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I Know (You're Dead)

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"What did you do?" Feedback hugely appreciated. :)

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I Know (You're Dead)

Why are you gone?
No. I know why.
It’s not like you didn’t try,
Maybe I should have too,
Maybe then,
I wouldn’t have lost you.

How could you lie?
No. I know how.
You, too, were scared to bow.
I shouldn’t have made you lie,
Maybe then,
You would be here to stop me cry.

Where did you go?
No. I know where.
Turned to dust in a fiery flare.
I wish I’d made you stay,
Maybe then,
You could fight the tears away.

When did you die?
No. I know when.
When now changed to then.
I wish I could’ve saved you,
Maybe then,
I could just pull through.

What did you do?
No. I know what.
You left me to die here too.

A/N: Just a little poem, dedicated to my mum. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think. :)
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