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A Little Something From Me To You

by imakilljoywannabe 3 reviews

Frerard; Frank visits Gee. *NOT MY STORY, see inside*

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A/N: Hey guys I didn't actually write this story, the awesome DaniAtaDisco did but ficwad's being an ass and won't let her post it so she asked me to! So here is her oneshot:

Frank's POV

"Here, this is from me to you! Happy Birthday! I know you said you didn't want me to get you anything, but I had to! I couldn't help myself." lst week I stnck into your art studio to take invatorie to see what you had and didn't have, to see what you wanted and needed. Then I went to Dick Blicks and they helped me get everything you needed "I love you so much! Happy Birthday sugar... See you same time tomorrow? Okay. I love you Gee!!!" I set down the useless art supplies next to your grave "I will always love you" I whispered as I blew you a kiss and walked out of the cemetery.
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