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First Things First

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Ryan may have just found that someone he's been looking for his entire life.

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First Things First

We were unsure as to whom we would kill first. Once we were in the car, I just drove. Neither of us said anything. There really wasn’t anything for us to say. We knew that we both had similar motives, so we’d work together to reach our end goal. I wasn’t sure what his intentions were, but I knew what mine were. I’d end up dead either way, so I may as well make the world a better place.

After several hours, he spoke up, “So what did you want to do first?” and I looked over at him from the corner of my eye. I didn’t say anything back. I wasn’t entirely sure what we should do first. We could rob a bank in a small town with low to no security so we could have money. Or we could kill our first victim. Some random person everyone hates. He continued, “I mean, we’ve been driving for a couple hours. If we’re going to pretend to be Bonnie and Clyde, shouldn’t we have a first goal?”

I let out a humorless chuckle before looking over at him and then back at the road. A first goal. How ironic. I was doing this because I hated order; I hated the world. There was nothing good about order. I slowly shook my head, “I don’t do schedules or lists. We’ll do things at random. If we have order, we’ll be caught. Do you want to be caught, Clyde?” I asked nonchalantly. I’d given this a lot of thought. Perhaps too much thought. But who was really keeping track?

The stare he was giving me was one of those that was obviously screaming ‘You’re completely insane.’ And it made me bark out a laugh as I stared back out the window. Yeah, I’d gone crazy. I was very well aware of that fact. It was a long silence before he finally spoke again, “Okay, then can we… get something to eat? Or is that too orderly for you?”

I chuckled and shook my head. Getting something to eat was not orderly. It was just something people needed to do to live. Well, I didn’t really feel the need to eat frequently. But that was because of my crazy meds. They curbed my appetite. So if we needed to eat, he’d have to be the one to say that he wanted to eat, not me. I glanced over at him, “Well, let me know when you want to stop. But no fast food. Fuck fast food.”

He laughed, “Okay,” he stared out the window and I smiled a little. He was perfect. In every way. He just listened to me. And he didn’t seem to be scared of me. More or less, he seemed amused by the way I thought. Was I a case study for him? Ah well, I didn’t care if I was. If he wanted me to be, then I’d be. I’d be anything for him. We drove a bit more before he pointed out the passenger window, “There’s a Huskers. It’s a—”

“I know what Huskers is,” it was a diner. It was the same kind of diner he had just shot up, or not shot up; I don’t actually know. But I pulled off the highway regardless and made my way toward the diner. I parked the car, gracefully slid out and waited for the clumsier one to get out. I looked at him, “Come on, let’s go already.”

“Sorry, just give me…” he fell to the ground and hopped up, “I’m good,” he shut the door and I locked the car. He followed me inside and some lady named Sophia seated us immediately. She had clumpy pink hair put up in a messy bun with disgusting green cat-eye glasses and a uniform that matched her hair. This uniform was a frock with a purple sash across her waist and a nametag that read ‘Hi! I’m Sophia! Ask me about our specials!’ I hated her already.

“Hi there!” her voice was chipper. I hated her more, “My name is~” she gestured to what her nametag read, “Sophia! I’m your server for today! Here are your menus and I’ll be back in a minute to take your drink orders!” she giggled, “Take your time!” she winked and skipped off.

I dragged my line of sight over to where Clyde was sitting and he knew exactly what I was thinking. He nodded, but chuckled, “Not yet. Hold your horses,” he looked over as Sophia ducked into the kitchen. I let out an aggravated sigh. I didn’t want to wait. Now that I knew I had someone to go on a crime spree with me, I didn’t feel the need to wait. He then looked at me, “We’ll do it after we pay. She’ll get her last hurrah,” his voice was hushed, “We’ll give her a big tip. Then she’ll die,” and I smirked.

So we let her live. For now. She came back with that same skip in her step and I knew she wouldn’t be so happy for long. However, I wasn’t entirely positive as to how we were going to kill her, but I knew it would happen. I was sure of it. Maybe he had a pistol or something tucked away in the ski mask he’d taken off. She gave us our drinks and then our food. She wasn’t that bad of a waitress, but I still hated her. She still deserved to die.

After we ate, I smiled at her and she gave me her last smile back, “Here’s your check!” she placed it down on the surface of the table and walked off. I fished out my wallet and placed a credit card down. Clyde immediately grabbed it and looked at it.

“Your name is Ryan?” he smirked and set it back down, relaxing back in his side of the booth. I gave him a glare before I shut the little black book and pushed it to the side of the table. He then fished out some cash and waited. Miss Pink came back to take the checkbook and walked off. I sat there in calculated silence, contemplating how we could do this and get away with it. It would be possible. It had to be possible.

She came back and set it down. Clyde slipped her the money with a smile for her. I swiped my card and put it into my wallet. The two of us stood and walked out. I grabbed his arm and yanked him toward me so he was standing close enough that I could smell his breath, “You know mine, now what’s yours?”

Instead of responding with his name, he smirked before he put either his hands on either side of my face to pull me in for a kiss. I wasn’t expecting it. And it certainly caught me off guard. I pushed him away and was left breathless. He smiled and walked off to the car. I just stood there, unable to even understand what just happened. Then he came back and waved a hand in front of my face, “Hello, earth to Bonnie. Let’s go,” he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the back.

I trailed behind him, nearly tripping on more than one occasion. We finally got to the back of the rather large diner and he nodded his head at her and looked at me. He moved closer to me and slipped a pistol into my hand, “Do it.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I took the gun and aimed it.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” Clyde’s voice rang through my ears. We? There was no we. He gave me the gun and I did it. I pulled over to the side of the road and just stared out the window. He slowly placed a hand on my shoulder and then my face, slowly turning it toward him, “What?”

I pushed his hand off with a humorless chuckle, “No. We didn’t do anything. You gave the means and I did the deed. I did it. You didn’t. If we get caught, I won’t even mention you. I did it. It was me. I killed her. I hold no regret and no qualms over it. But you’re not me. You won’t be able to sleep tonight because you helped me. You won’t ever be able to live it down. You know why? Because you’re sane. Just because you decided to rob some diner doesn’t mean that you’re like me. That doesn’t mean anything.”

He growled and slipped his hand to the back of my head. He gripped my hair and pulled my face toward his. He placed a harsh kiss to my lips before he growled, “Don’t push me away,” his voice dark and frightening, but sexy at the same time, “You and I are alike. I used to take Lexapro. I got off of it and now I’m like you. We’re the same,” he forced another hash kiss to my lips, “Now, let’s go before you piss me off more,” he let go of me and pushed me back toward the wheel, “Drive.”

I hit back on the door and stared at him. I took a breath and started up the car again. So we were. We were alike. That made me smile. It was a sadistic grin, but a smile nonetheless.

“Oh, and my name is Brendon,” he leaned against the passenger side window. I looked over at him briefly with a smile and then back out the front window.

“I prefer Clyde.”

“As I prefer Bonnie.”



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