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Assassination's Not So Easy

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Mikey Way is hired to assassinate Frank Iero. Will it really be as easy as he thinks it'll be? //Frikey//

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Looking over the ads on one of these black market sites, Ray was trying to find the perfect person to kill his arch nemesis. Okay, maybe arch nemesis wasn’t the right word. But it was close enough. He hated Frank Iero. Frank Iero had to die. It didn’t matter how or who, as long as Ray wouldn’t go down with the blame. That was all that mattered. As long as he wouldn’t get caught, everything would be fine.

You may be wondering whatever Frank did to hurt Ray in such a way that he felt Frank needed to be killed. It was simple really. Frank stole his life. Back in high school, Ray was the popular kid. No one ever doubted him or anything he did. He had perfect grades, perfect friends, and he was well on his way to being prom king. But then in came Frank. Everyone took an instant liking to him. In one day, Ray Toro went from Class King to the Class Outcast. It didn’t take longer than a few days for people to be asking the question ‘Ray who?’

He thought it would end once they were out of high school, but it didn’t. They met each other in college and Frank continued to outshine Ray in everything he did. In turn, Ray knew Frank had to be put down like a dog. He just wasn’t entirely sure how he was going to do it. That is, until one day, his best friend, Jonah slipped him a note. Jonah was the only person who had stuck with him through thick and thin.

The note included a website that was on the D.L. So Ray checked it out. It was lists of assassins who were for hire to kill anyone a person wished. This was perfect.

‘Name: Mikey Way
Age: 25
Specialty: I’m good at covering my tracks. I have never not been able to get the job done. I never use guns as they can be tracked. I use knives or just about any other weapon you can think of.
Preferred Contact: Email.’

Below his info was an email address and a phone number. Excited by the little profile, Ray emailed him quickly with this exact message:


Subject: Assassination

Hi there, Mikey. My name is Ray Toro. And I’d like to hire you. Name your price and I’ll give you the subject of which I need to be killed. I trust you can do this job and do it well, correct?

Thank you,

He sat back in the chair with a stupid smirk on his lips. He’d have this stupid Frank killed. He was sure of it. He didn’t care how this Mikey would do it, but he was sure it would happen.

He got an email back almost instantly.


Subject: Re: Assassination

Hi Ray. Yes, I can do it. My price is $500 for each day it takes. Give me a name and I’ll get it done as soon as possible.

A creepy smile crept it’s way onto Ray’s lips. This would be just perfect. He sent off the information and sat back. Soon enough. Yes, soon enough, his nemesis Frank would be dead and Ray would sit atop his throne once more.

After receiving that last email, Mikey pushed away from his desk and made his way across the room, staring at his array of weapons. This one seemed like it would be fun. He wasn’t sure why. He just figured it would be. He turned back around and grabbed his bag. He had some research to do.

He made his way to an internet café. He couldn’t do this from the comfort of his own home. Oh, no, that would be bad. As he sat down, he logged onto his account in one of those people finder sites. He found that this Frank Iero had quite a life for himself. He was working at a law firm downtown. Oh, this would be tricky. But convenient at the same time. He could hire Frank as a lawyer for some purpose or another.

He then looked up the law firm and found out that Frank specialized in crime. That was even more perfect. His best friend had been killed years ago and he never did find out who had done it. So why not hire Frank for that reason? He signed off and pushed away from the computer. This would be fun. He made his way to the law firm and talked to a few people before he was waiting outside of Frank Iero’s office.

Soon enough, the door opened and the male turned to him and smiled, “Are you Michael?”

“Yes, yes, I am,” he stood and looked at him. Maybe… Maybe this wouldn’t be so easy.


A/N: Well, this is the chaptered fic I promised to RockMusic. My very first MCR fic. I don't know much about the guys, but I figured why not? So here you go. Please rate and review. :P
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