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To whoeve is rating all mcr-non-related shit down; CHILL YOUR FUCKING TITS I'll delete my rant when I calm down

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I don't give a fuck anymore, I have went through times where I damn near attempted again and didn't even post anything in the "original" category...
As the title says, i wan to fucking die...
So let me explain before you all go "oh dont theres so much" and da-da-da
1) my family doesnt give twofucks (only time they do is when I camt fucking breath because of the sobs that are wracking my body)
2) My "friends" who acted like they gave a third fuck about me dont even look at me any more, cause their friends are more important to them than I ever was (i'm just a fucking loner)
3) Ive been lying to everyone including myself
Yup, I said I was fine, depression was gone everything was fine...HOLY FUCK SAM JUST SAID THE BIGGEST LIE YEt! Who knew just typing ':)' in a text, over computer or anything made ot seem like one had no pain whatsoever...
You must applaud me for it; rather than a permanent solution to temporary pain hm?
So fuck this world I give up (Who knows, maybe i'll even have a new account by the end of this)
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