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Profile of a Ficwaddian-NotKissingYouGoodBye

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I wanted to shear more about myself :D as a Ficwaddian.

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Profile of a Ficwaddian update 9/11/13.

Real Name: Ozzy

Username: Notkissingyougoodbye

Gender: I’m a chick

Country: Australia

City: how bout I tell you the state? Yes, good: NSW

Religion: Music is my only belief. I have no real religion, like I believe in the spiritual world (ghost, spirits, mother nature, karma…)I'm fine with other people believing in religion as long as they don't try to force me to believe too.

Relationship status: Free as a mother-fucking bird, I don’t really believe in love. or I don't believe that love last forever.

Picture of yourself (optional): Nope

Favorite musicians/bands:
Ok first off if I name all my favorite musicians/bands the list would be never ending (I love all music but mainly punk/Rock), so I’ll try to cut it down to my top 20.

My Chemical Romance
The spill canvas
Blink 182
Fall out boy
pierce the veil
The Used
Papa roach
Bowling for soup
All time Low
Marianas Trench
Escape the Fate
Falling in reverse
Good Charlotte
Between The Trees
Mayday Parade
Mindless self indulgence

Favorite Movies:
All-time favorite ~Nightmare on Elm street (all the originals including ‘Wes Cravens new nightmare’)
Freddy vs. Jason
Chucky (All of them)
Friday the 13th (All of them)
Texas chainsaw massacre (all of them)
Paranormal Activity (All of them)
The lonely ones
The Wisher
Jennifer’s body
Nightmare before Christmas
Saw (all of them)
Dead Snow
Zombies of Mass Destruction (FUNNY!)
House of wax
The last house on the left
Zombie land
(in case you haven’t noticed….I LOVE my horror movies!!! XD)

Favorite TV shows:
I don’t really watch that much TV but when I do I like these shows.
Adventure time
South Park
Family Guy
American Dad
The fosters
American Horror story

Favorite Books: oh I love books I have so many I nearly have my own library! but here's my top five,
The Argeneau novels ~ by Lynsay Sanders.
Deadly ~ by Pual Jennings and Morris Gleitzman.
Sleepers ~ by Lorenzo Carcaterra.
Space Demons-the trilogy ~ byGillan Rubinstein.
A Stainless Steel Rat Is Born ~ by Harry Harrison.

Frank Iero
Gerard Way
Ray Toro
Mikey Way

Bandoms you write for: My Chemical Romance

Fandoms you write for: My Chemical Romance

Pairings you ship: Frerard.

Your favourite authors on here: I can’t choose! they are all FUCKING amazing authors on this site!! and if I name some but then forget someone I'll feel bad.

Your favorite personalities on here: Don't make me pick favourites! I love everyone they give me motivation and inspiration, they make me laugh and feel happy and do the 'restarted bird thingy'. X3 Buuuuuuttttt in saying that I gotta mention my MCR buddy! coz she is awesome and amazing and i'm so glad we're friends! killjoy247
Thanks to this site i've made a really amazing friend on the other side of the world.

Your favorite fics on here so far or at the moment:
Curiosity's Bitch
Trying To Escape The Inevitable
The Tragedy of Bob Bryar
A Misfit's Guide to the 20 Ways
God Bless America
All the Lies in the Books
Fifty Shades of Gay
My Confusing Romance
I Dare You
Be My Detonator
Gerard Is From Venus (tho they have stop production atm)
Red Silk Amaryllis (Frerard Oneshot)
In the darkest Knight you'll find a light.
I Want Your Bite
Feels like drowning
And more but these ones are my fav at the moment ;D

Extra stuff: I have an obsession with energy drinks, learning Guitar, love Horror movies and 'My chemical Romance' I guess you could say I don’t have a lot of confidence, I can be a very LOUD! Person and I can’t go to sleep if I’m not listening to music….oh and I love tattoos and the sound of a bass guitar drives me wild (in a good way). ok that's all for now, Killjoy Out X_O .XOXO.
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