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It's always the quiet ones that you can't forget. Killjoy RIKEY one-shot.

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It’s easy to forget things out here, in a place where the world seems to have forgotten you unless a debt of pain needs to be paid or the blistering sun needs to be fed it’s daily dose of putrid sweat. Sometimes forgetting feels like a good idea; to just forget thought and not exist anymore. But then sanity returns and you remember everything.

Everything other than the things that want to be forgotten. Like Jet Star and Kobra Kid, the quietest two out of our little group of anti-BL/ind ‘Killjoys’. It would be so easy to forget them if it weren’t for each other. Jet refuses to let Kobra fade into the background and Kobra returns the favour; that’s just how they work, only being loud when the other’s needs require it.

It’s cute actually, the way they rely on each other like that. Of course Party Poison denies it all, nose wrinkling at the thought of his sixteen-year-old baby brother getting it on with his best friend whenever I dare to bring it up. It’s still there though, always will be, no matter how quiet the two lovebirds are. Just like me and Poison; together amidst a world that wants to forget us before we bring it down.

I caught them kissing once, which was sufficiently awkward considering Kobra’s lack of shirt. Jet spoke to me about it afterwards, told me in these exact words, ‘Fun Ghoul, you tell anyone about this and I’ll get your ray-gun confiscated.’ At first I didn’t understand why he’d want it to be kept a secret, it’s not like Kobra’s bad-looking or anything, but then I realised; they want to be forgotten, to be together in their own little world where none of this blood and death and war exists. Not to mention the fact that I doubt Jet Star wants to deal with Poison in his over-protective big brother mode.

So of course I kept it quiet, not that it did them any good.

Anyone with a single functioning eyeball can see it; the way they look at each other as though nothing else really matters to them, how Jet holds Kobra’s hand when they think nobody’s looking, how Kobra almost always wakes up in Jet’s bed.

For Kobra’s last birthday Jet scavenged him an electric bass guitar and the look on the younger boy’s face when he got it was priceless. He was exalted, every part of him exuding that rare happiness that we all miss terribly from simpler times before BL/ind took over. It wasn’t just the awesome present that made him like that though, oh no; it was the fact that Jet had put so much thought into it. That’s what really made it so special.

Just the idea of not being forgotten by his lover.

I used to think that quiet people were dull, boring; the kind of people who don’t like socializing or think they’re above everyone else. That’s just not true and I hate my old self for thinking it. Ray and Mikey, Jet Star and Kobra Kid, are two of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

All because they have each other; too quiet to be forgotten.

A/N: Some Rikey, because I don’t write nearly enough of that shiz. I know this is ridiculously short, so I’m sorry about that. Part ‘Q’ (17) in my Alphabet Challenge. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think!

Also, if you want to see me making a prat of myself and wish to hear my ridiculously British voice, here’s a video you may enjoy:
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