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When we die

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One shot: Gerard last words to frank but what did he do?

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SHIT!! ficwad crashed on me as i was trying to publish this so here it goes again..

Dear frank
No that sounds weird..

I know
Dear frankie

That's better

By the time you read this..if you do
I will have taken my own life

I just cannot live this life anymore
Knowing what i did to you
I'm crying as i write this
looking through the letters you sent to me when we were together

I looked down at one that has tear marks on.was that mine or yours?

Do you remember when we first met? at school and you threw that book at the teacher?
we ran like hell into the woods
I smile at those memories we spent together
I feel that everything's changing around me now your not here

We promised eachother that we would be together forever

I wish i didn't break that promise
I had no choice but to go through with it
I never knew you took it that bad

I wan't you to know i love you so much even though your so far away
But i need you to know

years roll by without you Frankie
17 have come and gone
i grow old without you here

whilst you'll never grow old
the thought of seeing you know hurts so much
like the knife you stuck in my heart
when they put you down inside

Today's the day i finally do it
the day i join you in death
the day i follow you into the dark

but don't cry for me
i'm happy for the first time since you left me here
i'm happy because i'll see you again
see your smile
see your eyes
see your face
Just see you

I need you to know
I've lost my fear of falling
I will be with you

there's gonna be no goodbyes
I've made my peace
I hold no grudge
Tonight i will jump
and see you for the first time in years

I'll see you soon

Gerard xx

I lay the letter down on his grave
as my silent tears roll down my face

I got up onto the bridge and looked down
I've lost my fear of falling
I will be with you my darling

so do you like? My history teacher Miss harrison told me a story about the time she let a girl put a song and about rioting and she put on desolation row by MCR

I wanna meet that girl

Anyhow PLEASE read rate and review for me it would make my day xx
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