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The Truth Is...

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Naren tells Gerard and Mikey her secret, and a few texts will send her over the edge. Naren's POV

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Standing in the living room was another one of my idols. I swear, this is all too fast. First, Gerard and Mikey, then Donna, and now LINDSEY WAY AND BANDIT LEE WAY.
"Uhm... Hi!" I said, my voice ridiculously high. Here I am, no make up on, wearing tattered jeans and an old Green Day T Shirt, my hair damp and dark circles under my eyes.
"Hi! I'm Lindsey!" she said brightly.
"Oh, believe me, I know," I said.
Gerard walked into the room, sending Bandit into a frenzy.
"DADDY!" she squealed, running towards him as fast as her little legs would carry her.
"Bandit!" Gerard cried, flinging his arms open and scooping her up in a hug.
"This is a little too much," I said under my breath, sinking down onto the couch.
Lindsey beamed at Gerard and Bandit, and came to sit down beside me.
"So, you're Naren? Sweet name! How are you?" she asked.
"Thanks, I like my name too. And I'm good, I've been feeling a bit better recently," I said, not knowing how much she already knew about me, I chose to say 'recently' instead of 'since I ran away from home'.
"That's good. Oh, and pretty soon Bandit'll be all over you. Be prepared!" she winked at me, going over to watch Gerard and Bandit having their little wrestling match.
Mikey disappeared for a few seconds, and came back holding my guitar.
"Hey Naren. We haven't heard you play yet. Play something!" he said eagerly, holding out my guitar.
I took it gingerly and pulled it out of the case, revealing my beautiful acoustic guitar, named Lumos.
"I don't really-"
"Just play!" Lindsey said.
"I don't know what to play!" I said. Most of the songs I knew were My Chemical Romance songs.
"Just do something," Gerard said.
I thought for a moment, then it came to me. Despite my discomfort I played the simple introduction, then launched into the chords.
"Don't you ever wonder what will happen when it ends?
How can we let go of the,
The ones who we call friends?
And I know, it's only a story,
But for so many it's more than that!
It's a world, all on it's own,
Where we want to put on that sorting hat," I sang the first verse of End of an Era, by Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls.
"And I will miss the train ride in,
And the pranks pulled by the twins,
And though there's nowhere I have been,
I'll keep on smiling,
From the times I had...
With them," I sang the chorus, by this stage completely forgetting that I was in a room with the Way family, singing a song about Harry Potter to them. All that mattered was that I was lost in the music. I was gone from the world. Free, remembering my days at Hogwarts.

"Could there ever be, again,
Another one like this?
One, that's brought us together, and,
Started it's own music movement?
So I will the train ride in,
And the pranks pulled by the twins!
And though there's nowhere I have been,
I'll keep on smiling,
From the times I had...
With them,
Ooaahhh, ooaahhh, ooaaahhhh,
Soon we will see it close,
The final chapter exposed!
It's the, end of an era,
And I'm seeing clearer,
That nothing will ever be... The... Same!
So I will miss the train ride in,
And the pranks pulled by the twins,
And thoughthere's nowhere I have been,
I'll keep on smiling,
From the times I had with them,
From the times I had with them,
From the times I had with them,
From the times I had with them,
From the times I had with them!
Oh, from the times that we had,
From the times I had with them!
From the times I had with them!
From the times I had with them,
From the times we had with them
From the times we had with them,
You and me,
The times we had,
The times we had,
With them,
With them," I sang, beginning to feel a little emotional.

"So don't you ever wonder what,
Will happen when it ends?" I sing, the question hanging in the air, my voice echoing off the walls, as a tiny tear falls down my cheekbone. I wipe it away before anyone notices. I quickly crash back down to Earth, I'm no longer flying through the quidditch pitch with Harry. I'm in the Way's living room and my cheeks are more scarlet than Gryffindor's quidditch robes. I feel several pairs of eyes on me, and I hide behind my damp hair, hugging Lumos.
"That was fantastic," Gerard said.
"Woah!" Bandit giggled. "Guitar!" she squealed, running towards me. She strums her little thumb down the strings, and giggles in delight at the sound it makes.
"What song was that?" Mikey asked.
"End of an Era by Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls," I said.
"Who're they?"
"They're a wrock band. It's rock, but with a W in front of it. The W's for wizard. Wizard Rock. A genre of music about Harry Potter. This was the first wrock song I heard," I smiled.
"You can sing. You're amazing!" Gerard said.
I blushed and quietly thanked him, then turned towards Bandit.
"Hello! I'm Naren!" I smiled.
"Narwen!" she giggled.
"Yeah, that's me! And this is my guitar. His name is Lumos," I said.
"Lumoowwss," she said slowly. "Daddy, Lumows!"
Gerard smiled at her, his expression full of love.
I played with Bandit for a while, she seemed to like me! It was a great feeling, it made me feel all warm and happy. If only this could last forever. Later on, at about four O'clock, I decided I should text Jason. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, and switched it on. I had switched it off when I left 'home' and hadn't switched it on since. I had 15 missed calls and 10 texts. From my mom. Great...
I checked the texts.

Monday 5:38 pm
y rnt u home frm skool yet?
[*Monday 7:04 pm

im goin out 2nite. Keys undr the mat
[*Tuesday 4:28 pm

srsly wer the fuck r u?
[*Tuesday 5:01 pm

fuckin anser me!!!
[*Wednesday 4:37 pm

yur skool called 2day, askin wer u r. Uv been skipin skool 2? Wer the fuck r u, u litl bitch!
[*Wednesday 5:00 pm

thinkin of fonin the police if u dnt come home.
[*Wednesday 5:32 pm

fukin bitch ur in 4 it wen u get home.
[*Wednesday 6:28 pm

if u dont cal or txt me in 1 hr then im fonin the police
[*Wednesday 7:42 pm

Jst foned the police. ul be home in no time, nd wen u r, ur fuckin in 4 it.

I feel my heart stop and suddenly I feel sick. My cheeks flame and I feel dizzy, like I'm going to faint. She phoned the police. They're going to think that Gerard and Mikey kidnapped me, and send them to jail, and then I'll have to go back to my mom. If I have to go back then I'll just kill myself. It's the only way.
I felt a sudden urge to throw up, and stood up immediately.
"Where are you going?" Gerard asked.
"I feel sick," I gasped, running out of the room and towards the bathroom. I made it to the bathroom and locked the door behind me, barely making it to the toilet in time to throw up. I feel shaky and I empty the contents of my stomach, tears rolling down my cheeks.
Gerard and Mikey were thumping on the door, shouting for me to open the door.
"Naren, open the door!" Mikey yelled.
I sink down onto the floor, sobbing.
"Naren, what are you doing in there? Open the door!" Gerard yelled.
"No!" I sobbed.
"Naren, what's wrong? Open the door!" Mikey said.
I lean against the bath, hugging my knees, crying my eyes out. I want nothing more than to be alone now. To be alone with my razor blades. I wonder if there's any in here...
"Naren, please open the door," said a woman's voice. Lindsey.
"I don't want to!" I wailed.
"But you need to, you need to tell us what's wrong, honey!" she coaxed.
"Why? Nobody can help me, If you try, it won't end up good for you!" I cried.
"Just open the fucking door!" Gerard said.
"Why?" I cried.
"Because you need to talk to us!" he said exasperatedly.
"I'll think about it," I said, miserably. I get up and flush the toilet. I wash my face with cold water, even though I'm still crying.
"You go downstairs, I'll get her out," Mikey whispered to Gerard and Lindsey.
"But-" Gerard began.
"Mikey's right, Gee. Let's go downstairs," Lindsey whispered.
"You gonna come out?" Mikey asked softly.
I looked at myself in the mirror, and I was a mess. But there's nothing I could do about that. So I unlocked the door, and Mikey was standing there, looking down at me. Damn me being so short. I didn't know what to expect him to do. Tell me to grow up? Give me the silent treatment? I had grown up getting beatings for 'episodes' like this.
"You okay?" he asked.
I nod shakily, and he pulls me into a hug. I cuddle into his chest, getting that feeling of being safe. The feeling that was about to be ripped away from me. He took me into his room and sat me down in the bed.
"Wait here. I'll be back in a minute," he said, leaving the room.
I look around, there are a few posters of The Misfits, Iron Maiden, Black Flag and as few other bands. There were also pictures of him and Gerard as toddlers, little kids, teenagers, and one that looked like it was from the Bullets era. There was one of the whole band, Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Frank, and their old drummer, Matt. It also looked like it was taken in the Bullets era. They all looked so young, Ray's fro wild and untamed, Mikey's glasses perched on his nose, his hair the way he used to wear it, longish and poofed up, with a little bit too much hairspray. They were all smiling, Gerard's eyes hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses. I wondered why he was wearing sunglasses. Maybe it was just sunny, or maybe he was stoned. Then a more recent photo. Gerard looking better in this one, Mikey with a different hair style, Ray's fro a little darker and not as wild as it used to be. Bob was with them, and Frank had one arm around Gerard and one around Ray, with that adorable smile. The last one was of their grandmother, Elena.
Mikey comes back into the room with Gerard behind him, and he shuts the door gently.
"Naren... Are you okay?" he asked.
"I'm fine," I said.
"Do you want to tell us what's wrong?" Mikey said to me.
"I need too, otherwise it'll end up badly for you," I sighed.
"What do you mean?" Gerard asked, not knowing what I meant.
I took a deep breath before launching into my explanation.
"Firstly, my name isn't Naren Lockhart. It's Isabelle. I'm fifteen, and you already know about my mom abusing me and my dad being in the army. And you know I ran away from home. Well, I got these texts from my mom, she said she's called the police, and I'm scared that they're going to think that you kidnapped me. And what if they make me go back to her? I'll kill myself if I do, you know I will," I said. I didn't mean to say the part about killing myself out loud, it just sort of slipped out.
"Naren, we'll make sure that doesn't happen. Believe me. And suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem," he said, worriedly.
"But what if it isn't a temporary problem? What if, when I'm an adult she still carries on like this?" I said.
"You run. Keep running. Never stop,"
"Where?" I whisper.
"Away," Mikey said.
"You can run away with me, any time you want," Gerard sang under his breath.
"We need to go to the police station, and report my mom to the police or something, we need to do something now," I said.
"Can I see the texts?" Gerard asked.
I hesitated, then brought the texts up on the screen, and handed him my phone.
He read through them, his eyes widening a little.
"You're gonna need to keep these texts. They'll be useful in court," he said.
"Court..." I echo.
"It's okay, just don't worry about it. Everything's going to be fine," Mikey said.
I nodded and said, "Can we go soon? To the police station?"
"Are you sure?" Gerard asked.
I nodded silently.
"You'd better go get cleaned up then," he suggested.
I washed my face in the bathroom, and applied a small amount of make up, which was really just a teensy bit of foundation to fix up my blotchy complexion, and a bit of smudged eyeliner. I dried my hair a little bit, Donna had let me use her blow dryer. It was only a little but damp so in less than five minutes it was dry and perfectly straight. I brushed through it, fixing my bangs so they brushed the top of one eye. I decided that I didn't look... Horrible. It would do.
I hurried down the stairs and into the living room, wearing a smile that didn't reflect how I really felt.
"Ready?" Gerard asked.
"Ready," I whispered.

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