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Deat future Sam, What i want to be and why

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Yups; AJ you started a trend again

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Kso, I don't have one set dream...mainly because I want to have room to explore and not be fucked if it doesn't turn out.

But the dreams I WOULD KILL to be,

-Film Director
-Music Producer

Could I have some time to elaborate before any of you over-pessimestic-"realists" whine and bitch about it?

-Film Director
Who wouldn't want to be able to walk into a theater and watch a movie thinking "I made this happen".
Movies are a magical thing, they can show you the better side of life, "Scare the living shit 'outta me", or just plain out allow you to forget reality and have fun

-Music Producer
Tell me ONE person who can go on their full life with no music whatsoever?
That's right, Nobody! NOBODY! Okay?
So it's the same as with movies, hearing a song on a radio, having a band saying "well the producer did help us"..and above all, helping bands create their dream by giving them a chance to make music, have fun doing it...make what you love to listen to

If you knew me in real life, you would know that I live off of "Bassists do it better" (cause it's true, we do it better) i'm kidding, but I did start bass over 3 main things
-I fucking love music
-Some of my greatest insperations are bassists
-And everyone I know thinks bass and bassists are useless and aren't needed

Yeah, I told my parents straight off I wanted to play bass (being supportive at the time, and giving me something to do in my free time rather than self harm ) They bought me a bass and pretty much looked at me and said "have fun".
It's been a few months, or maybe a year? I don't know but I got it right before I was 14 and got completely serious with it when I turned 14.
"Stop dreaming! You never play anymore, your not interested because if you were you would be out asking for lessons" my parents exact words when I told them I wanted to be a bassist.

Enough said; I want to be a bassist in a band that had fans able to honestly look at us and be like "You guys, saved my life"

So you know my plans in life;
Except I would love to get more into media arts (yes I love shit like that)

Who knows, maybe one day I'll come back here and be able to tell you "GUYS! My bands going on tour, anyone coming to a show?"
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