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Simply a look... Can break... Your heart.

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A slightly more realistic fanfic. No sex, drugs or rock and roll. Kidding. Theres lots of rock and roll.

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So, my story begins, with me, sat on my bed... Get ready for this... EATING SKITTLES. OMFG. MIND=BLOWN. Woah. Yeah. I know.
Well, I was sat on my bed for a reason, I was waiting. For what you may ask? A phone call. A LIFE CHANGING PHONE CALL. Kidding. It wasn't life changing, I was just waiting for a call.
Oh, I forgot to mention, there was a party happening right under my feet. In the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, the garden... And, from what I could hear, the bedroom next door. But, that last one was a different kind of 'party'. I could hear the thumping sound of the bad dubstep music playing below me, as I blasted my own, classic rock, to drown it out. Then, the phone rang. So, as you would, I picked it up. 'Ohaaaaiii' Said a voice. I knew that voice. 'Hello, Emma!' I replied in turn. 'What is going on over there?' She asked. 'Are you having a party?! Why didn't you say so?!' She demanded to know, sounding slightly hurt. 'I'm not having a party... Kaelan is.' I said, sighing. You see, our parents had gone out for the weekend and I was left in the care of my older brother. Fabulous, I know. So, his friends had convinced him to throw a party in our house. I had condemmed myself to my bedroom, to escape the hoards of drunk hipters. 'I'm comming over.' Emma said, before promptly hanging up the phone. About 15 minuates later the doorbell rang and I recived a text saying 'We're outside xo' I picked my way through the crowds and swung the door open, hitting some half-wasted girl in the face as I went. She didn't seem to notice. I was greeted by the sight of my bestfriend dressed in skinny jeans and a green and black t-shirt with Frankenstein's monster on it. She had two boys stood behind her, looking a little nervous. 'Who are your friends?' I asked, stood in the doorway. 'Gee and Mikey. Let us in, i'm freezing my ass off.' She responded, hopping lightly from foot to foot. I got out of their way. Emma was about to dissapear off into the party, but I grabbed the hem of her shirt. I pulled her up the stairs to my room, with her two friends trailing behind, looking slightly lost. Once everyone was safely in my room, I slammed the door shut. 'Hello' I said brightly, looking at the two boys. 'Mikey' She said, pointing to the smaller of the two boys, dressed in black skinny jeans, and a red t-shirt with a grey hat jammed on his straight mousey brown hair. 'Gee. Or Gerard' She said, motioning to the taller boy, dressed in black skinny jeans, a black metalica shirt, and wearing red and black eyeliner. I smiled at them both. 'Hello' I said, brightly. 'You should be glad your up here, you both would have had the shit beaten out of you, down there.' The boys looked increacingly worried. 'Don't be worried, she's just a twat. They're only hipsters, down there.' Emma said, stepping inbetween me and the boys. 'Shes Suke, by the way.' Emma said, shaking her head at me. I waved at the boys. I offered them some skittles. Mikey shook his head and said nothing. 'Gee or Gerard' took one and smiled politely, saying 'thanks' quietly. I offered the bag to Emma. She took a handfull and sat on my bed. She's awesome. 'Soo.. What brings you to my house? Did Emma gag you and drag you over here or something?' I said, slightly sarcastically. Gerard shook his head. 'Our parent's are friends, and they sudgested we came over here too, when Emma announced she was leaving.' He said, looking like he regretted it. 'Oh, that makes sense...' I said. Sitting down next to Emma.
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