's laws.

Getting the memory from his clones Naruto was getting even more turned on. Grabbing Ino from under her arms he laid her beside himself and addressed the still not all the Sakura. "Slut, get your lazy ass up and lay on slave's stomach, I want to see that tight pussies of yours on top of hers."

Jumping to attention Sakura crawled over to Ino as best as she could, she was running rather low on energy and was getting tired fast. Laying on top of her she pulled up her knees so her pussy and asshole, still dripping with cum, were laying on Ino's. Next she wrapped Ino's legs around her waist and her arms around her shoulder so they molded together. Breasts pressed together she took to shaking her ass back and forth, both to entice Naruto, and because it caused her exposed clit to rub up against Ino's.

Waddling up behind them naruto inserted his dick between their pussies. Causing both girls to give a surprised moan, they had been to preoccupied with each other they didn't notice him approach.

Torturing them further he continued his thrust for twenty more seconds before pulling back. "Which one of us is first Master?" Ino asked, wanting more of Naruto's meat already.

"Why do I have to choose?" He responded, confusing the to tangled girls slightly. They got their answer as Naruto brought his right hand up in a ram seal and muttered, "Kage Henge." and his crotch was covered in smoke. It dissipated quickly to reveal... another cock! Right above the original, causing both girls to drool and almost cream themselves thinking about the possibilities.

"It's an advance henge I created after experimenting with the sexy ju-... your not even listening anymore are you?" He said, swaying his twin dicks back and forth he chuckled as their zombie like gazes followed it like a ball of yarn and a cat. Having had his fill of toying with them he leaned forward and lining himself up. (which was a tad harder now) A second later he was balls deep in both girls, savoring the extra sensation while they both moaned. Deciding they needed to be punished for ignoring him a second ago he showed no mercy and was pounding both of them raw.

Sakura cleared her tired mind and looked down at Ino, seeing her lips parted in a near constant moan she lunged forward and latched her lips onto the blondes. Quickly shoving her tongue into her mouth they were in a battle that no one could lose a second later as Ino snapped to attention and returned the heated kiss.

Watching the two girls kiss was a real turn-on for Naruto as he sped up further. He could only keep up with the added pleasure of another penis however and five minutes later he was busy refilling all of his cum that had spilled out. Followed by both girls groaning into the others mouth and climaxing.

Pulling out and grabbing them both he flipped them over so Ino was on top. Using the juices from the last round her lined up and rammed his dicks onto her holes. However he was taken by surprise when Ino, surprised by the sudden pain in her ass, tried to get away from it. Causing him to lurch forward and fall into her back, bending his top dick rather painfully when he fell. Cringing in pain he growled before whispering into her ear. "Wrong move cum-slave, I was going to go easy on you for a few minute to let you get used to taking it in the ass but now i'm using chakra right away, and you won't have a single orgasm til i'm done!" As he finished his statement he slipped a glowing finger underneath her and blocked any orgasm she would be experiencing from what he was about to do.

Leaning back up so he was standing straight up on his knees he wrapped his right arm around her, right under her breasts, gripping her left roughly. He then wrapped his left arm around her left armpit, gripping her right shoulder before he harshly pulled her back flush against his chest, almost hard enough to knock the wind out of her. Roughly shoving the few inches that had slipped out back into her he succeeded in blocking her scream of pain by knocking the wind out of her. True to his word he molded a decent amount of chakra and set it to circulate through his body, speeding up and empowering his every action by a factor of three. He spared no mercy and was slamming into her with bruising force the instant he made sure his hold on her was tight.

Ignoring her screams as they eventually turned into pain filled moans he continued his rough treatment for ten more minutes. By this time Ino's eyes were half lidded and she was drooling lightly. With one final thrust that almost cracked Ino's pelvis he came for the third time within her. (fifth of you count each dick) deciding to keep himself lodged within her for a few more seconds he unwrapped his arms, which would have made her fall had his right hand not shot up and wrapped itself in her pony tail, keeping her up. Bringing his mouth to her ear he whispered to her again, "Let that be a lesson to never harm your master again. I give you permission to pass out whenever you like." slapping her ass he absorbed the chakra, instantly Ino back arched at a seemingly impossible angle and she had the biggest orgasm of her life, her spasming pussy and ass muscles were enough to get Naruto off one more time before she let out a silent scream and her eyes rolled into the back of her head before going limp.

Making a shadow clone he had it lift her up and set her at the foot of the bed before pulling back the numerous covers and picking her up again before depositing her in the bed and tucking her in comfortably.

Seeing the clone poof away he was about to cut the flow of chakra still circulating his body before he looked down and saw Sakura was sound asleep! Grumbling to himself he rolled her onto her back slowly, as to not wake her, and lifter her ass up in the air. "I swear these bitches just want to be punished..." He mutter to himself.

Gripping her hips tightly he lined both his cocks up on her ass and managed to get the heads in without waking her, a testament to how rough his clone had been if she was still that stretched out. Pulling back on her hips and thrusting forward as hard as he could he managed to slam both his cocks into her stretched beyond capacity rectum. The now wide awake Sakura gave a high pitched screech that was heard by the whole hospital, sending several patient into cardiac arrest thus distracting the staff enough to call off the search party for whoever made the noise.

Almost having to use all of his enhanced strength Naruto was soon slamming into her ass just as fast and hard as he was Ino. Talking to the now crying Sakura he said, "This'll teach you to pass out before I allow you to my dirty little slut!" before he forced her pelvis down flat onto the bed with an extra hard thrust and resumed his speed, enjoying the increase in tightness the new position brought.

This kept up for the next half hour, at five minutes Sakura had stopped sobbing and was moaning, at fifteen she had her first orgasm, and from then on she was unknowingly copying her fellow slaves facial expressions. Feeling his third orgasm since he shoved both his dicks in her ass approaching he leaned down and said, "Now you can pass out." before he sped up even faster for a few thrusts before unloading two more loads into her already bulging rectum.

Slipping out of her he let her abused sphincter spit out most of his cum before he lifted the blankets and put her below them, noticing her rapidly closing eyes he quickly gave her a soft kiss and muttered, "Goodnight Sakura-chan" in his normal voice, her small smile signifying that she heard him. Slipping under the covers himself and pulling both girls flush against his sides so they weren't laying on their damaged asses he shut his eyes and imagined how Hinata would apologize to him later tomorrow, first he had to do some Touch of heat, or rather the 'Massage of healing' as he now called the move's after-sex version, and heal the poor girl's ripped assholes, he had seen a little blood from Sakura's ass when he pulled out before it was overshadows by his essence poring out of her and Ino was most likely sore from it being her first time. They'd probably want some more after that so... he'd deal with it tomorrow, and using Kage henge for that long was killer for the reserves, it was a Kage's only jutsu for a reason after all.

"Speaking of which..." He muttered before bringing his hands together and muttering a quick "Kai." releasing the jutsu, causing his double decker dicks to revert to a single still hard one.

Tucking himself in once again he welcomed the warmth the two bodies one either side of him were creating and was lulled to sleep by the gentle hum of the various machines his sensitive ears could hear several floors up.

End of chapter

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