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Questions and Answers!!!!

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If ya'll want to get anything off ye mind, come here and ask away...Q&A thing-y so...

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Heyyoo! I’m very bored so I decided to write this up…I know, ya’ll are going to be all like “If you’re soooooooo freaking bored, then why don’t you go and finish your damn frerards!?”

I’ll tell you why, it’s because I’ve already written a fucking ton of pages and chapters.

Now you’re going to say “Then why the hell don’t you upload it?”

I only upload a new chapter to any story once a week for less confusion. I actually have a lot of stories, but none are completed and I wouldn’t be able to have a constant writing schedule and ya’ll who read mah stories will be waiting weeks for update. Just easier my way.

Anyway, I would absolutely love to see any questions or comments ya’ll have for me. So just like, ask me anything out of the blue. Or say any of your feelings, anything random or serious goes! On my next update of Greasy Black, Ugly White, I will post my favorite questions/comments that ya’ll come up with. So, ASK ME THE MOST FUCKED UP, RETARDED, LAME, AWESOME, WICKED, PERSONAL QUESTIONS EVER AND I DEFINITELY WILL ANSWER THEM FOR YOU BY OCTOBER 5TH, 2012.

You must know that, for those of you who are complaining ‘cos I’m not writing, you must know that I’m working on my fucked up Halloween special. There’s going to be ghosts, and goblins, ghouls, and witches, Baba Yaga, (the Russian folktale) and more!
I put my freakin' heart and soul into holiday special fan-fictions. i spend more time and work ten times harder than the regular stories i write...dunno why, though.

Whatever, I’m done ranting…
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