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Society Killed The Boy

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Mikey/Pete One-Shot

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With an aggravated sigh, Mikey angrily leaned back into the couch.
"You okay?" A voice that had calmed Mikey down many many nights in a row asked, concerned about what's going on.
Poor Mikey was falling victim to the cruel cruel modern society.

"No." Mikey mumbled staring at a spot on the ground, trying not to show his emotions and make Pete feel bad.

"You don't seem okay." The black haired one slid over to where a sad Way sat.
"I'm fine; sorry I..." Mikey stopped himself, fingers digging into his palms.

"Sorry you what?" Pete pushed, wrapping an arm around his boyfriends small shoulders.

"Sorry I fucked everything up." The smaller one mumbled, causing his boyfriend to tense, thinking.
"Are you okay?" Mikey mumbled, looking into a familiar pair of brown eyes.

"How what?"
"Mikey explain to me how you think you fucked everything up?" With a deep breath he started.

"I always find a reason to be in a bad mood and drag everyone down with me. I make everyone feel bad because I do. I can't do anything right, I always think it's someone else's mistake when really it's mine. I weigh too damn much and don't look as good as everyone else, I act like a fucking emo! I'm just a fucking wanna-be." Mikey let it all come out, not giving a second fuck on how Pete would answer.

"Mikey, for starters quit lying. You don't always find a reason to be in a bad mood; it's depression. It's terrible but you can't let it get the best of you or everything will become that much worse." Grimacing at the memorys this brought back Pete continued. "You don't drag everyone down with you. Only your imagination, your imagining that everyone is being dragged down with you when really it's not posing a negative affect on anyone." Soon realizing how this was making Mikey feel better in no way, Pete changed his plan.

"Mikey, it's fine to be in a bad mood. It's fine to tell someone about it; I would much rather have you talk to somebody about whats going on and have them in a slightly bad mood than you start hurting or killing yourself. Who cares if someone buts in and is being a prick saying how "oh you put me in a bad mood." Keeping his tone soft and gentle Pete continued, wrapping his other arm around his boyfriend.

"You can do everything; name one thing you fail at." Pete waited while Mikey pondered his answer.
"I wasted the bass lessons you taught me." He whispered sadly, crawling onto his boyfriends lap, nuzzling his face into his chest.

"So you're telling me you fail at bass?" Pete clarified, a confused look taking over his features.
"Yeah." Mikey nodded
"You little fucking liar! If you were such a fail, then why are you in a band that saves lives? Why are you an insperation to so many, there are so many boys and girls who have that dream of playing bass. Pushing themselves wishing they could get as good as you. Now tell me can a failiure do that?" 

Receiving silence as an answer Pete went on.

"Maybe it is someone else's mistake. Not everything is your fault, not everything is somebody else's fault. Even at times it's fate."  Mikey shrugged, teats staining his face 

"You can never weigh to much, hell your a fucking string bean." Pete remarked, poking at Mikey's tummy.
"Now if that's a fatass then what's that random chick on the street?" Pete referring to a random obese woman the two had seen coming home from their first date.

"Your right, you don't look like everyone else, you look a thousand times better." This receiving a 3 second grin on Mikey's face

"Mikey, you in no way act "emo". People who society classify as emo are those who se-" Realizing what was going on Pete shifted so he could look at Mikey face to face, rather than resting his chin in the smaller boys brown hair and stare at wall.

"Mikey, let me see your arms." Pete gave a look of concern as the boy shrugged, holding out his arms wrists up.
Shocked at the sight of no scars when he rolled up the sleeves, Pete pulled the smaller one's shirt off, nearly puking at the sight.

It killed him, looking at the dark red gashes that covered his boyfriends chest and stomach.
"Why?" Pete questioned, having been through this knowing there was no one answer.

"It hurts to live" Mikey softly sobbed as Pete ran his fingers over the scars, tracing what society had done to him.

"I gotta go." Mikey jumped up, hastily leaving the room and slamming a door behind him, leaving Pete to his thoughts.

A couple hours later

"Mikey! Where is he?" Pete questioned aloud, contemplating if he should call Gerard-Mikey's brother- to see if he had went there.

"Mikes you in here." Pete knocked on the bathroom door once realizing the light had been on.
Receiving silence for an answer, the bassist turned the knob, praying that it would be a nice sight.

Going against every wish he had, Pete had stopped dead in his tracks, unable to keep himself up, he leaned against the doorframe sliding down.

In the bathroom there lie a broken soul, a broken body, and a boy who had been another victim of society.

This is it..I'm officially gone. Leaving me to ask...

Tears fell of Pete's face.
He knew Mikey, he thought he would be able to tell if he was feeling like this.
Feeling an intense amount of remorse, guilt and sorrow, Pete slowly gave up.
I shouldn't have let him leave

That night, society claimed the lives of two broken souls, leaving both to wonder.."Am I perfect now?"
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