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What I Want To Be When I Grow Up And Why

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I don't care if I make this a trend. This needs to be written for future AJ.

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I want to be in a rock band.

Sounds pretty hopeless, risky, and it sounds like a "waste of time" kind of thing, huh?

I'm not going to be in it for the money. Yeah, the money would be pretty cool. I mean, trading nothing for something? Awesome. But that's not the main reason I want it.

I want it because of the fame.

That makes me sound like a selfish bitch, right?

Allow me to elaborate.

I want to be famous because of all of the fucked up kids of the next generation. All of the outcasts, misfits, nerds, and more are the reason I want fame.

If I could allow them to feel something, to escape from this world for 3 minutes everyday, that would be amazing. To know that they're putting they're world on hold because my band's song is playing on the radio.

I want to run into a fan on the street and have him or her tell me how fucked up he or she is, and how I provide them an escape. Then, when they're finished telling me they're story, I want to stay silent, and as they're about to walk away, I want to grab them, hug them tightly and whisper in their ear:

"I was there, too. It gets better. Stay strong."

I want to make every one of those kids feel like they're on top of the world at one of my concerts, or just by singing one of my songs.

I want to give each and every fucked up kid hope. I want to make them feel like life is something worth living, and that, in time, it'll get better.

I want kids to point at me and say
"That. That's what I want to do."

Then, when my work's all done, my time is over, and I'm done inspiring for the time, I want a new kid to get up there and perform because of me.

Because I know that, in time, they'll sing a new song. And I will be nearby and humming along.

When it's time to throw in the towel, when all of it is over for me, I'll move aside, make way for the new speaker for the misfits of the generation after that.

I'll be in my house, smiling as I turn up the radio, gladly humming along.

Because I'll know.
I'll know.
And I'll say to myself
"I did that."
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