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FrightFic Two - A Board and A Box

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One of Gerard Way's biggest fears is being buried alive. And fuck with a cactus in the ass if he doesn't reget letting the guys know it when he was drinking.

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I bit my lip and held back the screams. I always knew this would fucking happen.

My heart was in my throat, racing there and choking me. Goddammit this figures.

Tears stung my eyes, falling over my cheeks. I wanted to wipe them away, but I didn't have room to move them.

The tears turned to choked sobs. I wanted to vomit. But I didn't wanna smell THAT till I ran out of air.

Okay, don't panic. Think.

I forced myself to stop crying and breathe. My heart thudded hollowly.

If I had a funeral, these clothes were shitty. Like pajamas but they were stiffer.

And this coffin was rough and splintery. Was this....?

I pushed on it as hard as I could with my hands and knees. It hardly gave.

A fraction of an inch, but a little. Maybe it wasn't buried yet. Maybe it was just locked.

"Help!!!!!! I'm not dead!!!! This fucking sucks!!!!" I yelled as loud as I could. "I swear to god if you're a perv or something, I'll fucking stab you in the face!!!"

Someone laughed. So I'm not buried. They know I'm not dead.

I recgonized that laugh. "You little motherfuckers!!!!!!" I roared. "LET ME THE FUCK OUT!!!"

A few nails groaned out of the wood. The lid was lifted up.

I saw the bright smiles of Mikey, Frank and Ray. "IFUCKINGHATEYOUALL!!" I bolted out of the shitty wooden box and balled my fists. "And I'm telling Mom, Mikey. She's gonna kick your ass when we go down there for Thanksgiving."

A scared look crossed his face. "Noooo!" He laughed the word. "We were trying to help you dude."

"Some fuckin help you sick-" a movement on Frank's shoulder made me stop. A huge spider was moving over him slowly. "Uh... Frank?"

"Yeah?" He asked. Tell em or no? I looked at the box behind me.

"You made a shitty ass coffin." I smiled to myself and walked away.

I got to my room and shut the door, leaving the light and TV off, waiting.

About a second after I settled in the bed, there was a bllodcurtling scream of "SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!"

"Ah..." I relaxed and listened to the banging. "Karma bitches." I picked up the remote.

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