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Am I the only guy on here? ;)

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Real Name: Danny Harthan

Nickname(s): Danny, Dan, Dannyboy, Hartyboy

Username: DanFrancisco

Gender: Male - am I the only guy on here? xD

Age: 20

Country: England right now, but I live in Chicago mostly.

City: Goole, UK. Chigago, IL, USA.

Religion: My family were pretty heavily Christian and I was in church most Sunday's, but now I'm living my own life and sometimes life gets so shit that I just cannot believe in anything, so I'm pretty much an atheist.

Relationship status: I'm single -cries-

Picture of yourself:

Favorite musicians/bands: My Chemical Romance (well, obvs), The Cure, The Clash, Escape The Fate, Falling In Reverse, Bob Dylan, Adam & The Ants, Blondie, ZZ Top, Framing Hanley, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Tim Minchin, Madness, Avril Lavigne

Favorite Movies: Reservoir Dogs, The Blues Brothers, SAW franchise, Beavis & Butthead Do America, Sin City, Watchmen, X-Men franchise, Superman franchise, Batman franchise, Harry Potter franchise

Favorite TV shows: F.R.I.E.N.D.S, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, South Park, American Dad, The Roast Of..., Awake, Ringer, Casualty

Your favourite authors on here: I'm pretty new, haven't really got round authors that I like.

Your favorite fics on here so far or at the moment: Our Lips Touch by NotKissingYouGoodbye, Maybe Memories by RoseFrankiie, Obsession by RoseFrankiie, The Missing Frame by RoseFrankiie, How To Write A Story by RoseFrankiie .... okay, honestly, I've only been on here for, uh, not I've been reading Rose's stuff first, but it's good! I'll get round to other people at some point :P

Extra stuff: So I live in Chicago, but I'm in the UK right now. I have eyes that fluxuate in color. DansBitch and RoseFrankiie are important friends of mine.

Sample of your writing:

It’s been three weeks since I cheated on Frank. Three dirty, long weeks. I couldn’t help myself, I’m just a horny 20 year old who got dirty nudes from my ex-girlfriend. I had no idea how guilty it would make me feel and now, I feel like I need to tell him. What he doesn’t know, can’t hurt him though, right?

Let me explain myself, I’m Danny and my past relationship with Sara was a pretty relaxed one. The socially moralised ideal of a monogamous relationship didn’t exist with us because we couldn’t see the reason. We never went through the whole, “Oh, so you’d rather sleep with another person? Am I not good enough for you?” because I knew that I couldn’t do the same things as that guy with the tongue piercing, and I couldn’t do the same things as that black guy, but I knew her body inside and out and the way I could make her writhe beneath me, moan my name, was exceptional. I had priority over everyone else, and that was good enough for me.

It was the same for her as well, she had no gag reflex – how amazing is that! She was extremely controlling though and I prefer to be the dominant one in a heterosexual relationship. When I could go out and meet some girl in a bar who would let me overcome her and treat her body in such a way that she was gasping for more, well, that was just what I needed. This meant that when I met Frank, I was still in the mindset of a completely relaxed relationship…

…and he wasn’t.

Another thing you should probably know is that I get turned on by dirty talk ridiculously easily. I started getting texts from Sara, “Hey babe, I miss you.”, “Hey babe, I miss your touch.”, “Playing with myself, thinking of you.” and that was enough for me. Within an hour I was at her place, buried deep inside her with sweat sliding between our bodies and our limbs tangled on her kitchen floor. I left there feeling dirty and as though my dignity had been stripped away – until that point, I had moved on from the cheap fucks on tiled floors and was trying to get on with my life in a proper relationship. That wasn’t going to happen, clearly.
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