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You guys probably hate me..

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Explainations >.< And maybe a sequel to a story ;D

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So i started a story called Room 623.... that i got positive feedback on.

The reason that hasnt been updated is because i wrote out all the 48 chapters.

So that story is finished right?


It was saved onto my old laptop and i got a new lpatop, i wasnt aware i was getting this new laptop. My mum wiped out my old laptop and those are gone ._.

So i want to start fresh because i dont think i will be able to match up to those chapters >.<

Im sorreh D:

I enjoyed writing it D:


Fucking laptops >.<

So me and my co writer are writing the sequel to Playing With Emotions. c: You guys enjoyed it so im going to give you an update in it :3 We are currently writing it so it will be updated when ever the chapters are done c:

The first two or so is ready

Sound good? Leave a review if thats what you think i should give you guys :3

The sequel!

Thanks :)
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