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Shooting ink through my veins.

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Gerard Way has a phobia of needles. So getting a tattoo wasn't the easiest thing for him to do. (One-shot)

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It is common knowledge that Gerard Way has a phobia of needles. It is also well known that Frank Iero has many tattoos. Gerard also likes tattoos but obviously because of his fear of needles he never got one. What people don’t know is Frank has known about Gerard’s fondness of tattoos so after years of trying to convincing him to get one he succeeds. Gerard agrees to get a tattoo.

“Gerard if you don’t want to do it then just say. I don’t want to have to stand outside in the freezing cold for another hour. Seriously my balls have gone numb!” Frank moans to Gerard as they stand outside the tattoo shop. They had been standing there for a while because Gerard said he just ‘needed a few minutes to get himself ready’. An hour later they are still stood exactly still.

“No I am going to do this! I am a grown man for fuck sake! Let’s do it!” Gerard breathes out a deep breathe and takes the fatal step through the door of the shop like he was walking into hell. Frank rolls his eyes and whispers a ‘oh god’ under his voice.

They walk up to the front desk to a heavily tattooed woman who also has many facial piercings. “How can I help you guys today?” Her voice is soft which doesn’t really match her appearance, obviously the stereotype is completely off.

Gerard cant bring himself to speak as his whole body is now shaking. He can hear the buzzing noise from the needles. So Frank steps forward. “Well my friend, Gerard here, was hoping to get a tattoo today. He doesn’t have an appointment.”

The girl flicks through the books and spots an opening. “Hey Dan are you busy?” She shouts back to the artists. Her long, brunette hair swishing behind her. A smallish man steps forward.

“No I’m not. How can I help you guys?” The guy was also full of tattoos, unsurprisingly. He had two complete sleeves on his arms and a large tattoo on his neck. The man was also sporting a small quiff on his head.

Gerard finally finds his voice. “Well I was hoping to get a tattoo on my arm saying ‘Art is the weapon’ in cool writing”

The two men draw out a picture of what it will look like before Dan goes to the back to draw up a stencil. Gerard wanted a lot of input in the designing of the tattoo, obviously being an artist himself. Frank and Gerard are instructed to take a seat. Gerard felt a lot more at ease now. The buzzing isn’t scaring him as much, he’s kind of used to it. He took time to admire the exterior of the shop. It was really creative with loads of morbid paintings hung on the red walls. There were three other tattoo artists, not including Dan, in the shop today. Frank had given tattooing a try and found he actually had a talent for it but it was more of a hobby than a career.

“Alrighty Gerard. How about you come back here and lie down.” Gerard’s heart fluttered and his breathing was unsteady. He was actually going to do this. Frank gave him a reassuring smile.

Gerard slowly shuffled towards the station and lay on the bed. He was now freaking the shit out. His heart was pummelling against his ribcage and his whole body shook. Dan stuck on the stencil but noticed that Gerard wasn’t feeling very comfortable.

“Hey mate are you okay? If you don’t want to get the tattoo, say something now…”

“Or forever hold your peace.” Frank interrupted. They both faced him with a ‘shut the fuck up you’re not helping’ face. “whhhaaaaattt? I’m just trying to lift the tension.”

“No, no, I want this tattoo. I just, I don’t like needles.” Dan desperately tried to keep a straight face but the little gap in his mouth caused a rupture of laughter. “It’s not funny.” Gerard said like a sulky child.

“I know, I know. Sorry.” Dan breathed in and out trying to compose himself. “Right okay, so I wont lie this might hurt a little bit.” Gerard’s face was a picture. His eyes were wide open and he was desperately trying to breathe. “But don’t worry its only a small tattoo so it shouldn’t take long.

Dan picked up the tattoo needle and turned it on. The same buzzing noise blared into Gerard’s ears deafening him. He didn’t like the sound again. Dan dipped the needle into black ink before turning to face Gerard. The point was literally a centimetre away from Gerard’s skin.

“STOP!!!” Both Dan and Frank looked up in shock as the red-haired boy sat up crying his eyes out. “Shit, shit. I’m sorry I just need a minute. Shit, fuck, shit.” Dan turned off the tattoo needle. “Come on Gerard you can do this!” Gerard took in deep breathes and wiped away the tears in his eyes as he tried to calm himself down. “Okay right, go.”

Dan warily looked at Frank for confirmation that Gerard was okay. Frank simply shrugged his shoulders but then nodded. “Okay here we go.”

The needle finally made contact with Gerard’s skin. He started screaming. Like proper screaming and crying. Everyone in the shop turned around to stare at the commotion coming from Dan’s station. The tattoo artist slightly moved away.

“No, don’t stop. Just ignore me.” Gerard shouted. Frank didn’t like seeing his friend like this so grabbed his hand. He desperately wanted to calm the red boy’s nerves. Gerard almost broke Frank’s hand though, because he was holding on for dear life. Gerard wasn’t sure if it was helping but there was no way he was going to let go.

Ten minutes passed. Slowly. For everyone. “Okay I’m done.” Dan announced. As soon as the needle was removed from Gerard’s skin he stopped whaling. The entire shop sighed in relief.

“Wow Dan that’s fucking awesome, man! Gee, you’re going to love it.” Frank said with a smile.

Gerard opened his eyes, they had been tightly shut for the duration of the tattoo. He looked down to see the swirly letters permanently placed on his arm. He loved it. The red haired boy was now able to carry a piece of art on his body, even if was only small and basic, for the rest of his life.

“Dan, that is amazing. Thank you so much. I’m sorry about being…”

“A pussy… It’s cool.” Dan giggled with the two men. Dan got out some bandages to wrap around the tattoo so it wouldn’t get infected. “So now you have one tattoo do you think you’ll get another? Now that you’ve seen getting them isn’t that bad. Is your fear of needles gone?”

“No fucking way am I ever doing that ever again. I swear to god, nothing will ever make me go through that again.” Gerard said deadly seriously. Dan and Frank found this hilarious and were almost on the floor clutching their stomachs. “Not funny.” Gerard frowned.

So Gerard Way finally overcame his fear of needles, sort of, and was now a proud owner of an awesome tattoo.

So this is the sort of random shit that flows through my mind… Any way hope you liked it. Oh and yes the tattoo artist is Dan Smith :) Please R&R and I will make sure to respond to every review :)
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